Iconic Nosara Surf Shop for Sale

When they’re not doing it they’re either talking about it or dreaming of it. It’s no secret that the vast majority of surfers aspire to an existesurf10nce that revolves entirely around surfing and the surf industry. Whether it’s the chance to surf whenever you want, be your own boss in an exciting and evolving industry, hang out with friends and trade surf stories, or having an arsenal of surfboards at your disposal, owning ones very own surf shop is most surfers dream. In fact the only thing better than owning a surf shop is owning a surf shop in a place where the waves are pumping pretty much 365 days a year; a place like,,,,,Playa Guiones. Well, in light of the recent news that the towns oldest, most well renowned surf shop has just hit the market it seems that the opportunity to make some lucky surfer’s dream come true has just arrived. Since opening it’s doors in 2002 the iconic Nosara Surf Shop has been serving local and visiting surfers with all their needs for over 13 years. In this short time Nosara Surf Shop lots-of-surfboardshas gained a stellar local reputation as a vibrant, lively business with a huge range of surf products to choose from. In addition to it’s central location on the most valuable area of land in Playa Guiones, Nosara Surf Shop is close enough to the beach to ensure that surfers will pass it’s front door on entry and exit from the water. In addition to visiting tourists Nosara Surf Shop has a loyal following within the local community ensuring steady year round business.

NSSSetting up the perfect surf shop is no easy task. Luckily, during the 13 years of successful operation vendor product streams are established and all aspects of the business are fully operating. This means the new owner of Nosara surf shop can enter the business assured that the hard work has been covered for them. As well as the property, the structures, the brand, the full inventory of retail items, and the surf rental inventory and business Nosara Surf Shop also comes complete with an existing client base, access to suppliers, and a great range of products for customers to select from. If this isn’t enough to keep you busy Nosara surf shop also comes complete with a fully functioning ATV rentals and tour business – perfect for satisfying adventure hungry tourists on down days.

NSS1This is truly a great opportunity for the right person to take the helm of what is bound to be a fantastic business and lifestyle investment. The entire inventory is documented, calculated and available upon request for serious inquiries. Click here to see the full listing or here to contact us for more information.

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Yes Nosara’s expensive – unless you’re shopping in the luxury home market

“Epic sunsets, incredible star gazing, great surf for all levels, cool people, but it’s just so expensive” is a phrase familiar to many visitors to Nosara. Despite this sentiment, a quick glance at the numbers suggest that although living costs in Nosara are above the national average Nosara remains an affordable paradise where middle class people can afford to visit, live or retire. One of the best examples of an area where great value can still be found is in Nosara’s burgeoning luxury home market. The increasing popularity of Nosara’s luxury homes among buyers comes down to a number of factors including land size, privacy, and the kind of ocean views that are usually strictly reserved for the multi-millionaire club. Here are a few examples of what Nosara Real Estate Report considers to be some of the best value homes currently on the luxury market, complete with a graphic that highlights what you’d be getting for your money compared with other places. Enjoy!

Las Huacas Mountain VS Toronto – Saving = $1,423,000


Midway up Las Huacas mountain sits this modern, upscale, two bedroom, two bathroom residence. It’s location provides a rare, highly sought after combination of stunning views and great proximity to the beach. Its double high ceilings, fully equipped state-of-the-art kitchen, high end finishes, and full security system are a mere sampling of the many features of this amazing home. This is a property that any discerning buyer will love, particularly when they learn the price just got reduced by over $200,000. Click here to view this listing, or contact us about this property.

Playa Guiones K Section VS Outer London – Saving = $2,161,000

6In the past 18 months alone Casa De La Luna has grossed $117,000 in rental income. This is one of the many reason that this home is up there as one of the most exquisite properties currently on the Nosara real estate inventory. Only steps from Playa Guiones Casa de la Luna has 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, an incredible pool and a comfortable, expansive outdoor living area. Beneath the property is a 1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom apartment suite. A property in this location, with these features, and at this price makes it one of the best real estate opportunities currently available. Click here to view this listing, or contact us about this property.

