Ocean view lots in a solar powered surfing Shangri-La. A profile of Ostional’s NIMBU reserve.

74911Google the term ‚ÄúOstional‚ÄĚ and you’re likely to be met with an endless string of entries regarding the incredible phenomenon for which it is so famed. ‚ÄúArribada‚ÄĚ is the name given to the event in which tens of thousands of Leatherback and Olive Ridley turtles make their way ashore to dig nests and lay eggs. This incredible spectacle prompted the World Wildlife fund to name Ostional as one of the most important and valuable nesting sites in the world for these graceful creatures. Although the Arribada event ranks high on the list of things Ostional ostioffers, many visitors remain oblivious to the wealth of treasures that this town hides. However, a little searching is all it takes to discover the many hidden gems of this area, and little by little, a growing number of real estate investors are waking up to the fact that the abundant natural beauty, stunning ocean views, uncrowded surf, and close proximity to Playa Guiones all come together to form a lifestyle combination as rare and precious as the biological wonder that it hosts. Development in Ostional has rightly remained under the radar, and in order to ensure the natural beauty remains intact the developers at Ostional’s ‚ÄúNIMBU residential reserve‚ÄĚ have worked hard to keep to a low impact design ethos. The net result is a development project which offers residents the chance to dwell in sustainable luxury in a modern day Garden of Eden.

NIMBU residents can look forward to waking up to views like this from the comfort of a secluded luxury home.

In the ancient Costa Rican native Chorotega language the word ‚ÄúNimbu‚ÄĚ translates to ‚Äúwater‚ÄĚ and symbolizes the purity of living close to the coast. The Nimbu development is tucked away on one of the hills overlooking the Playa Ostional turtle reserve and was designed to appeal to community minded individuals who value sustainability, ocean views, natural surroundings, and surfing incredible waves. The mission statement was simple: to provide the best possible infrastructure with pathways to conscious development that are both socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable.


Breakfast barrels at Playa Ostional

‚ÄúNimbu was created to foster a vibe where we can connect with the ocean and the land around us while also having the amenities and infrastructure we need to stay attached to our busy lives’‚ÄĚ says project developer Mike Cothran. ‚ÄúThe goal for me as a developer has not been to make a profit, but to provide a few large private spaces with some of the best utilities in the country. It is like taking a pretty painting and finding the best way to frame it. A place where my own family could imagine building our dream home and spending the rest of our days. To accomplish this, we have spent the last 5 years working on a sustainably based infrastructure. And although Nimbu has a rustic, nature filled exterior, underneath it can provide us everything we need and expect out of a modern off the grid community.‚ÄĚ

A visit to the development provides conclusive evidence that the developers have striven to meet the high standards imposed by themselves. Because of Nimbu’s proximity to the turtle reserve, one of the main advantages for residents is the guarantee that nothing can ever be built between the development and the ocean, meaning that the biological treasures will remain undisturbed, and that views can never be obstructed by future development. In addition to limitless fresh water from the underground wells delivered via solar pumping stations residents are also offered homes where all the power is provided via the extensive solar technology waiting to be installed. In order to address concerns whether lighting from the development would¬†confuse turtles all road and access lighting has been designed to be turtle friendly and energy efficient. Last but not least the developers planted over 14,000 plants in 12 irrigation zones. The irrigation zones were designed to reduce water consumption , and all plants are low water consumption native species that provide year round color and attract an abundance of local wildlife species.

Ocean view lots at the Nimbu development start at $200,000. To contact us about this opportunity click here, or to check out the listing directly click here.

Casa Vidrio – K section Playa Guiones – Walk to beach – Family home and workspace

Imagine you had the ability to travel¬†anytime, anywhere ‚ÄĒ and that you could whisk the family off to a destination most only dream of, to a house you love rather than a place where you’re forced to live out of necessity. To most, this remains a mere pipe dream which in many cases comes down to one thing ‚Äď your job! Continue reading

Stop Dreaming and Start Living – Perfect Retreat Properties in Nosara!!

As modern society becomes an increasingly stressful place to exist, the number of people rejoicing at the thought of ditching the daily 9-5 routine of getting stuck in traffic en-route to a job they don’t care for is growing rapidly. Following your heart isn’t always easy. In fact it can be downright terrifying. However, when the desire¬†to follow one’s passion is accompanied by the correct planning it really is possible to achieve a¬†lifestyle that most merely¬†dream of. As Nosara’s reputation as a holistic vacation hotspot increases, more people¬†are seeking to move here and buy into a business that promises more than the rinse and repeat way of life back home. In light of this Nosara Real Estate Report has compiled the following list of real estate opportunities suited to those looking to revamp their work life balance in paradise. Whether it be a surf camp, yoga and wellness center, or something completely different rest assured that at least one of the following properties will check all the boxes you require.

Tons of potential with this Nosara landmark

lukgThis property is home to the legendary Black Sheep English Pub. A nature retreat or wellness and yoga center are only a few of the many things this property would be perfect for. With a fifty foot lap pool, accommodation for up to 12 people, and of course your very own pub this is a great opportunity for someone looking to enter into the Nosara tourism trade. Priced at $495,000. Click here to see this listing, or here to contact us.

Get off the grid in style


This energy independent farm is truly a special place. Although it looks down on both the Pacific and the Jungle, the main house also overlooks 53,000m2 of plantations, vegetable gardens, livestock, fruit orchards and much more. This solar eco farm is a mere 10 minute drive from the ocean and is the ideal location for either an eco business, or a group or family looking to get entirely off the grid. Priced at $895,000. Click here to see this listing, or here to contact us.

Beautiful turnkey hotel. Amazing location – Great price


Hotel Paspartu sits on the main Pelada through road only 300m from the idyllic golden sands of Playa Pelada, and less than a minutes walk from all the bars, restaurants and amenities that Pelada has to offer. This is a true turnkey business that offers both a great lifestyle and immediate income for the owner. Priced at $325,000. Click here to see this listing, or here to contact us.

Land size and Location!


Not only does this great parcel of land come with an existing 3 bedroom house it is currently one of the best deals on the Nosara real estate market. It is a great option for someone looking to expand by building either long term rentals, or several cabinas for retreat guests. Located at the top of Las Huacas mountain this property was recently reduced by $100k and will not stay on the market long. Priced at $299,000. Click here to see this listing, or here to contact us.

Great lifestyle investment in San Juanillo


1500m of ocean view jungle in San Juanillo with plenty of room to expand, at a price that is hard to turn down. An incredible lifestyle investment on a property that comes with too many features too list. Priced at 299,000. Click here to see this listing, or here to contact us.

Perfect Retreat center in Playa Guiones


Buena Vista Villas is another property that represents a great opportunity to hit the ground running on a Nosara business. As well as six single units there is also a lovely 2 bedroom unit with a pool and incredible views from Ostional to Playa Guiones. This is a great option for someone either looking to attract retreat groups or just renting out the units long term. Priced at $529,000. Click here to see this listing, or here to contact us.

Hopping distance to the sand and surf


This is one of the best located pieces of real estate currently available. There is currently a small casita with a pool, and a two bedroom house that has been used as a rental property. In addition to it being in a bulls-eye G Section location the land has been legally segregated into 5 separate properties. Huge potential for surf camps or retreats in an unbeatable area. Priced at $479,000. Click here to see this listing, or here to contact us.

The Living Hotel – WOW!


In an area that increases in popularity daily, and only steps from the surf and sand of Playa Guiones The Living Hotel has already become a firm favorite with not only guests, but the many retreat groups who have made it their destination for holistic vacations. The 2400m2 of land includes an expansive saltwater swimming pool, a huge rancho, a spa, restaurant and many other fantastic amenities. Priced at $1,850,000. Click here to see this listing, or here to contact us.

Playa Guiones original holistic haven


After opening in 2003 The Heart of Guiones Wellness Center has since established a reputation as Nosara’s leading holistic wellness center. This property includes massage studios, a fitness studio, a pilates studio and an existing house, all located on the primest stretch of land in Playa Guiones. Priced at $2,125,000.¬†Click here¬†to see this listing, or¬†here¬†to contact us.

Create your own wonderland!

;liuThis well appointed Ocean View Villa sits on 20000m2 of land overlooking Playa Pelada, and with 18 separate parcels of land would make the perfect location for a B&B, Boutique Hotel, Resort, Retreat, Multi Family Compound, or simply full time or vacation home in the heart of Nosara. This is currently the only property in the Nosara real estate market of this size, with these views, and with such proximity to the beach. The potential of the place is limited only to the owners imagination. Priced at $899,000. Click here to see this listing, or  here to contact us.


If You’re a Family with Kids Attending Nosara Schools Then We Have The House For You

When it comes to the type of Nosara property that people wish to call home every person has unique needs. When searching for real estate older couples will have very different search parameters than families with children. Traditionally, the factors that make certain properties attractive have included lifestyle and age, however in recent years the demographic of people looking to purchase Nosara real estate has been heavily swayed by one thing ‚Äď family structure. Many expat families have chosen to make Nosara their home for a multitude of reasons. However ask any of these families whats at the top of their list the answer often comes down to one thing ‚Äď schools. The calibre of expat schooling in nosara has long been a huge draw for families from all over the world seeking to relocate. When shopping for Nosara real estate, families with children often require a balance between quiet, safety, and an area in which there is plenty of space for the kids to be kids. With this in mind the Nosara Real Estate Report has researched the leading factors that make a property desirable for families in Nosara with children looking to attend local schools.

 Close to Schools

How often have you read a real estate listing that features the phrase ‚Äúclose to schools‚ÄĚ when listing the homes attributes? A home located close to a school has long been considered a huge plus, particularly for parents who don’t wish to spend their days playing taxi driver. In addition to kids being able to walk to and from school, one of the many benefits with some of the Nosara schools is that the kids are close to areas such as fields and sports arenas to enjoy on the weekends.

6This is a cozy, move in ready home near Del Mar Academy school with a community center and pool. This house sits on a large lot allowing for a bigger family home in the future. This place is perfect for guests, family or rental income. Click here to view this listing or here to contact us about this property.

9A building lot,  1/2 acre,  flat and ready for building in the eco community of Nosara Springs..  priced well below market for a quick sale at $44,000.    Best available affordable lot in Nosara.    Faces Playa Ponies so for a family who wants to be around equestrian this is a bulls eye location to build a home and own or rent horses. Click here to view this listing or here to contact us about this property.

Ability to runaround and play

Parents always want a space for their children to be able to play. Although Nosara has an abundance of open spaces parents often see a safe, fenced in yard or garden in which their children can run around as a huge plus when purchasing a property.

1This property sits on Las Huacas,   surrounded by other families and mostly full time residents living harmoniously away from the dust and tourists.   The large 2/3 acre lot makes the perfect playground. This home is  fully fenced in and offers ultimate privacy.   The motivated seller recently reduced the price,  motivated seller. Click here to see this listing, or here to contact us about this property.


Imagine waking up to ocean views, from the tropical comfort of a monkey sanctuary. Gated, tranquil, and with the biggest playground ever SIBU Monkey Sanctuary represents a dream lifestyle for the right family.    1-1/4 acre lots ranging from $179k to $269k. Click here to view this listing or here to contact us about this property.


