Casa Vidrio – K section Playa Guiones – Walk to beach – Family home and workspace

  • February 23, 2016

Imagine you had the ability to travel anytime, anywhere — and that you could whisk the family off to a destination most only dream of, to a house you love rather than a place where you’re forced to live out of necessity. To most, this remains a mere pipe dream which in many cases comes down to one thing – your job!

IMG_2248 On top of the stunning main house Casa Vidrio comes with an array of office space and/or rental unit options.

IMG_2255 Yoga studio, fitness room, open plan office? The choice is yours.

Ask any Playa Guiones ex-pat resident which question they are most frequently asked by visiting tourists  and the answer will often be the same; what do you do for work? Although the most obvious answer would be seemingly in the tourist trade times are changing. Scratch the surface and you’ll find a rapidly growing expat demographic lucky enough to be able to fund their life in Nosara by working remotely.

Nowadays a growing number of large companies are warming to the idea of being able to hire top global talent without them having to relocate, and nowhere is this trend reflected better than within the Nosara community. Nowadays whether it be tech professionals, designers, digital artists and even musicians more and more people are taking advantage of the freedom and autonomy that remote working provides and are deciding to relocate in paradise. Although there are countless benefits of working remotely it is not without it’s obstacles. However, many of these daily challenges can be combatted with one simple thing; owning the perfect home in which to live and work. And from a real estate investment angle, the only thing that could top this would be a place not only ideal for remote working professionals, but also a place that offers a wide array of serious rental income opportunities.

IMG_2280Enter Casa Vidrio! Previously owned by a husband and wife team of integrative medical professionals, until recently Casa Vidrio was a flourishing health and wellness business delivering acupuncture and holistic treatments to many Playa Guiones residents. In addition to the 2 bedroom main home (the architectural prowess of Casa Vidrio earned it a feature in leading Costa Rican architectural publication Su Casa) Casa Vidrio also comes with a single bathroom, full kitchen one bedroom / office space apartment below it. Previously used as an acupuncture treatment IMG_2309center this space would serve equally as the perfect office space or a rental apartment. Adjacent to the main house is a beautifully designed 2 level structure featuring a single bedroom / office space, single bathroom, plus a full kitchen and living area.

The Nosara real estate market contains a wide spectrum of properties to suit all budgets and tastes. However, once in a while something truly different comes along, in this case Casa Vidrio. Whether you’re someone looking to relocate yourself and the family to work from home in paradise, or merely someone looking for a stunning and unique place to call home you’ll be hard pressed to find a better option than this stunning property.To see the listing click here. To contact us about this listing click here.

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