San Diego VS EE Section Ocean Views – Saving = $2,360,000


 This 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom luxury hideaway sits at the end of a private Cul-De-Sac atop of EE sections Las Huacas Mountain. It comes with unparallelled design specs and overlooks a spectacular infinity pool and private garden. It also features sweeping, panoramic views of Playa Guiones and the Pacific ocean from the lush outdoor space of the front terrace. The price of this home has just been significantly reduced. Click here to view this listing, or contact us about this property.


San Francisco VS Las Huacas Mountain – Saving = $3,400,000

4With a much sought after, yet seldom found combination of land size, seclusion, guest capacity and 360 degree North to South horizon views to call this property ‘exceptional’ would be an understatement. This home is ready to move in and the only thing the new owners will have to concern themselves with is what surfboard they choose to ride after their post-morning wave check. Whether it be for residential, retirement, or rental purposes, with 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and too many features to list, the potential for this stunning home is limited only to the owners imagination. Click here to view this listing, or contact us about this property.

San Juanillo Vs Los Angeles – Saving = $3,441,000


If you’re the kind of person for whom ‘good enough’ is never enough then this may be the kind of house you’ll be proud to call home.  30 feet high indoor ceilings, a range of fine art, beautiful lines, native wood furnishings are some of the many features that combine to make this home truly one of a kind. The outdoor terrace complete with pool, bbq, shower and dining area are the perfect place to treat guests to sunset dining. This home really must be seen to be believed. Click here to view this listing, or contact us about this property.

Houston , Texas VS Nosara Mountains – Saving = $3,700,000


1Located in the mountainous jungle just outside of Nosara this home represents 7000 square feet of architectural genius. A wrap around terrace with 360 degree ocean views, cool mountain breezes, spiraling stair cases, 30 ft high domed ceilings, wet bar and a private cinema. The list of incredible features attached to this home is to exhaustive to list in its entirety. Suffice to say there is a good reason that many people consider Casa Redonda to be one of the true jewels in the Nosara real estate market’s crown. Click here to view this listing, or contact us about this property.


Hamptons VS Las Huacas Mountain – Saving = $4,475,000

2Whether it be a luxury rental home, or boutique retreat center this place has everything you could possibly want and much, much more. Sunset peak can easily sleep up to 15 guests all of whom can enjoy the comfortable opulence of the huge terrace and beautiful pool while looking down on the panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and lush jungle. Sunset Peak sits on 5,000 square meters of land, and as Nosaras reputation as a leading retreat hotspot increases this place can only go from strength to strength. Click here to view this listing, or contact us about this property.





What water shortages? One Nosara resident’s quest to prevent us going thirsty

Despite what the brochures would have you believe, Costa Rica is not made up entirely of lush, tropical jungle. Nosara is located in the countries driest region – Guanacaste. September and October here witness torrential rain on a daily basis, and other than the odd downpour in the months proceeding September and October the rest of the year is drier than a camels flip flop. This creates pressing dilemmas for local water authorities, and often leaves residents subject to water shortages due to local businesses efforts to prevent tourists going unwashed and thirsty. Despite efforts from the local ASADA team that work hard – often in the face of overwhelming odds to meet Nosaras growing water needs, shortages are still a problem. Although professional engineering teams have assured residents that the necessary infrastructure is in place to keep Nosaras water flowing for decades, the water system still faces a number of problems including outdated tanks, fractured pipes and underfunded management. Many with close ties to the issue feel that Nosara has been neglected at both the regional and national level and have taken it upon themselves to take the necessary steps. One such person is Nick Mcalpin. Born in North Carolina, Nick and his wife moved to Nosara in 2008. The combination of a desire for an off the grid lifestyle, along with a yearning to do something he enjoyed while serving the needs of the community inspired Nick to focus his expertise on the impending water challenges Nosara faces. Nick began by installing rainwater catchment systems on his property in Nosaras L Section. After word of his achievements spread Nick experienced a wave of requests from local residents experiencing water issues and thus requesting similar technology to that which Nick had set up in his home. Nick began his