For the higher budgeted families we have an equestrian center for sale in K section that would be a dream come true for horse lovers. It comes with a huge lap pool and and a tennis court. Click here to view this listing or here to contact us about this property.

Quiet Street

Urban planning, much to the joy of many residents is not one of Nosaras strong points, however the real estate market features a few examples of properties on peaceful streets in areas with a strong sense of community.

5School proximity,  walk the kids to Del Mar Academy,  gated community,  shared pool and a great little community of families with kids.   Prices range from our FIRE SALE 2 bedroom at $159,000 to a 3 bedroom for $279,000. Click here to view this listing or here to contact us about this property.


The Colony at Nosara is an amazing collection of beautifully rustic yet state of the art homes in a Costa Rican Jungle setting. These houses are private, secure, set on enough land for kids to be able to play to their hearts content and are a must see for anyone seeking serene seclusion in a great location. Click here to view this listing or here to contact us about this property.

 Close to beach

For those unfamiliar with the joys of beachside living this may be difficult to understand. But the lucky ones who do live by the beach will attest to the fact that the quality of life it provides is invaluable for both the parents and the children.

2This is a classic family home with a master bedroom on one side,  and 2 bedrooms on the other side of the open concept, cathedral teak ceiling house.   Great pool and perfect sized yard for the kids to play only steps from the beach. Click here to see this listing or here to contact us about this property.

8These are open concept, 2 bedroom beachfront condo’s with over sized balconies, a great pool and as close to the beach as Costa Rican law permits. Click here to view this listing or here to contact us about this property.

Understanding Administrative Warnings in Nosara Real Estate

Sigue abajo para versión en Espanol.

The ‚ÄúBeaches of Nosara‚ÄĚ project has a long and colorful history. The Nosara we see today is¬†a far cry from the initial vision of property developer Alan D. Hutchison when he first purchased a swath of land in Guanacaste in the 1960s.

When Mr. Hutchinson and his team first began developing the Beaches of Nosara project, there was no automated system in place for tracking land purchases and sales. Since that time, property boundary survey technology has evolved exponentially. With the advent of GPS systems, modern engineering techniques, and computerization, some major land ownership discrepancies have come to light. These discrepancies are causing confusion, finger pointing, anger and frustration among local property owners, leading to a multi-year investigation by the Registro Nacional.

The Registro, having been compelled in 2008 to investigate claims of irregularities in property sales and titles impacting 86 specific properties and 90 plans, and then forced again in 2010 to continue the same investigation, had caused widespread delays and a near total freeze on new plans being issued in certain parts of Guiones and Pelada.

In March 2015, the Registro further upped the ante by placing annotations on 533 fincas (properties) in the area, and in April 2015 followed up with annotations on 560 planos (property surveys) and 5 additional fincas. What should be noted, is that most annotations issued in 2015 concern property that have never been implicated in any land dispute.

Charged with protecting the public interest, the Registro Nacional instead has issued blanket orders that impact many landowners in the Nosara area. Whether they are washing their hands of the responsibility for fixing the situation by moving the process for potential resolutions into the legal system and out of the Registro’s domain, or are issuing blanket orders for some other reason, the fact is that now predictable chaos has ensued.

A Short History of the Development of the Beaches of Nosara Project

It is impossible to understand the current situation without understanding something of the projects history. As noted above, the Beaches of Nosara Project started as the vision of one developer, Mr. Alan D. Hutchison. Once he left the area, what was left of the development corporation he had created, Inversiones Nicoya, S.A. (‚ÄúINSA‚ÄĚ) was sued by the original group of Playa Guiones land buyers. Supposedly, the buyers alleged that INSA had failed to deliver on their contractual obligations. In an apparent response to this lawsuit, and presumably to pacify the plaintiffs, a complex and nefarious solution is said to have been engineered ‚Äď the plaintiffs were given title to property that had been transposed from Finca 7302 (presumably owned by INSA) onto Finca 24113-B. The benefactors of this settlement ‚Äď including the Nosara Civic Association ‚Äď have for years fought tooth and nail against Richmond Phipps, in her capacity as president of Custodia de Propiedades Guanacastecas, S.A. the corporation that holds Finca 24113-B. And now, with the Registro‚Äôs most recent actions, it appears further that the individuals who were defrauded in the INSA settlement, and those who subsequently purchased land from INSA after Hutchinson had left, represent a microcosm of the many Nosara residents who have been sold lots in the Nosara area with dubious title. It seems all of us now are in a similar world of hurt, victims of an unsophisticated and quite possibly corrupt land registration process and the double-dealing of some original developers and their successors.

The Custodia Legal Proceeding

The history of the Custodia legal proceeding is inextricably linked to the history of the company’s late president, Richmond Phipps. Soon after her arrival in Costa Rica, Ms. Phipps became the general manager for the Beaches of Nosara development from 1969-1972. Separate from her work for Mr. Hutchinson, in 1988 she purchased the property Finca 24113-B from her colleague Dick Amack (who sadly passed away on May 4, 2015). Custodia de Propiedades Guanacastecas, S.A, the company that holds finca 24113-B, was one of the original fincas that comprised the Beaches of Nosara development, minus a group of properties that were segregated and titled on June 21, 1975. From 1975 to this day, there have been no additional authorized segregations from or modifications to Finca 24113-B, which measures 229+ Hectares, or 2.2 million square meters.

Soon after acquiring the property, Ms. Phipps ‚Äď like many of her peers ‚Äď discovered that portions of her land were being claimed and/or used by unauthorized parties. The Registro Nacional confirmed that on paper Ms. Phipps still held title to 229+ Hectares, so it was obvious that something was very, very wrong. After years of studies and forensic investigations, it ultimately was revealed that almost 86 specific properties and 90 plansthat allegedly were physically located inside of Finca 24113-B in fact had been segregated from Finca 7302 ‚Äď which is in a different location. Finca 7302 also was part of the original Beaches of Nosara Development, and shares a boundary with 24113-B. The boundaries of both Finca 7302 and 24113-B as they existed in 1970 when the project was created can be seen in the following image:

1970 boundary of Finca 7302 in yellow, Finca 24113-B in Green.

1970 boundary of Finca 7302 in yellow, Finca 24113-B in Green.

How can close to 86 properties and 90 plans¬†exist outside of the area they supposedly were segregated from, and inside of someone else’s property lines? The simple answer is that they can‚Äôt. For years, Ms. Phipps maintained that any property owner who held title to these ‚Äútraslapes‚ÄĚ (which translates to ‚Äútransposed lots‚ÄĚ) had been defrauded. In an interview given to the Voice of Nosara in May of 2010, she stated:

‚ÄúThey paid money for a piece of paper ‚Ķ they may own land, but they don‚Äôt own that land. They may have duly registered titles, but not to that land. ‚Ķ They have been defrauded.‚ÄĚ

To those unfamiliar with the situation, this statement could be confusing and seemingly incomplete ‚Äď but with further explanation, the truth behind the statement becomes clear: those who hold title to the transposed properties were led to believe that the property they bought was in one location, when in fact it had been segregated from a different finca in a different location. This was confirmed when the exact boundaries of the original fincas location per planos in 1970 were identified through an exhaustive investigation by the OIJ Department of Forensic Geography. After it had been proved that the properties in question indeed had been transposed from another finca, Ms. Phipps in her capacity as president of Custodia, requested a legal process known as ‚Äúsanamiento catastral‚ÄĚ ‚Äď essentially asking the Registro Nacional to fix the known problems and cleanse title for Custodia‚Äôs property and Custodia‚Äôs property alone, and in particular with regard to 86 properties and 90 plans¬†where one physical location seemingly had two rightful property owners.

The Registro Nacional’s Reaction

Ms. Phipps, on behalf of Custodia, petitioned for¬†‚Äúsanamiento catastral‚ÄĚ in 2008 (exp. 099-2008) following a government decree* that any individual who felt potentially harmed and their property titles in question could petition for clearing of their titles. After misplacing the Custodia petition, two years later the Registro was compelled to continue the same investigation, which they renamed (exp. 2010-0336-RIM). Once work was completed by Ing. Roberto Segura Gonz√°lez published in March 2013, the Registro‚Äôs findings were finally published in November 2014 by Lic. Guillermo Rodr√≠guez Rodr√≠quez (RIM-CCT-CT-62-2014), in a confusing and somewhat contradictory 217 page document.¬† The findings verified the problems Ms. Phipps had been describing with overlaps and transposed lots inside of Custodia and Finca 24113-B.¬† The findings also unearthed supposedly similar problems all over the area, completely outside the boundaries of Custodia.¬† Subsequently in 2015, the Director of the Registro Nacional, M.Sc. √ďscar Rodr√≠guez S√°nchez, has to date issued 538 new annotations on fincas and 560 new annotations on planos related to properties stretching from Pelada to Esperanza ‚Äď all now deemed by the Registro Nacional to have irregularities in their property surveys.

*Decreto Ejecutivo published en La Gaceta October 3, 2007, number 33982 of 08 ‚Äď 08 – 2007, Reglamento al Articulo 30 de la ley de Catastro numero 6545 del 25 de marzo de 1981

In a strange turn of events, the Registro has also concluded that the boundaries of finca 7302 from 1970 were created in a manner inconsistent with the proper legal process, and because of this, have defaulted the boundaries of 7302 to the recognized location of the plano in 1945. This has caused massive parts of properties in Playa Pelada to appear to exist outside of the property they were segregated from, since the segregations were supposed to be based on the position in 1970, and not 1945. Additionally, this means that finca 7302 runs from North to South, 1 Kilometer inland from the beach, and has massive overlap with 24113-B from 1970, which was properly titled through the process of ‚Äúinformacion possesora‚ÄĚ.

Thev 2015 annotations have been done completely on the Registro‚Äôs own initiative and without the knowledge of anyone associated with the Custodia legal proceedings and¬†the majority have nothing to do with the annotations placed on properties that overlap or exist inside of Finca 24113-B. On top of that, multiple petitions over the last several years, including most recently on April 24, 2015, have been filed with the Registro on behalf of Custodia demanding¬†that all annotations be immediately removed that do not overlap with Finca 24113-B. The problem with titling of Nosara properties is not just a Custodia problem now ‚Äď it‚Äôs everyone‚Äôs problem.

What Do We Do Now?

This mess has pitted community members against one another, each thinking that the opposing side is the enemy, when in fact the individuals responsible for creating the problem are long gone. Years have gone by, axes have been ground, mud has been flung, and tempers have flared ‚Äď yet anyone willing to take the time to look at the evidence ultimately will have little choice but to conclude that much of the blame has been misdirected. As it turns out, all ‚Äúsides‚ÄĚ in these real estate disputes have the same problem ‚Äď a problem that only can be resolved by unified efforts to clear title in the Beaches of Nosara area once and for all.

