Everything You Need to Know About Technology and Internet Services in Nosara

  • December 6, 2017

In Nosara, opportunities for an active lifestyle are everywhere. You can surf, swim, go for a hike, or even soar through the mountains on a canopy tour. While this is all incredibly wonderful, at some point, your kids may need a break from all the adventures and sun – and you want to put a Netflix movie on. Or, if you are like many people these days, you rely heavily on technology for work and need access to a reliable internet connection. So, the question is – can you live or vacation in a remote and beautiful place like Nosara and still be plugged into the rest of the world? Let’s take a look at the available technology and internet services in Nosara.

Office workplace with laptop on wood table against the windows.

Office workplace with laptop on wood table against the windows.

Internet Options in Nosara

We first reported on technology services in Nosara back in 2013. Things here have changed quite a bit since then, and for the better. So, here’s the good news – you can stay connected in Nosara. In fact, there are multiple internet providers and options to choose from. And now they are even fast enough in most places that you can watch Netflix or Hulu, or skype with a business partner back in the states. Here’s a list of the top technology and internet services in Nosara:

  • Cable Tica – 35/5 Mbps fiber optic service
  • Kolbi – 2048/768 Kbps ADSL through phone lines.
  • American Data Network – 6Mbps/6Mbps up to 10mbps service – also available in the mountains.
  • Gilded Iguana – 100 Mbps fiber optic service in town. (Coming soon.)

Cable Tica is a division of Teletica, Costa Rica’s very first television station. It has been around since 1991 but did not reach Nosara until 2013. It was actually the very first reliable and affordable tv and internet service outside of the government-controlled ICE to come to the area. It offers cable TV, including HD, and internet services for homes. Cable Tica uses fiber optics at speeds of 35/5mbps and is currently expanding and adding even more lines around town.

Kolbi also provides connectivity. For the most part, it is slower service at 2045/768 Kbps that uses ADSL through phone lines. KOLBI is an ICE connection, which is part of the government monopoly that we reported on before. This is not the most reliable connection source, but it is an inexpensive one. KOLBI also offers television services where DSL is available.

American Data Network is a reliable, symmetric internet provider in Nosara that offers high-speed services of 6 Mbps/6 Mbps and sometimes it is as fast as 10 Mbps in certain locations. It provides internet access through both fiber optics and wireless connections. Plus, it is accessible by people outside of town in more remote areas such as the mountains.

Gilded Iguana is the last on this list, but certainly not the least. This beloved hotel and restaurant is currently undergoing a massive renovation and expansion project. However, when it reopens in February of 2018, not only will it be spectacular, it will provide Nosara with fiber optic service speeds of 100 Mbps.

Cell Phone Services in Nosara

In Nosara, you won’t have to trade in your latest-and-greatest smartphone for an old flip phone model – or even worse, a landline. The technology and internet services in Nosara are catching up with the rest of the world. And there are several cell phone services that you can choose from today:

  • Kolbi – 4G service with both prepaid and postpaid plans.
  • Movistar – Also offers 4G service for prepaid and postpaid plans.
  • Claro – Prepaid only 4G service in Nosara

Again, Kolbi is an ICE service, however, their cell phone service has come a long way since we first reported on the company. Kolbi offers 4G service with both prepaid and “postpaid” terms.

Movistar is another 4G cell phone option in Nosara. Similar to Kolbi, this cell phone service provider offers both prepaid and postpaid options, and you can also purchase your phone directly from them.

A third cell phone option in Nosara is Claro. Claro also provides 4G service, but it is only available as a prepaid option.

Technology and Internet Services in a Shared Workspace

One of the great things about Nosara is that the people here are very mindful of how their lives and choices impact others in the community, as well as the environment. And from this consciousness, sprung a shared workspace called Tribewire.

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Tribewire is nestled in the trees above Mala Noche Restaurant in North Guiones. It is a space that provides technology and internet services in Nosara for digital nomads or anyone else who needs access to modern technology. At Tribewire, there are both communal and private workstations available with a membership fee. You’ll have access to computers, printers, and high-speed Wi-Fi at 10 Mbps. Plus, there is plenty of outdoor space to relax in when you need a break from your work.

In Conclusion…

While you may have read about slow and intermittent connections in the past, today technology and internet services in Nosara have improved drastically, and with the 100 Mbps that is coming this next year to the Gilded Iguana, they will continue to do so. So, whether you need services for your business, a rental home, or your own personal enjoyment, access to the rest of the world is not something you’ll have to sacrifice when you come to Nosara.

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