Nick Mcalpin's pretty serious when it comes to water

Nick Macalpin’s pretty serious when it comes to water

quest to help people out and so began the organic birth of ‘Finca Pica’. If further validation was needed concerning whether Nick made the correct business choice one need only look at his work schedule – which doesn’t contain an opening until some time after June 2015. Nosara Real Estate Report recently sat down with Nick to get the lowdown on the  Nosara water situation, and discuss ways in which problems are being tackled.

NRER: So, I’ve heard you’ve been busy.

Nick: Slammed.

NRER: You’re building water systems around Nosara?

Nick: Yeah. The idea was to go into business primarily designing and building rainwater harvesting systems, and help people get started filtering their water supply, but with the constant pressure issues we’ve been having the last couple of years, I’ve been forced to focus mainly on tank and pump reserve systems.

NRER: Are you selling the tanks too, or just installing them?

Nick: No, we’re not selling tanks. We’re helping people get tanks at a discount. I’ve been working directly with la Casa del tanque in the Central Valley, which allows me to purchase tanks for about 40% of what they’re priced at locally. When several people need tanks at the same time i organize an order so everyone can split the transport costs. There’s no profit on the tanks themselves


 NRER: So how do the reserve systems work?

Nick: For people worried primarily about complete outages, we’ll have a tank somewhere on the property being fed by a small line coming from the house’s main water supply. When the water goes out, the homeowner can close a valve to shut off the ASADA feed, and open a valve to allow the pump at the base of the tank to pressurize the house. If the tank’s big enough, the homeowner can generally run off the tank until the ASADA provides water again. For people in neighborhoods with chronic pressure issues, which is slowly becoming more common, we have the ASADA feed run directly into the tank, and a pump / pressure tank system receives water from the holding tank and sends it to the house. The idea is that even though there’s not enough water pressure for the house’s water system to function properly there is generally enough pressure to keep a tank full, even at a trickle. Generally, the tank level will do most of it’s catching up at night when demand is low.


NRER: Can’t people elevate tanks, and use the elevation for pressure?

Nick: A column of water exerts about .43 psi per foot of elevation. A tank 10 feet tall on a tower 10 feet high, would only exert 8.6 pounds of pressure at ground level. A lot easier with a pump.


NRER: And the water coming from the reserve tanks needs to be filtered?

Nick: I worry more at my house about what I’m putting in the tank, rather than what’s coming out. The tanks are a closed system – tight caps, screened vents, three layer polyethylene. Sunlight can’t even get in. I begin with the basic idea that ASADA water should always be filtered, period. The first thing ASADA water should come in contact with on your property is a filtering system. Clean water in the tanks, clean water out.

NRER: What are you so concerned with filtering out?

Nick: Sediment always comes first. We have a ton of sediment in the Nosara water supply. Sediment’s what sent me down the path of researching all the available filtering options for our house to start with. I guess i got tired of taking aerators off all the faucets and dumping sand and debris out every few days.

NRER: What comes after the sediment?

Nick: We have a filter house next to our meter with two 10″ canisters. The first is a 25 micron sediment filter, and the second is a 10 micron carbon filter for chlorine reduction, and taste and odor issues. Once the water leaves there we’re plumbed to run through a salt free conditioning unit that will arrive in a few weeks, and the last stage is a 50 GPD (gallons per day) reverse osmosis unit in our kitchen.

NRER: What’s the idea behind the conditioner and the reverse osmosis?