With new information, it now seems clear that the problems Custodia has are the same problems all other property owners with annotations now have ‚Äď the Registro Nacional appears to have allowed fraud and confusion to occur in titling of Beaches of Nosara property, and has not been forthcoming in assisting with resolving the resulting problems. As a result of Ms. Phipps‚Äô presentation of evidence about this situation in court, Custodia and the Registro are far along in ongoing legal proceedings in the ‚ÄúContensioso‚ÄĚ Court to solve the titling problems as they relate to Custodia and Finca 24113-B.¬†While the process of trying to address improper titling with regard to Custodias properties has been lengthy and often contentious, now that hard evidence has been presented in the courts that verifies the accuracy of Custodia‚Äôs claims, the Registro finally is having to face up to its longstanding issues. At this time, more than ever, it is important to recognize that those who seemingly have been on opposite sides of land disputes all are victims of the failure of the land registry system. All will benefit from the Registro Nacional being held accountable in court; and it is hard to imagine how the current real estate quandaries in Beaches of Nosara will be resolved until that happens.

What Does it Mean if I Have an ‚ÄúAdvertencia Administrativa‚ÄĚ (Annotation) of My Property?

If an annotation has been placed on your property, it means that your property has been flagged by the Registro due to irregularities in the original survey map. This means one of four things:

  • Has an overlap with a neighboring property
  • Has an overlap with a protected area (including Maritime Terrestrial Zone)
  • Exists in an area outside of the finca madre (mother finca or mother property) it came from (meaning, it should not exist where it currently does, because the property it was subdivided from exists in a different location).
  • Was subdivided from a finca madre (mother farm or mother property) that did not exist legally in the area from which a surveyor thought it was located when the lot was segregated and titled.

For example, in cases of properties that exist inside of Finca 24113-B (the Custodia property), it is possible that you have been led to believe that you own property within the Custodia finca which actually was segregated from a different property in a different location.You own property inside of someone else’s property, that came from somewhere else.

Properties that were annotated in 2015 have to be looked at on a case by case basis because most have nothing to do with Custodia. It could mean that your property overlaps with a neighboring property, and needs rectification, lies within the Maritime Zone, or lies in an area of 7302 per the 1970 boundaries, that is not recognized by the Registro as the legal delimitations, which they consider to be the boundaries from 1945.

For any property with an annotation, you cannot change, alter, update, subdivide or create new planos from your current plano. Any process involving the property survey of your property is frozen. You are, however, still able to own your property, use it, build on it, and own it in good faith. You may sell your property and transfer title as well.

**UPDATE May 21 2015 2PM ** РAccording to legal sources, any property with an annotation that is not involved in a double title dispute (those in conflict with 24113-B) can still be purchased with proper investigation.  Each must be looked at on a case by case basis.

The advertencia is just a “warning” that it is under investigation. Since large parts of the area of Guiones and Pelada are under investigation stemming from the problems inside of 24113-B, the warning may encompass large areas of property that have no problems and no dispute, and are simply “marked”.¬†

Properties with annotations outside of 24113-B have no dispute of ownership or possession.***

Most of the newly annotated properties were included in the warning because of inaccuracies in the history of the area‚Äôs ‚Äúmother‚ÄĚ properties. These problems date back to the 1970‚Äôs and the Public Registry considered important to annotate certain subdivisions as a cautionary measure. This does not imply a conflict with the actual onsite location of such properties.***

Pursuant to Costa Rican Law, the only legal effect of an Administrative Warning is to communicate to third parties that an administrative procedure concerning the property has been initiated. They do not impede selling, transferring or encumbering the annotated property.***

The Administrative Warning does not have an effect on property or possession rights; therefore, the owner will be entitled to use and enjoy the property, thus being able to transform the terrain and build on it. The owner can take legal actions in the event that a Government Office denies those rights based solely on the property being affected by an Administrative Warning.*** 

*** Credit Sfera Legal***

According to the Registry, in order to clear your property, you must go to court and have a judge sign off on your ownership, and instruct the Registro to remove the annotation; however, the exact process to be followed is still uncertain. It seems that you will be receiving official notice from the Registro regarding the reason why the annotation was put on your property.

The Registro Nacional has stated they only have one option left they have not elected to use, as of yet ‚Äď that is to freeze title on all annotated property so they cannot legally be transferred to a buyer or new owner, thus removing any future liabilities that arrive from these problems. This nuclear option, if elected, means anyone who holds title to a property with the annotation would not be able to transfer title of property until the case is settled in court. The Registry does not know if they will need to freeze these properties, but it is for certain an option they have, and within their legal ability to do so, although highly unlikely.

How Does This Impact the Beaches of Nosara Real Estate Market?

Annotations on properties likely will be a point of concern for any buyer or seller. It is possible that any buyer who wishes to purchase a property with the annotation, can execute a contract to purchase stating that the contingency of having the annotation must be solved prior to the sale being executed. However, the exact method of removing annotation via the judicial branch is still unclear.

Given the substantial number of properties that have been hit with annotations, these developments will of course affect the Nosara real estate market for the time being. In light of the fact that no one knows how or when this issue will be resolved, annotation free properties may dramatically increase in value in the short term.

Is there any good news to report?

Yes; the Registry has been extremely cautious in issuing any new planos in the entire area of Nosara, Playa Guiones, Playa Pelada for the last few years. It appears that now, they will allow new planos and subdivisions in the areas that are free of conflict and do not have annotations. This is a relief for some property owners who have waited years to try and segregate properties or create new, GPS accurate planos.  We expect that for any properties that do not have annotations, the values may see a significant rise over the next 6-12 months.

The other good news in all of this is if and when property owners who have questions about titling petition the registro or petition through the legal system for clean title, once done, it will be done for good.

Am I the Only One Who is Confused by All This?

No. Everyone is confused by this. In fact, many people who have been here for 5, 10, or even 20 years remain unaware of the problems that exist and are unsure what the annotations actually mean. This is not something easily understood and there is a mountain of court documents, legal and technical studies which are available as public information for those that want to read through it themselves. Ms. Phipps always was willing and glad to provide her documentation ‚Äď amassed over decades of legal wrangling ‚Äď for anyone to review; as she liked to say to those who didn‚Äôt believe what she was telling them: ‚ÄúJump on in, the water is warm.‚ÄĚ

Richmond Phipps died on February 3, 2015, just a few days after her 80th birthday. Having devoted the last twenty years of her life to trying to clear her land titles in the Nosara area, she ultimately died without seeing this mess resolved. Her daughter, Brooke Shields, who grew up in Costa Rica and speaks fluent Spanish, is now responsible for Custodia. Such complexity is nothing new to Brooke, given her long professional career as a business executive. Further, having watched the Beaches of Nosara project grow and change since its inception ‚Äď and then watched her mother‚Äôs seemingly endless battle to protect the integrity of property titles in the area ‚Äď provides Brooke with a unique perspective and depth of insight into what she is facing.

Ms. Shields is not interested in reliving the past, and has no investment in past feuds and controversies. She is looking to the future, and seeking solutions. As she says:

‚ÄúI am not in the least bit interested in carrying on with finger pointing and accusations of the past; my eyes are on the future.¬† My only goal is to establish clear title for Custodia and Finca 24113-B, nothing more.¬† This is what my mother wanted ‚Äď to fix the issues impeding her ability to enjoy her own property.¬† And who wouldn‚Äôt want that?¬† The Registro‚Äôs current approach is baffling and upsetting on many fronts, with the majority of new annotations placed on properties that have nothing whatsoever to do with the Custodia legal proceedings. Individuals do not have the power to place or remove annotations on properties – only the Registro can do that.¬† The Registro‚Äôs latest actions have been done on their own initiative, for reasons only they can explain. I invite any other property owners who are facing issues with their properties to join me in demanding that the Registro be accountable to the public they serve, assisting all property owners with legal certainty, and in transacting business in a clean and transparent manner.‚ÄĚ

So How Does This Saga End?

In short ‚Äď no one knows! There is no way to predict how long it will take to sort out the mess that the Registro Nacional has allowed. As of the current date, it is not known what specific legal process or judicial actions will fix and remove the current annotations. As this case moves forward and more information is released by the Registro, we will do our best to report and update this story. For the time being, we have property survey experts and legal teams studying the complexities of the report issued by the Registro ‚Äď in an effort to fully and completely understand these issues. We feel confident that anyone who needs questions answered or properties analyzed should feel comfortable in contacting us for help and advice. Please contact us at info@nosararealestatereport.com to discuss your property and we will do our best to give you advice. We will continue to update this story as it progresses, and hope that this will be resolved in a fair and timely manner. These issues must be resolved as the stability and faith of the real estate market in Nosara is dependent on a system of good faith; faith in the Costa Rica government, and faith in the Registro Nacional, the basis of land ownership in Costa Rica.


Como Entender Advertencias Administrativas de Bienes Inmuebles en Nosara


El proyecto ‚ÄúPlayas de Nosara‚ÄĚ tiene una historia larga y lleno de color. El Nosara que vemos hoy dista mucho de la versi√≥n inicial del desarrollador inmobiliario Alan D. Hutchison, cuando compr√≥ primero una franja de tierra en Guanacaste en los a√Īos 60.

Cuando el Sr. Hutchinson y su equipo comenzaron a desarrollar primero el Proyecto Playas de Nosara, no exist√≠a ni se usaba entonces un sistema automatizado para registrar las compras y ventas de terrenos. Desde entonces, la tecnolog√≠a para el estudio de l√≠mites de propiedad ha evolucionado exponencialmente. Con la aparici√≥n de los sistemas GPS, las t√©cnicas modernas de ingenier√≠a y sistematizaci√≥n, han salido a la luz algunas discrepancias serias sobre la¬† propiedad de la tierra. Estas discrepancias est√°n causando confusi√≥n, acusaciones, ira y frustraci√≥n entre los propietarios locales de las propiedades, lo cual ha propiciado una larga investigaci√≥n de a√Īos por parte del Registro Nacional.

Al haber sido obligado en el 2008 a investigar denuncias de irregularidades en las ventas y títulos de propiedades que afectaron a 86 propiedades específicas y 90 planos, y luego al verse forzado a continuar la misma investigación en el 2010, el Registro provocó una demora generalizada y un casi congelamiento total de los nuevos planos lanzados en ciertas partes de Guiones y Pelada.

En marzo del 2015, el Registro fue más allá al emitir advertencias administrativas a 533 fincas (propiedades) del área, y en abril del 2015 hizo seguimiento a advertencias administrativas sobre 560 planos (catastro) y 5 fincas adicionales. Lo que debe observarse es que muchas de las advertencias administrativas emitidas en el 2015 se refieren a propiedades que nunca han estado implicadas en ninguna disputa de tierras.

Por su parte, responsable por proteger el inter√©s p√ļblico, el Registro Nacional ha emitido √≥rdenes de compra abierta que est√°n teniendo un fuerte impacto negativo sobre muchos propietarios de terrenos en el √°rea de Nosara. Si est√°n lav√°ndose las manos de la responsabilidad de solucionar la situaci√≥n trasladando el proceso de resoluciones potenciales al sistema legal y fuera del dominio del Registro, o si est√°n emitiendo √≥rdenes de compra abierta por alguna otra raz√≥n, el hecho es que ahora sigue un caos predecible.

Breve Historia del Desarrollo del Proyecto Playas de Nosara

Es imposible entender la situaci√≥n actual sin conocer algo de la historia de los proyectos. Como se ha mencionado l√≠neas arriba, el Proyecto Playas de Nosara comenz√≥ como la visi√≥n de un desarrollador, el Sr. Alan D. Hutchison. Una vez que √©l dej√≥ el √°rea, lo que qued√≥ de la corporaci√≥n de desarrollo que √©l hab√≠a creado, Inversiones Nicoya, S.A. (‚ÄúINSA‚ÄĚ) fue demandado por el grupo original de compradores de terrenos de Playa Guiones. Supuestamente, los compradores argumentaron que INSA hab√≠a incumplido sus obligaciones contractuales. En respuesta aparente a este juicio, y presumiblemente para apaciguar a los demandantes, se dice que se hab√≠a maquinado una soluci√≥n compleja y nefasta ‚Äď se entreg√≥ a los demandantes el t√≠tulo de propiedad que hab√≠a sido trastocado de la Finca 7302 (se presume de propiedad de INSA) a la Finca 24113-B. Los benefactores de este acuerdo ‚Äď incluyendo la Asociaci√≥n C√≠vica Nosara‚Äď han peleado con u√Īas y dientes durante a√Īos contra Richmond Phipps, presidente de Custodia de Propiedades Guanacastecas, S.A., la corporaci√≥n due√Īa de Finca 24113-B. Y ahora, con las recientes acciones del Registro, m√°s parece que las personas que fueron estafadas en el acuerdo INSA, y aquellos que posteriormente compraron terrenos de INSA despu√©s de que Hutchinson saliera, representan un microcosmos de los muchos residentes de Nosara que han vendido lotes en el √°rea de Nosara con t√≠tulos dudosos. Ahora parece que todos nosotros estamos en un mundo similar de perjuicio, v√≠ctimas de un proceso de registro de tierras poco sofisticado y muy posiblemente corrupto y el doble juego de algunos desarrolladores originales y sus sucesores.

El Procedimento Legal Custodia

La historia del procedimiento legal Custodia est√° intr√≠nsecamente ligado a la historia del difunto presidente de la compa√Ī√≠a, Richmond Phipps. Inmediatamente despu√©s de llegar a Costa Rica, la Sra. Phipps se convirti√≥ en gerente general del proyecto Playas de Nosara, de 1969 a 1972. De manera independiente a su trabajo para el Sr. Hutchinson, en 1988 ella compr√≥ a su colega Dick Amack (quien lamentablemente falleci√≥ el 4 de mayo del 2015) la propiedad Finca 24113-B. Custodia de Propiedades Guanacastecas, S.A., la compa√Ī√≠a propietaria de Finca 24113-B, era una de las fincas originales que formaban parte del proyecto de desarrollo Playas de Nosara, con excepci√≥n de un grupo de propiedades que fueron independizadas y con t√≠tulo de propiedad obtenido el 21 de junio de 1975. Desde 1975 hasta el d√≠a de hoy, no se realizaron segregaciones autorizadas adicionales o modificaciones a la 24113-B, cuya √°rea es 229+ hect√°reas o 2,2 millones de metros cuadrados.

Inmediatamente despu√©s de comprar la propiedad, la Sra. Phipps ‚Äď al igual que muchos de sus pares ‚Äď descubri√≥ que diversas parcelas de su terreno estaban siendo reclamadas y / o usadas por terceros no autorizados. El Registro Nacional confirm√≥ por escrito que la Sra. Phipps a√ļn era la propietaria de 229+ hect√°reas, de modo que era obvio que algo andaba terriblemente mal. Despu√©s de a√Īos de estudios e investigaciones forenses, finalmente se revel√≥ que casi 86 propiedades individuales y 90 planos que supuestamente estaban ubicados f√≠sicamente dentro de la Finca 24113-B, de hecho hab√≠an sido independizadas de la Finca 7302 ‚Äď que est√° en una ubicaci√≥n diferente. La Finca 7302 tambi√©n formaba parte original del Proyecto Playas de Nosara, y comparte l√≠mites con 24113-B. En la siguiente imagen pueden observarse los l√≠mites tanto de la Finca 7302 y de la 24113-B tal como exist√≠an en 1970 cuando el proyecto fue creado:

¬ŅC√≥mo es que 86 propiedades y 90 planos¬†existan fuera del √°rea de la cual fueron supuestamente segregadas y dentro de los l√≠mites de propiedad de terceros? La respuesta simple es que no pueden. Durante a√Īos, la Sra. Phipps sostuvo que todo propietario de terrenos con t√≠tulo de estas ‚Äúsuperposiciones‚ÄĚ (lo que se traduce como ‚Äúlotes superpuestos‚ÄĚ) hab√≠a sido estafado. En una entrevista otorgada a la Voz de Nosara en mayo del 2010, ella afirm√≥:

‚ÄúEllos pagaron dinero por un pedazo de papel‚Ķellos pueden poseer tierras, pero ellos no poseen esa tierra. Ellos probablemente tienen T√≠tulos de Propiedad debidamente registrados, pero no para esa tierra. Han sido estafados.‚ÄĚ

Para aquellos que no est√°n familiarizados con la situaci√≥n, esta afirmaci√≥n podr√≠a ser confusa y aparentemente incompleta pero con una mayor explicaci√≥n, la verdad detr√°s de esa afirmaci√≥n se aclara: aquellas personas con t√≠tulos de las propiedades superpuestas fueron inducidos a creer que la propiedad que compraron estaba en un lugar, cuando de hecho, hab√≠a sido independizada de una finca diferente en un lugar diferente. Esto lleg√≥ a confirmarse cuando se identificaron los l√≠mites exactos de las fincas originales seg√ļn los planos de 1970, a ra√≠z de una profunda investigaci√≥n realizada por el Departamento de Ingeneria Forense OIJ. Despu√©s de que se hab√≠a demostrado que las propiedades en cuesti√≥n de hecho hab√≠an sido superpuestas de otra finca, la Sra. Phipps, como presidente de Custodia, solicit√≥ un procedimiento legal conocido como ‚Äúsaneamiento catastral‚ÄĚ ‚Äď solicitando esencialmente al Registro Nacional solucionar los problemas conocidos y sanear el t√≠tulo de la¬†propiedad de Custodia y la propiedad de Custodia sola, ¬†en particular con respecto a las 86 propiedades y 90 planos¬†en donde un lugar f√≠sico ten√≠a aparentemente dos propietarios reales.

La Reacción del Registro Nacional

La Sra. Phipps, en representaci√≥n de Custodia, solicit√≥ en el 2008 un¬†‚Äúsaneamiento catastral‚ÄĚ (exp. 099-2008) a ra√≠z de un decreto del estado * que establec√≠a que cualquier persona que estuviera potencialmente perjudicada afectada al igual que los t√≠tulos de propiedad en cuesti√≥n podr√≠a solicitar¬† el saneamiento de sus t√≠tulos. Despu√©s de extraviar la petici√≥n de Custodia, dos a√Īos despu√©s el Registro fue obligado a continuar la misma investigaci√≥n, a la que asignaron un nuevo n√ļmero (exp. 2010-0336-RIM). Despu√©s de haber concluido y publicado el trabajo del Ing. Roberto Segura Gonz√°lez en marzo del 2013, finalmente en noviembre del 2014 se publicaron las conclusiones del Registro en un documento algo confuso y contradictorio de 217 p√°ginas, elaborado por el Lic. Guillermo Rodr√≠guez Rodr√≠quez (RIM-CCT-CT-62-2014).¬† Las conclusiones confirmaron los problemas que la Sra. Phipps hab√≠a estado describiendo sobre las superposiciones y los lotes superpuestos dentro de Custodia y la Finca 24113-B.¬† Las conclusiones tambi√©n desenterraron problemas supuestamente similares en toda el √°rea,¬†completamente fuera de los l√≠mites de Custodia.¬† Posteriormente en 2015, el Director del Registro Nacional, M.Sc. √ďscar Rodr√≠guez S√°nchez, ha emitido hasta la fecha 538 nuevas advertencias administrativas a fincas y 560 nuevas advertencias administrativas a planos relacionados con propiedades que se extienden desde Pelada hasta Esperanza ‚Äď todos ahora con irregularidades en el catastro de propiedad, seg√ļn el Registro Nacional.

*Decreto Ejecutivo publicado en La Gaceta el 3 de octubre del 2007, n√ļmero 33982 de 08 ‚Äď 08 ‚Äď 2007, Reglamento del Art√≠culo 30 de la Ley de Catastro n√ļmero 6545 del 25 de marzo de 1981.

En un extra√Īo giro de los eventos, el Registro tambi√©n ha llegado a la conclusi√≥n de que los l√≠mites de la finca 7302 que datan de 1970 fueron creados de manera incoherente con el debido proceso legal, y debido a esto, ha reemplazado los l√≠mites de 7302 por la ubicaci√≥n reconocida del plano en 1945. Esto ha generado que aparezcan y existan muchas secciones de propiedades en Playa Pelada fuera de la propiedad de la que se independizaron, ya que se supon√≠a que las independizaciones estuvieron basadas en la posici√≥n de 1970, y no la de 1945. Adicionalmente, esto significa que la Finca 7302 abarca de norte a sur, 1 kil√≥metro adentro desde la playa, y desde 1970 tiene una superposici√≥n masiva con 24113-B, lo que fue correctamente titulado a trav√©s del proceso de ‚Äúinformaci√≥n posesoria‚ÄĚ.

La mayor√≠ade las advertencias administrativas de 2015 han sido emitidas en su totalidad a iniciativa propia del Registro y sin el conocimiento de ninguna parte asociada con el procedimiento legal de Custodia y la mayor√≠a no tienen ninguna relaci√≥n con las advertencias administrativas emitidas sobre las propiedades que tienen superposici√≥n o existen dentro de la Finca 24113-B. Adem√°s de todo, en los √ļltimos a√Īos se han presentado ante el Registro m√ļltiples peticiones en representaci√≥n de Custodia, incluyendo la m√°s reciente del 24 de abril del 2015, demandando que todas las advertencias administrativas que no tengan superposici√≥n sobre la Finca 24113-B sean retiradas inmediatamente. El problema de los t√≠tulos de las propiedades de Nosara ahora no es solo un problema de Custodia‚Äď es un problema de todos.

¬ŅAhora Qu√© Hacemos?

Este desorden ha enfrentado a los miembros de la comunidad uno contra el otro, pensando cada uno que el lado opuesto es el enemigo, cuando de hecho las personas responsables por crear el problema ya se han ido. Los a√Īos han pasado, las hachas han sido clavadas, el lodo ha sido arrojado y los temperamentos han estallado ‚Äď incluso los interesados en tomarse el tiempo para revisar la evidencia finalmente apenas tendr√°n oportunidad para concluir que gran parte de la responsabilidad ha sido mal direccionada. Como se sabe, todas las ‚Äúpartes‚ÄĚ en estas disputas inmobiliarias tienen el mismo problema ‚Äď un problema que solo puede ser resuelto uniendo esfuerzos para sanear los t√≠tulos en Playas de Nosara de una vez por todas.