Nick: The conditioner is for the calcium scaling. I didn’t want a conventional softener that i would have to add piles of salt to every year and have to supply with electricity. The salt free conditioners simply crystallize the calcium particles so they can’t bind together. It’s like the calcium’s not there as far as your appliances and glass surfaces are concerned, but it’s still in the water for everyone arguing the whole blue zone thing. The reverse osmosis unit just filters the water to a ridiculously fine point, and then runs into a separate faucet i mounted in the sink for filling glass bottles. the conditioner will help the reverse osmosis unit, as does the carbon filter outside, and the additional carbon filter on the unit itself. Two of the worst things for an reverse osmosis membrane are calcium scaling and even the slightest bit of chlorine.

NRER Isn’t the whole reverse osmosis thing overkill?

Nick: I’ve seen loads of sediment come down the line after a break in the main. I’d imagine any diesel, gas, transmission fluid, etc. that may possibly leak from this fine fleet of automobiles we see on our roads and run into the ditch with the rains can’t be far behind. I’d rather be safe than sorry.

NRER: Where are the pressure issues and outages coming from?

Nick: Growth in the tourism sector and development out-pacing upgrades to the system.


NRER: Is that where the whole rainwater thing came from, the water outages?

Nick: I knew for a few years i wanted to have a rainwater system, and was starting to feel pressure to have a good reserve system in place after running out of water several times last dry season. Once i figured out how to make one system out of the two concepts, i got it done.



NRER: So your rainwater system doubles as a reserve system?

Nick: Yeah. basically, we have a 4200L tank used solely to store ASADA water, three 1950L tanks connected directly to the gutters in the back yard, a 1950L rain tank in the side yard, three 55 gallon olive barrels off the front porch, and another 55 gallon olive barrel we intend to use to catch a.c. condensation after we change out the side porch to a metal roof for solar. That’s a little over 8000L of capacity in the rainy season, and once we run the rain barrels empty during the dry season in the gardens, we can just fill them with ASADA water for emergency use. well over 12,000L of storage all together. The long-term plan is to start a storage system up on one of our hilltops so when the rain tanks around the house fill up early in the rainy season, we can cut the pump on and send all the water up top to storage, emptying the tanks and making room for more collecting. you do that a few times during the rainy season and you can start stock-piling serious amounts of water.



NRER: You could actually fill tanks several times?

Nick: When you start doing the math, it gets pretty crazy what’s possible. I always use a 1000 square foot roof as an example to keep it simple. a 1000 square foot roof will shed 640 gallons of water for every 1″ of rain that falls on it. Guanacaste, on average, receives about 117″ of rain during the wet months. From 117″ that same 1000 square foot roof will shed around 74,880 gallons of water. You start figuring in bodegas, greenhouses, bus stops, hardware stores, and everything else with a roof on it and Nosara’s collective rooftops probably shed more water each year than we actually consume as a community.

NRER: Could most people actually catch everything that’s coming off their roof?

Nick: No, the average homeowner would most likely only catch a fraction of what’s available due to the cost of the tanks, and the space available to add more tanks. This is just a small piece of a bigger puzzle. even if you’re only catching a couple thousand gallons a year, that’s water the ASADA didn’t have to pay I.C.E. outrageous fees to pump, and your plants will love you for it.

NRER: And the water’s clean?

Nick: With a well designed system, the water going into the tanks should be free of debris. At the end of our downspouts, just below the gutters, we have screened downspout diverters that help the system shed leaves and any other large debris that could clog up our first flush systems. The first flush system just below the diverters is a long tube that catches the initial water coming off your roof when a rainstorm rolls in. The initial water coming off your roof is the dirty stuff containing bird crap, mosquito eggs and dust that collects between storms. Once the first flush tube fills up with the dirty water, a plastic ball floats to the top, seals the first flush tube, and the clean water runs into the tanks. We also have screened overflow outlets so the insects can’t simply fly into the tank through the drain. After the rainstorm, the first flush tube slowly drains itself through a bleeder at the bottom, ready to go to work when the next storm arrives.


NRER: How much water has to be diverted?