Con informaci√≥n nueva, ahora parece quedar claro que los problemas que Custodia tiene son los mismos problemas que ahora tienen todos los otros propietarios con advertencias administrativas ‚Äď al parecer el Registro Nacional ha permitido el fraude y la confusi√≥n al asignar los t√≠tulos de propiedad de Playas de Nosara, y no ha estado dispuesto para ayudar a resolver los problemas posteriores. Como resultado de la presentaci√≥n de evidencia ante la corte por parte de la Sra. Phipps ¬†respecto a esta situaci√≥n, Custodia y el Registro se encuentran lejos de solucionar los problemas de titulaci√≥n a trav√©s de los procedimientos legales continuos por el corte Contencioso ya que est√°n vinculados con Custodia y la Finca 24113-B.¬†Si bien el proceso de intentar abordar el tema de la titulaci√≥n ilegal de las propiedades de Custodia ha sido prolongado y con frecuencia contencioso, ahora que se ha presentado evidencia s√≥lida ante las cortes, la cual confirma la precisi√≥n de los reclamos de Custodia, el Registro finalmente tiene que enfrentar sus asuntos de larga data. Actualmente y m√°s que nunca, es importante reconocer que aquellos que aparentemente han estado en lados opuestos de la disputa de tierras son todos v√≠ctimas de las fallas del sistema de registro de tierras. Todos se beneficiar√°n cuando el Registro Nacional rinda cuentas ante la justicia; y es dif√≠cil imaginar c√≥mo es que se resolver√° la problem√°tica inmobiliaria actual en Playas de Nosara hasta que eso suceda.

¬ŅQu√© Significa Tener una ‚ÄúAdvertencia Administrativa‚ÄĚ sobre mi Propiedad?

Si se ha emitido una advertencia administrativa sobre su propiedad, significa que su propiedad ha sido identificada por el Registro debido a irregularidades en el mapa de catastro original. Esto significa una de las siguientes cuatro opciones:

  • Tiene una superposici√≥n con una propiedad vecina
  • Tiene una superposici√≥n con un √°rea protegida (incluyendo la Zona Mar√≠timo-Terrestre)
  • Existe en un √°rea fuera de la finca madre (finca madre o propiedad madre) de la cual se origin√≥ (es decir, no deber√≠a existir en el lugar donde est√° ubicada actualmente porque la propiedad de la cual fue subdividida existe en una ubicaci√≥n diferente).
  • Fue subdividida de una finca madre (finca madre o propiedad madre) que no exist√≠a legalmente en el √°rea en la cual un t√©cnico en catastro pens√≥ que estaba ubicada cuando el lote fue independizado y¬†titulado.


Por ejemplo, en los casos de propiedades que existen dentro de la Finca 24113-B (propiedad de Custodia), es posible que usted haya sido inducido a creer que usted tiene una propiedad dentro de la Finca Custodia, que realmente fue independizada de una propiedad diferente en una ubicación diferente. Usted tiene propiedad dentro de la propiedad de otra persona, que provino de otro lugar.

Las propiedades que han recibido advertencias administrativas en el 2015 tienen que ser estudiadas una por una porque la mayoría no tienen nada que ver con Custodia. Esto podría significar que su propiedad superpone a una propiedad vecina y requiere rectificación, se encuentra dentro de la Zona Marítima, o en un área de la 7302 de acuerdo con los límites de 1970, que no está reconocida por el Registro como límites legales, pues consideran como límites los de 1945.

Para cualquier propiedad con advertencia administrativa, usted no puede cambiar, alterar, actualizar, subdividir o crear nuevos planos de su plano actual. Cualquier proceso que involucre el catastro de su propiedad está congelado. Sin embargo, usted todavía puede poseer su propiedad, usufructuar, construir en ella y tener la posesión de ella de buena fe. También usted puede vender su propiedad y transferir el título.

De acuerdo con el Registro, con el fin de sanear su propiedad, usted debe presentarse ante la corte y solicitar a un juez que reconozca¬†su propiedad, y d√© instrucciones para que el Registro retire la advertencia administrativa; sin embargo, a√ļn se desconoce el proceso exacto que debe seguirse. Al parecer, usted recibir√° un aviso oficial del Registro sobre la raz√≥n por la cual se emiti√≥ una advertencia administrativa sobre su propiedad.

El Registro Nacional ha afirmado que solo les queda una opci√≥n a la que han decidido no recurrir, hasta ahora ‚Äď que es congelar los t√≠tulos de todas las propiedades con advertencias administrativas de manera que no puedan ser transferidas legalmente a un comprador o a un nuevo propietario, evitando de esa manera cualquier responsabilidad futura que surja de estos problemas. Esta opci√≥n central, en caso de ser elegida, significa que nadie con un t√≠tulo de una propiedad con advertencia administrativa podr√° transferir el t√≠tulo de la propiedad hasta que el caso sea resuelto judicialmente. El Registro no sabe si tendr√° que congelar estas propiedades, pero es seguro que cuentan con esa opci√≥n y con la potestad de aplicarla.


¬ŅC√≥mo es que Esto Afecta el Mercado Inmobiliario de Playas de Nosara?


Las advertencias administrativas sobre las propiedades ser√°n posiblemente un tema que preocupar√° a cualquier comprador o vendedor. Hasta que el Registro Nacional no aclare el tema, nuestros asesores legales advierten que existe el riesgo de que se congelen las transferencias de los t√≠tulos de las propiedades con advertencias. Si bien actualmente √©ste no es el caso, estamos a la espera de m√°s informaci√≥n para decidir la mejor manera de proceder con las transacciones inmobiliarias actuales y las del futuro cercano. Es posible que cualquier comprador que desee comprar una propiedad con advertencia pueda ejecutar un contrato de compra afirmando que la contingencia de tener una advertencia debe ser resuelta antes de que la venta sea ejecutada. Sin embargo, a√ļn no queda claro cu√°l ser√° el m√©todo preciso para retirar la advertencia por v√≠a judicial.


Considerando el importante n√ļmero de propiedades que han recibido advertencias, estos desarrollos, con certeza, afectar√°n mientras tanto al mercado inmobiliario de Nosara. A la luz del hecho de que nadie sabe c√≥mo ni cu√°ndo se resolver√° este asunto, las propiedades sin advertencias aumentar√°n dr√°sticamente de valor en el corto plazo. La mayor√≠a de propiedades afectadas por las nuevas advertencias se encuentran fuera de Playa Guiones y dentro de Playa Pelada. Playa Pelada, que ha hecho decaer el floreciente mercado inmobiliario en Playa Guiones, ser√° el golpe m√°s duro causado por estas noticias.


¬ŅHay Buenas Noticias que Informar?


S√≠; el Registro ha sido extremadamente cauteloso al emitir cualquier plano nuevo en toda el √°rea de Nosara, Playa Guiones, Playa Pelada en los √ļltimos a√Īos. Parece que ahora, se permitir√°n nuevos planos y subdivisiones en las √°reas que est√°n libres de conflicto y que no tienen advertencias. Esto representa un alivio para algunos propietarios que han esperado a√Īos para intentar independizar las propiedades o crear planos nuevos y exactos con GPS. Esperamos que para algunas propiedades ubicadas fuera del √°rea de conflicto, los valores puedan tener un alza significativa durante los siguientes 6 a 12 meses.


La otra buena noticia en todo esto es si y cuando los propietarios con dudas sobre las peticiones de titulación ante el registro o peticiones mediante el sistema legal para sanear el título de propiedad, una vez resueltas, serán de manera definitiva.


¬ŅSoy el √önico Confundido con Todo Esto?


No. Todos est√°n confundidos con esto. De hecho, muchas personas que han estado aqu√≠ por 5, 10 o incluso 20 a√Īos contin√ļan sin conocer los problemas que existen y no est√°n seguros de lo que realmente significa una advertencia administrativa. Esto no es algo f√°cil de entender y hay una monta√Īa de documentos, estudios legales y t√©cnicos disponibles como informaci√≥n p√ļblica para aquellos que quieren conocerla por s√≠ mismos. La Sra. Phipps siempre estuvo interesada y dispuesta a proporcionar su documentaci√≥n ‚Äď acumulada durante d√©cadas de disputas legales ‚Äď a quien quisiera revisarla; como a ella le gustaba decir a quienes no cre√≠an lo que ella contaba: ‚ÄúL√°nzate, el agua est√° tibia.‚ÄĚ


Richmond Phipps muri√≥ el 3 de febrero del 2015, apenas pocos d√≠as despu√©s de cumplir 80 a√Īos. Habiendo dedicado los √ļltimos veinte a√Īos de su vida intentando sanear sus t√≠tulos de propiedad en el √°rea de Nosara, ella finalmente muri√≥ sin ver el problema resuelto. Su hija, Brooke Shields, que creci√≥ en Costa Rica y habla espa√Īol fluidamente, ahora es responsable de Custodia. Dicha complejidad no es nada nueva para Brooke, considerando su larga carrera profesional como ejecutiva de negocios. Adem√°s, haber visto crecer el proyecto Playas de Nosara y cambiar desde que fue concebido ‚Äď y luego haber visto la batalla aparentemente interminable de su madre para proteger la integridad de los t√≠tulos de propiedad en el √°rea ‚Äď le brinda a Brooke una perspectiva √ļnica y un conocimiento profundo de lo que est√° enfrentando.


La Sra. Shields no est√° interesada en revivir el pasado, y no tiene inversiones en los feudos y controversias del pasado. Ella est√° mirando el futuro y buscando soluciones. Como ella dice:


‚ÄúNo estoy ni un poco interesada en continuar los se√Īalamientos y acusaciones del pasado; mis ojos est√°n en el futuro.¬† Mi √ļnica meta es establecer el t√≠tulo saneado de Custodia y la Finca 24113-B, nada m√°s.¬† Esto es lo que mi madre quer√≠a ‚Äď solucionar los problemas que le imped√≠an disfrutar de su propiedad.¬† ¬ŅY qui√©n no querr√≠a eso?¬† La postura actual del Registro es desconcertante y triste en muchos aspectos, con nuevas advertencias administrativas sobre propiedades la mayor√≠a que no tienen nada que ver con los procesos legales de Custodia. Las personas no tienen el poder de emitir o retirar las advertencias sobre las propiedades‚Äď solo el Registro puede hacerlo.¬† Las √ļltimas acciones del Registro han sido tomadas a iniciativa propia, por razones que solo ellos pueden explicar. Yo invito a cualquier propietario que est√© enfrentando problemas con sus propiedades a solicitar junto conmigo al Registro que se haga responsable ante el p√ļblico al que sirven, ayudando a todos los propietarios ofreci√©ndoles certeza legal y a realizar negocios de manera clara y transparente.‚ÄĚ


¬ŅEntonces C√≥mo Termina Esta Saga?


En pocas palabras ‚Äď ¬°nadie sabe! No hay manera de predecir cu√°nto tiempo tomar√° resolver este caos que el Registro Nacional ha permitido. Hasta la fecha, se desconoce el proceso legal espec√≠fico o las acciones judiciales que solucionar√°n y retirar√°n las actuales ¬†advertencias. Mientras este caso avanza y el Registro libera m√°s informaci√≥n, haremos nuestro mejor esfuerzo por informar y actualizar esta historia. Mientras tanto, contamos con expertos en catastro y equipos legales estudiando las complejidades del informe emitido por el Registro ‚Äď en un esfuerzo por comprender total y completamente estos problemas. Esperamos que aquellos que necesiten respuesta a sus preguntas o deseen que sus propiedades sean analizadas tengan la confianza de contactarse con nosotros en busca de ayuda y asesor√≠a. S√≠rvase contactarse con nosotros a trav√©s de¬†info@nosararealestatereport.com¬†para analizar su propiedad y haremos nuestro mayor esfuerzo por asesorarlo. Continuaremos actualizando esta historia a medida que progresa y esperamos que sea resuelta de manera justa y oportuna. Estos problemas deben ser resueltos ya que la estabilidad y la fe en el mercado inmobiliario en Nosara depende de un sistema basado en la buena fe; fe en el gobierno de Costa Rica y fe en el Registro Nacional, la base de la propiedad de tierras en Costa Rica.

Yes Nosara’s expensive – unless you’re shopping in the luxury home market

‚ÄúEpic sunsets, incredible star gazing, great surf for all levels, cool people, but it’s just so expensive‚ÄĚ is a phrase familiar to many visitors to Nosara. Despite this sentiment, a quick glance at the numbers suggest that although living costs in Nosara are above the national average Nosara remains an affordable paradise where middle class people can afford to visit, live or retire. One of the best examples of an area where great value can still be found is in Nosara’s burgeoning luxury home market. The increasing popularity of Nosara’s luxury homes among buyers comes down to a number of factors including land size, privacy, and the kind of ocean views that are usually strictly reserved for the multi-millionaire club. Here are a few examples of what Nosara Real Estate Report considers to be some of the best value homes currently on the luxury market, complete with a graphic that highlights what you’d be getting for your money compared with other places. Enjoy!

Las Huacas Mountain VS Toronto – Saving = $1,423,000


Midway up Las Huacas mountain sits this modern, upscale, two bedroom, two bathroom residence. It’s location provides a rare, highly sought after combination of stunning views and great proximity to the beach. Its double high ceilings, fully equipped state-of-the-art kitchen, high end finishes, and full security system are a mere sampling of the many features of this amazing home. This is a property that any discerning buyer will love, particularly when they learn the price just got reduced by over $200,000. Click here to view this listing, or contact us about this property.

Playa Guiones K Section VS Outer London – Saving = $2,161,000

6In the past 18 months alone Casa De La Luna has grossed $117,000 in rental income. This is one of the many reason that this home is up there as one of the most exquisite properties currently on the Nosara real estate inventory. Only steps from Playa Guiones Casa de la Luna has 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, an incredible pool and a comfortable, expansive outdoor living area. Beneath the property is a 1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom apartment suite. A property in this location, with these features, and at this price makes it one of the best real estate opportunities currently available. Click here to view this listing, or contact us about this property.

San Diego VS EE Section Ocean Views – Saving = $2,360,000


 This 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom luxury hideaway sits at the end of a private Cul-De-Sac atop of EE sections Las Huacas Mountain. It comes with unparallelled design specs and overlooks a spectacular infinity pool and private garden. It also features sweeping, panoramic views of Playa Guiones and the Pacific ocean from the lush outdoor space of the front terrace. The price of this home has just been significantly reduced. Click here to view this listing, or contact us about this property.


San Francisco VS Las Huacas Mountain – Saving = $3,400,000

4With a much sought after, yet seldom found combination of land size, seclusion, guest capacity and 360 degree North to South horizon views to call this property ‘exceptional’ would be an understatement. This home is ready to move in and the only thing the new owners will have to concern themselves with is what surfboard they choose to ride after their post-morning wave check. Whether it be for residential, retirement, or rental purposes, with 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and too many features to list, the potential for this stunning home is limited only to the owners imagination. Click here¬†to view this¬†listing, or contact us about this property.

San Juanillo Vs Los Angeles – Saving = $3,441,000


If you’re the kind of person for whom ‘good enough’ is never enough then this may be the kind of house you’ll be proud to call home. ¬†30 feet high indoor ceilings, a range of fine art, beautiful lines, native wood furnishings are some of the many features that combine to make this home truly one of a kind. The outdoor terrace complete with pool, bbq, shower and dining area are the perfect place to treat guests to sunset dining. This home really must be seen to be believed. Click here to view this listing, or contact us about this property.

Houston , Texas VS Nosara Mountains – Saving = $3,700,000


1Located in the mountainous jungle just outside of Nosara this home represents 7000 square feet of architectural genius. A wrap around terrace with 360 degree ocean views, cool mountain breezes, spiraling stair cases, 30 ft high domed ceilings, wet bar and a private cinema. The list of incredible features attached to this home is to exhaustive to list in its entirety. Suffice to say there is a good reason that many people consider Casa Redonda to be one of the true jewels in the Nosara real estate market’s crown. Click here to view this listing, or contact us about this property.


Hamptons VS Las Huacas Mountain – Saving = $4,475,000

2Whether it be a luxury rental home, or boutique retreat center this place has everything you could possibly want and much, much more. Sunset peak can easily sleep up to 15 guests all of whom can enjoy the comfortable opulence of the huge terrace and beautiful pool while looking down on the panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and lush jungle. Sunset Peak sits on 5,000 square meters of land, and as Nosaras reputation as a leading retreat hotspot increases this place can only go from strength to strength. Click here to view this listing, or contact us about this property.





Fantastic Long term Rental Opportunity Steps From the Beach


New to the rental market is this fantastic 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom, fully equipped condo located only a minutes walk away from the ‚Äėpalm tree entrance‚Äô to Playa Guiones. This beautiful home is located in the heart of the H Section in the Condos Del Sol development – a 10 condo, boutique style, gated community within a stones throw of local shops and restaurants. Condos Del Sol comes ready to move in with a state of the art kitchen, modern fixtures and furnishings and a beautiful pool and rancho area.These condos also come with 24 hours security. If you‚Äôre searching for the ultimate Nosara long term rental location then this could be your answer. The owner is asking $2000 per month + utilities. Contact us now for more info, or call 8877-6893































5 of the Best Nosara Real Estate Opportunities on the Market!

5 of the Best Nosara Real Estate Opportunites on the Market!!


Land on Las Huacas – The house comes free!

This is a great opportunity in the EE section of Las Huacas mountain and is being sold for the price of the land. That it comes with a lovely 2.5 bedroom house is just a bonus This 2500 square meter property was recently reduced from $400,000 to $349,000 and sits on land that is 100% buildable. Great views, cooling breezes and tranquility at the top of the hill in las huacas. The owner is motivated and ready to sell at a great price. Click here to view this listing. Contact us about this property.


Nice Turnkey Beach House

This contemporary beach house on a wonderful double lot is a money making turn key property ready to go. Located only 300m from the beach, the house is surrounded by bamboo, and comes with a gorgeous pool and rancho area to relax the day away. The  annual rental revenue is approximately. $45,000. Click here to view this listing. Contact us about this property.


Fantastic Home – Walk to the Beach

This is 300m from beach, private, serene and move in ready. This  3 bedroom, 2 bathroom is private, serene, 300 meters from the beach and comes with a fantastic pool. There is plenty of room to expand and maybe build a cabina or two. Tons of potential with this fantastic opportunity. Click here to view this listing. Contact us about this property.


4 Bedroom Home – Priced to Sell

This place is nicely situated within walking distance of Lagarta Lodge. It boasts seasonal ocean views, cooling breezes, a small pool, 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. This home is solidly built and has a path directly behind that takes you to the beach in just a few minutes walk. Tons of opportunity on this aggressively priced property. Click here to view this listing. Contact us about this property.


Great Home – Nice Price – Bullseye Location

This is a great opportunity to live and work in Guiones and if its location you’re after then it doesn’t come better than this. This 3 story, 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom home is only steps from The Gilded Iguana and ripe for the picking. The opportunity exists to live on the top 2 floors and run a B&B or a restaurant¬†or¬†juice bar on the main level. This will sell fast and is ¬†a very unique opportunity for someone lucky enough to snap it up.¬†Click here to view this listing.¬†Contact us about this property.


Last but by no means least, check out our pick of the best condos in Nosara. Beach Condos from $189,900 to $265,000




The Nosara Guide to Getting off The Grid


Modern sustainable technologies have drastically altered traditional perceptions of ‘off grid living’

It’s been written that if the history of the earth was compressed into a year then the industrial revolution took place on December 31st at approximately 11:59:58pm. Prior to this (hominids began evolving in Africa around 6:30pm on December 31st FYI) defining ‚Äúoff the grid living‚ÄĚ was easy – because there was no grid to live off. It was simply called ‚Äúliving‚ÄĚ. Today, as humankind wrestles to separate the technological wheat from the chaff the lines have become blurred. Most commonly, the term ‚Äúoff grid‚ÄĚ refers to a home that features systems and technologies that allow it to operate independently of all traditional¬†public utility¬†services. In simple terms; a home which could remain functional even as civilization collapsed around it.

otg2To many people, the thought of severing the link between themselves and certain products, technologies and utilities which they have come to depend on is unthinkable. However to a rapidly growing number of others this mode of shortsighted cultural thinking is wholly responsible for an increasingly degraded planet. Addicted to oil as if it were crack, current data indicates rainforests being erased at a rate of 1-2 percent per year ‚Äď mainly to provide the grain to raise the beef to feed an increasing human population. Conversation between government leaders has now moved ‚Äď in private ‚Äď past the point of pondering the health of social structures, and is now focused on WHEN these structures will tank. When modern civilization’s quest to drain the worlds resources is complete, the first thing to become starkly apparent will be the true fragility of the house of cards in which we have been living. In the face of a failing socio-economic model and chronic governmental ineptitude, the number of people reacting by moving towards a sustainable lifestyle is growing daily ‚Äď and herein lies the silver lining.


The Pirris Hydro Electric Dam in the Southern part of San Jose Province, Costa Rica

Last week global social media was ablaze with the news that Costa Rica hit a milestone by going 75 days in a row using only sustainable energy. This landmark event reflects a wider shift by a number of Latin American countries towards sustainable policies. Amongst a few other locations on the front line of this trend is the Costa Rican town of Nosara. In recent years, Nosara has begun, and continues to develop the kind of environmentally sustainable community that many Nosara residents hope will serve as a blueprint for neighboring regions. Due in large part to organizations such as Nosara recycles, Nosaras reputation as a bastion of eco-conscious policy is growing. As well as being good news for the environment it’s also proving fortuitous for a number of local sustainable technology businesses who’s mission is to help residents distance themselves from ‘the grid’. If you’re amongst the burgeoning number of Nosara residents who feel it’s high time to make your habitat sustainable then the following is a list of local businesses recently created to meet those needs:


otg6Helios Solar Solutions is the brainchild of a group of solar power experts and consultants living in Costa Rica. Despite the installation company being based in San Jose the managing director and founder of this company is a long time Nosara resident. In the short time since the companies inception a number of people living in the Nosara and Playa Guiones area are already feeling the benefits of the companies products, specifically the groundbreaking transverter technology. www.heliosolarsolutions.com

E-mail: helios.solar.cr@gmail.com  Phone:+(506) 8554 4318


otg7A combined yearning to do get off the grid, do something he enjoyed, and serve the needs of the community inspired Nosara resident Nick Mcalpin to focus his years of engineering expertise on the water challenges Nosara¬†faces. Nick went about installing rainwater catchment systems on his Nosara property, and after word of his achievements went viral Nick was flooded with requests from local residents requesting similar technology. Thus began the organic birth of ‚ÄėFinca Pica‚Äô which now provides water catchment solutions in and around Nosara.

Email: alwaysurf@gmail.com


otg8Costa Rica Eco Green Solitions was created by two Nosara residents in an effort to lessen water consumption, reduce peoples water costs, and curtail environmental impact. In addition to providing the latest grey water treatment solutions these guys have also begun importing solar water heating systems modified specifically to cater to the often harsh jungle conditions of the Nosara area. The website is under construction and should be up and running in the near future.

Email: marion@nosaraconstruction.com

Phone: +(506) 8718 0021

Off Grid Nosara Property Listings

otg9Alternatively, if its an all inclusive off the grid home that your’e after then Nosara Real Estate Report has a range of properties to suit your needs: This solar ecofarm 10 minutes from Playa Guiones is an off grid dream. As well as featuring state of the art solar and water catchment technology it also provides an abundance of home grown food.


otg10The Nosara Hills development features a range of stunning ocean view properties and come complete with water catchment systems and solar power options.


Fully self sufficient solar farm for sale – Off the grid Nosara luxury minutes from the Ocean


To jump directly to the listing click here

Meet the neighors – Yes, that’s the farmhouse in the background

Nowadays, the number of people seeking a sustainable lifestyle is growing daily. The sustainable lifestyle they seek often involves cutting the cord between themselves and the centralized utility system ‚Äď a practice commonly known as ‘off-the-grid’ living.


This place is 100% solar powered

Back in the day, defining ‚Äúoff the grid‚ÄĚ living was easy, simply because there was no grid to live off. It was just called ‚Äúliving‚ÄĚ. Today the lines have become blurred. The term ‚Äėoff-grid‚Äô refers to a home which could survive independently even if civilization collapsed around it. In practical terms; a home that is able to operate entirely independently of all traditional¬†public utility¬†services by using technologies and systems that produce everything it’s inhabitants need. In addition to an environmentally responsible lifestyle, zero energy expenditure and simply being ahead of the times, the benefits of off grid living are as varied as they are extensive. A ten minute drive from Playa Guiones, in the foothills of Guanacaste one man has been feeling these benefits for a some time now. The owner of this fully self sufficient farm decided a few years ago that the time to put his dream of independent living into action was nigh. What he created serves as a blueprint for anyone seeking to adopt such a lifestyle. Furthermore, with the news that this farm is now on the market, the opportunity to buy into such a lifestyle without the years of labor that goes into creating it now exists.



At this point you may be having thoughts of primitive yokels returning to a rustic cabin after a day spent wallowing in farm animal dung ‚Äď you’d be wrong, and after viewing the place from the vantage of the infinity pool prepare to have any preconceptions blown away. After purchasing the 53000 square meters of raw land in 2011 the current owner has lovingly created an environment which, in addition to being the ultimate off grid compound, could serve as anything from an IMG_6369-2organic food retreat center to a sustainable eco-tourism resort. Located only a 10 minute drive from the Pacific Ocean, this farm grows everything you could possibly wish for. Amongst an exhaustive list of many other foods it provides yucca, kale, tomatoes, peppers, shard, orange, limes, mango, pineapples and coconuts, all of which is tended by water from the private well dug deep underground. Solar heaters provide hot water, and an array of solar panels deliver more IMG_6458-2than enough power to keep the 2 level modern main house, modern cabinas, appliances and irrigation systems ticking over. The livestock inventory currently includes cows, pigs, sheep and chickens. The animals are fed a mixture of organic feed, and food scraps from the farm. Fruits and vegetables are fertilized by the animals to ensure the freshest, most natural tasting produce.

The ecofarm is located in the Guanacaste hills near to the village of Delicias. Despite being encircled by jungle it is only a 3 kilometer drive South East from the stunning sands of “Playa Garza”.

For the full listing, including all specs click here.


Pacific Ocean and Playa Garza in the     background


The modern house is fully sufficient






















Water comes from a limitless underground source


This property comes with a lovely private waterfall

This property comes with a lovely private waterfall












What water shortages? One Nosara resident’s quest to prevent us going thirsty

Despite what the brochures would have you believe, Costa Rica is not made up entirely of lush, tropical jungle. Nosara is located in the countries driest region ‚Äď Guanacaste. September and October here witness torrential rain on a daily basis, and other than the odd downpour in the months proceeding September and October the rest of the year is drier than a camels flip flop. This creates pressing dilemmas for local water authorities, and often leaves residents subject to water shortages due to local businesses efforts to prevent tourists going unwashed and thirsty. Despite efforts from the local ASADA team that work hard – often in the face of overwhelming odds to meet Nosaras growing water needs, shortages are still a problem. Although professional engineering teams have assured residents that the necessary infrastructure is in place to keep Nosaras water flowing for decades, the water system still faces a number of problems including outdated tanks, fractured pipes and underfunded management. Many with close ties to the issue feel that Nosara has been neglected at both the regional and national level and have taken it upon themselves to take the necessary steps. One such person is Nick Mcalpin. Born in North¬†Carolina, Nick and his wife moved to Nosara in 2008. The combination of a desire for an off the grid lifestyle, along with¬†a yearning to do something he enjoyed while serving the needs of the community inspired Nick to focus his expertise on the impending water challenges Nosara¬†faces. Nick began by installing rainwater catchment systems on his property in Nosaras L Section. After word of his achievements spread Nick experienced a wave of requests from local residents experiencing water issues and thus requesting similar technology to that which Nick had set up in his home. Nick began his

Nick Mcalpin's pretty serious when it comes to water

Nick Macalpin’s pretty serious when it comes to water

quest to help people out and so began the organic birth of ‘Finca Pica’. If further validation was needed concerning whether Nick made the correct business choice one need only look at his work schedule – which doesn’t contain an opening until some time after June 2015. Nosara Real Estate Report recently sat down with Nick to get the lowdown on the ¬†Nosara water situation, and discuss ways in which problems are being tackled.

NRER: So, I’ve heard you’ve been busy.

Nick: Slammed.

NRER: You’re building water systems around Nosara?

Nick: Yeah. The idea was to go into business primarily designing and building rainwater harvesting systems, and help people get started filtering their water supply, but with the constant pressure issues we’ve been having the last couple of years, I’ve been forced to focus mainly on tank and pump reserve systems.

NRER: Are you selling the tanks too, or just installing them?

Nick: No, we’re not selling tanks. We’re helping people get tanks at a discount. I’ve been working directly with la Casa del tanque in the Central Valley, which allows me to purchase tanks for about 40% of what they’re priced at locally. When several people need tanks at the same time i organize an order so everyone can split the transport costs. There’s no profit on the tanks themselves


 NRER: So how do the reserve systems work?

Nick: For people worried primarily about complete outages, we’ll have a tank somewhere on the property being fed by a small line coming from the house’s main water supply. When the water goes out, the homeowner can close a valve to shut off the ASADA feed, and open a valve to allow the pump at the base of the tank to pressurize the house. If the tank’s big enough, the homeowner can generally run off the tank until the ASADA provides water again. For people in neighborhoods with chronic pressure issues, which is slowly becoming more common, we have the ASADA feed run directly into the tank, and a pump / pressure tank system receives water from the holding tank and sends it to the house. The idea is that even though there’s not enough water pressure for the house’s water system to function properly there is generally enough pressure to keep a tank full, even at a trickle. Generally, the tank level will do most of it’s catching up at night when demand is low.


NRER: Can’t people elevate tanks, and use the elevation for pressure?

Nick: A column of water exerts about .43 psi per foot of elevation. A tank 10 feet tall on a tower 10 feet high, would only exert 8.6 pounds of pressure at ground level. A lot easier with a pump.


NRER: And the water coming from the reserve tanks needs to be filtered?

Nick: I worry more at my house about what I’m putting in the tank, rather than what’s coming out. The tanks are a closed system – tight caps, screened vents, three layer polyethylene. Sunlight can’t even get in. I begin with the basic idea that ASADA water should always be filtered, period. The first thing ASADA water should come in contact with on your property is a filtering system. Clean water in the tanks, clean water out.

NRER: What are you so concerned with filtering out?

Nick: Sediment always comes first. We have a ton of sediment in the Nosara water supply. Sediment’s what sent me down the path of researching all the available filtering options for our house to start with. I guess i got tired of taking aerators off all the faucets and dumping sand and debris out every few days.

NRER: What comes after the sediment?

Nick: We have a filter house next to our meter with two 10″ canisters. The first is a 25 micron sediment filter, and the second is a 10 micron carbon filter for chlorine reduction, and taste and odor issues. Once the water leaves there we’re plumbed to run through a salt free conditioning unit that will arrive in a few weeks, and the last stage is a 50 GPD (gallons per day) reverse osmosis unit in our kitchen.

NRER: What’s the idea behind the conditioner and the reverse osmosis?

Nick: The conditioner is for the calcium scaling. I didn’t want a conventional softener that i would have to add piles of salt to every year and have to supply with electricity. The salt free conditioners simply crystallize the calcium particles so they can’t bind together. It’s like the calcium’s not there as far as your appliances and glass surfaces are concerned, but it’s still in the water for everyone arguing the whole blue zone thing. The reverse osmosis unit just filters the water to a ridiculously fine point, and then runs into a separate faucet i mounted in the sink for filling glass bottles. the conditioner will help the reverse osmosis unit, as does the carbon filter outside, and the additional carbon filter on the unit itself. Two of the worst things for an reverse osmosis membrane are calcium scaling and even the slightest bit of chlorine.

NRER Isn’t the whole reverse osmosis thing overkill?

Nick: I’ve seen loads of sediment come down the line after a break in the main. I’d imagine any diesel, gas, transmission fluid, etc. that may possibly leak from this fine fleet of automobiles we see on our roads and run into the ditch with the rains can’t be far behind. I’d rather be safe than sorry.

NRER: Where are the pressure issues and outages coming from?

Nick: Growth in the tourism sector and development out-pacing upgrades to the system.


NRER: Is that where the whole rainwater thing came from, the water outages?

Nick: I knew for a few years i wanted to have a rainwater system, and was starting to feel pressure to have a good reserve system in place after running out of water several times last dry season. Once i figured out how to make one system out of the two concepts, i got it done.



NRER: So your rainwater system doubles as a reserve system?

Nick: Yeah. basically, we have a 4200L tank used solely to store ASADA water, three 1950L tanks connected directly to the gutters in the back yard, a 1950L rain tank in the side yard, three 55 gallon olive barrels off the front porch, and another 55 gallon olive barrel we intend to use to catch a.c. condensation after we change out the side porch to a metal roof for solar. That’s a little over 8000L of capacity in the rainy season, and once we run the rain barrels empty during the dry season in the gardens, we can just fill them with ASADA water for emergency use. well over 12,000L of storage all together. The long-term plan is to start a storage system up on one of our hilltops so when the rain tanks around the house fill up early in the rainy season, we can cut the pump on and send all the water up top to storage, emptying the tanks and making room for more collecting. you do that a few times during the rainy season and you can start stock-piling serious amounts of water.



NRER: You could actually fill tanks several times?

Nick: When you start doing the math, it gets pretty crazy what’s possible. I always use a 1000 square foot roof as an example to keep it simple. a 1000 square foot roof will shed 640 gallons of water for every 1″ of rain that falls on it. Guanacaste, on average, receives about 117″ of rain during the wet months. From 117″ that same 1000 square foot roof will shed around 74,880 gallons of water. You start figuring in bodegas, greenhouses, bus stops, hardware stores, and everything else with a roof on it and Nosara’s collective rooftops probably shed more water each year than we actually consume as a community.

NRER: Could most people actually catch everything that’s coming off their roof?

Nick: No, the average homeowner would most likely only catch a fraction of what’s available due to the cost of the tanks, and the space available to add more tanks. This is just a small piece of a bigger puzzle. even if you’re only catching a couple thousand gallons a year, that’s water the ASADA didn’t have to pay I.C.E. outrageous fees to pump, and your plants will love you for it.

NRER: And the water’s clean?

Nick: With a well designed system, the water going into the tanks should be free of debris. At the end of our downspouts, just below the gutters, we have screened downspout diverters that help the system shed leaves and any other large debris that could clog up our first flush systems. The first flush system just below the diverters is a long tube that catches the initial water coming off your roof when a rainstorm rolls in. The initial water coming off your roof is the dirty stuff containing bird crap, mosquito eggs and dust that collects between storms. Once the first flush tube fills up with the dirty water, a plastic ball floats to the top, seals the first flush tube, and the clean water runs into the tanks. We also have screened overflow outlets so the insects can’t simply fly into the tank through the drain. After the rainstorm, the first flush tube slowly drains itself through a bleeder at the bottom, ready to go to work when the next storm arrives.


NRER: How much water has to be diverted?

Nick: Between 12.5 and 50 gallons per 1000 square foot of roof space being collected from., depending on the severity of local pollution. Our rooftops are fairly polluted once our dust problem is factored in, so i tend to figure Nosara at around 35 gallons per thousand, a little more with tile roofs, which are a whole issue unto themselves.

NRER: Does the first flush make the water drinkable?

Nick: No. the first flush makes sure the water is free of debris and isn’t a dengue factory. How far a homeowner takes water purification after that is strictly up to them, depending on what they intend to use to water for. We’re experimenting with ours now, and have a whole filter system dedicated solely to the rainwater. For irrigation, no further filtering is needed.

NRER: So is rainwater collection something the ASADA should be pursuing?

Nick: No. Rainwater collection is an individual choice. It’s one of multiple steps towards a homeowner’s individual water security, although it would be great to see a big rain tank sitting next to the ASADA building itself. It would be a strong message to the 11 or 12 people who actually show up during elections.

NRER: So what are some other steps people should be taking?

Nick: I know it may not be an option for folks close to the beach, or in the densely packed neighborhoods, but out where I’m at, the first step is putting in a well. I won’t argue publicly for or against actually permitting the thing. I think there are strong arguments on both sides of the conversation, but nothing will push you harder towards individual water security than finding and utilizing your own water source. A good well system and you most likely won’t even need an ASADA hook-up. Once you start adding raintanks around all your structures with rooftops, and utilizing grey water more efficiently you can really see the whole self-sufficient thing start to take shape.

NRER: What do you mean by utilizing grey water?

Nick: Grey water’s the stuff, for the most part, without all the nasty stuff mixed in – washing machine discharge, kitchen sinks, showers and tubs. A guy in Tucson named Brad Lancaster has the best setup ever in his laundry room. Instead of the washing machine discharge hose being jabbed into a pipe that makes it’s way to the septic system, he has a whole set of pipes, each one labeled with the name of a different fruit tree. Every time he washes clothes, you just stick the drain line into a different pipe, in essence watering a different tree every time you do laundry. Water from outdoor showers can be diverted to different plants in the same manner. With the right use of organic and non-toxic soaps, shampoos, and laundry detergents, most grey water can be sent directly to fruit trees and native plants, helping keep hillsides green and roots strong and ready to hold delicate soils in place when the first rains return, all with little or no additional water use.


NRER: What about the nasty stuff? The black water?

Nick: Black water in Nosara, until very recently, has been ignored as a source of water. Conventionally in this area, you flush the toilet, and the black water runs into a septic tank, where the anaerobic bacteria naturally found in your waste, breaks the waste down before it is allowed to leach into the ground. When it hits the ground it comes in contact with aerobic bacteria in the soil and breaks down completely over time. People are finally exploring the use of 2 and 3 tank aearated septic systems around town. The 1st tank is like normal where the anaerobic bacteria does it’s work. In the 2nd tank, a small aerator is used to introduce aerobic bacteria into the waste – kind of like the pump blowing bubbles in a fish aquarium. The aerobic bacteria from the pump can do the work much faster than would naturally occur in the soil, and treat the water to an almost drinkable quality. You can then use the water for irrigation. Imagine if every time you flushed the toilet, you were stabilizing hillside vegetation, rather than leaching waste into the ground.


NRER: Well, what about the neighborhoods near the beach and the more densely packed areas?

Nick: If i lived in one of the neighborhoods now experiencing chronic pressure issues, the first thing to do is get a reserve system. 25 pounds of pressure for several months straight, for me, just won’t cut it. I think it would be pretty smart for a lot of these neighborhoods to start working together for water security, much the same as they do for break-ins. In many of these neighborhoods where the pressure always struggles, you can find deep, heavy producing wells. I’ve seen wells down near the beach that would provide for 10 or 20 houses. I know you can’t legally sell your neighbors water, but a group of neighbors could definitely cooperate with each other to help improve their situation. If the entire neighborhood can’t be brought together, people could start on a 2, 3, or 4 house level and go from there. In the neighborhoods with the worst pressure issues, folks may want to consider getting together in groups, and collectively purchasing the last available lots near them, before they’re sold and built on, adding to the problem.

NRER: What about the ASADA problems as a whole, and the need to upgrade the system? What now?

Nick: There’s a small army of folks exploring every option available to try and get ahead of this issue. New wells are being drilled and tested. Alternate sources of water are being looked into. Broad funding is being lobbied for. The engineer’s plans have been submitted. If approved, this gives the ASADA some breathing room, and also helps them get out of the shadow of the whole voluntary rate system and move towards a more financially sustainable model. Does the planned overhaul of the system go far enough when you take into account per person water usage in the project? Probably not even close, but it gives us a starting point. A regional dialog has also been initiated in hopes that eventually the 6 or 7 sister ASADAs in our immediate area can begin to work together to solve problems, and in the long term, share water in times of crisis through a well integrated system. If the major obstacle we always run into is regulation, maybe we should start thinking on a national level and try to change what’s preventing the fixing of water issues. Helping keep everything up and running however does start on a local level. Its laughable to see everyone bitch about water issues on Nosara rant and rave facebook page, only to have 25 of us, out of 500 and some odd meters, actually show up to vote for who gets to run the show and interact with all these agencies.

NRER: So this won’t all just fix itself if we give it time?

Nick: No!

For more information contact Nick Macalpin at alwaysurf@gmail.com
















Condos are king as Nosara property prices rise

As Nosara property prices climb real estate offices are witnessing a growing number of clients wishing to experience the Nosara lifestyle while avoiding paying the kind of money that regular property ownership requires. This has lead to an upswing in inquiries about condominiums in Nosara. Here’s a few reasons why the condominium ownership option is more attractive than ever:


Many Nosara property owners are foreigners who choose to use their home only certain times of the year. They often spend only a small portion of their time in Nosara, and so managing their property from overseas can seem daunting. However condo owners have no such worries. One of the leading benefits of owning a condo in Nosara is that the vast majority of the day to day maintenance is taken care of by a Home Owners Association (HOA).


Condo Del Sol - An Incredible location at a great price

Condos Del Sol – An Incredible location at a great price

Renting your condo out to either long or short term visitors to Nosara is a fantastic way to offset ownership costs. Due to a number of factors including expanded flights into Liberia Airport and increasing media coverage of Nosara as a tourist destination vacation short term rentals have experienced a significant boost in recent times. Nosara boasts a number of highly acclaimed international schools which has been a catalyst for more and more families to able to spend greater amounts of time here. This has lead to a significant increase in long term rentals. Given their location and affordability condos often represent the best choice for both short and long term renters.


One of the spacious bedrooms at Villa Las Palmas

One of the spacious bedrooms at Villa Las Palmas

Many foreign investors arrive in Nosara with dreams of owning an incredible beachfront luxury home or swanky ocean view residence. The reality is that the price of these properties is beyond the reach of many of these visitors, particularly when their Nosara property will not be their primary home. Condos however afford the owner the opportunity to enjoy all of these benefits at a fraction of the price. Many of the condos available in Nosara are close to the restaurants, nightlife, shops and last but not least ‚Äď only steps from the beach.

Featured below is a selection of some of the fantastic condo ownership opportunities currently available in Nosara:

Villa Las Palmas

vLP1Located in a tranquil corner of North Pelada the Villa Las Palmas luxury condominiums are situated as close to the beach as Costa Rican law will allow. Villa Las Palmas offers a serene, luxury lifestyle and comes with fully tended gardens, large pool, laundry room and VLP224 hour security. Villa Las Palmas features modern amenities and lots of living space. There are currently lots of options available to own a condo at Villa Las Palmas, with some of these homes priced well below market value. Prices start at $185,000. Click here to see our Villa Las Palmas listings.

Condos Del Sol

CDS3Only a minutes walk away from the ‘palm tree entrance’ to Playa Guiones Condos Del Sol are located in the H Section in a 10 condo boutique style development. Condos Del Sol come fully equipped with modern furnishings, a state of the art kitchen, beautiful pool and rancho area and are CDS2within a stones throw of local restaurants and shops. If you’re searching for the ultimate Nosara location that offers substantial rental income potential at a price that won’t break the bank then Conds Del Sol is a great option. Prices start at $249,000. Click here to see our Condos Del Sol listings.

Villa Del Sol

VDS4The Villa Del Sol development are the current jewel in the crown of the Nosara condo market. They sit within a thirty second walk from a stunning (and private) beach. They are constructed according to the latest European standards and include the highest quality fixtures and finishings. These are the VDS2newest condos to hit the Nosara market and in terms of construction and aesthetics they are unmatched. Big, comfortable and private (gated community). Villa Del Sol has garnered a great reputation for solid rental income and has a first class management team all ready in place. Prices start at $265,000. Click here to see our Villa Del Sol listings

Although condo ownership in Nosara is not for everyone, the location, convenience, and potential to generate solid income continues to appeal to a wide range of foreign investors. If you are thinking of embarking on a Costa Rican adventure and feel that a condominium could be right for you contact us now to help you decide which property is for you.