Nick: Between 12.5 and 50 gallons per 1000 square foot of roof space being collected from., depending on the severity of local pollution. Our rooftops are fairly polluted once our dust problem is factored in, so i tend to figure Nosara at around 35 gallons per thousand, a little more with tile roofs, which are a whole issue unto themselves.

NRER: Does the first flush make the water drinkable?

Nick: No. the first flush makes sure the water is free of debris and isn’t a dengue factory. How far a homeowner takes water purification after that is strictly up to them, depending on what they intend to use to water for. We’re experimenting with ours now, and have a whole filter system dedicated solely to the rainwater. For irrigation, no further filtering is needed.

NRER: So is rainwater collection something the ASADA should be pursuing?

Nick: No. Rainwater collection is an individual choice. It’s one of multiple steps towards a homeowner’s individual water security, although it would be great to see a big rain tank sitting next to the ASADA building itself. It would be a strong message to the 11 or 12 people who actually show up during elections.

NRER: So what are some other steps people should be taking?

Nick: I know it may not be an option for folks close to the beach, or in the densely packed neighborhoods, but out where I’m at, the first step is putting in a well. I won’t argue publicly for or against actually permitting the thing. I think there are strong arguments on both sides of the conversation, but nothing will push you harder towards individual water security than finding and utilizing your own water source. A good well system and you most likely won’t even need an ASADA hook-up. Once you start adding raintanks around all your structures with rooftops, and utilizing grey water more efficiently you can really see the whole self-sufficient thing start to take shape.

NRER: What do you mean by utilizing grey water?

Nick: Grey water’s the stuff, for the most part, without all the nasty stuff mixed in – washing machine discharge, kitchen sinks, showers and tubs. A guy in Tucson named Brad Lancaster has the best setup ever in his laundry room. Instead of the washing machine discharge hose being jabbed into a pipe that makes it’s way to the septic system, he has a whole set of pipes, each one labeled with the name of a different fruit tree. Every time he washes clothes, you just stick the drain line into a different pipe, in essence watering a different tree every time you do laundry. Water from outdoor showers can be diverted to different plants in the same manner. With the right use of organic and non-toxic soaps, shampoos, and laundry detergents, most grey water can be sent directly to fruit trees and native plants, helping keep hillsides green and roots strong and ready to hold delicate soils in place when the first rains return, all with little or no additional water use.


NRER: What about the nasty stuff? The black water?

Nick: Black water in Nosara, until very recently, has been ignored as a source of water. Conventionally in this area, you flush the toilet, and the black water runs into a septic tank, where the anaerobic bacteria naturally found in your waste, breaks the waste down before it is allowed to leach into the ground. When it hits the ground it comes in contact with aerobic bacteria in the soil and breaks down completely over time. People are finally exploring the use of 2 and 3 tank aearated septic systems around town. The 1st tank is like normal where the anaerobic bacteria does it’s work. In the 2nd tank, a small aerator is used to introduce aerobic bacteria into the waste – kind of like the pump blowing bubbles in a fish aquarium. The aerobic bacteria from the pump can do the work much faster than would naturally occur in the soil, and treat the water to an almost drinkable quality. You can then use the water for irrigation. Imagine if every time you flushed the toilet, you were stabilizing hillside vegetation, rather than leaching waste into the ground.


NRER: Well, what about the neighborhoods near the beach and the more densely packed areas?

Nick: If i lived in one of the neighborhoods now experiencing chronic pressure issues, the first thing to do is get a reserve system. 25 pounds of pressure for several months straight, for me, just won’t cut it. I think it would be pretty smart for a lot of these neighborhoods to start working together for water security, much the same as they do for break-ins. In many of these neighborhoods where the pressure always struggles, you can find deep, heavy producing wells. I’ve seen wells down near the beach that would provide for 10 or 20 houses. I know you can’t legally sell your neighbors water, but a group of neighbors could definitely cooperate with each other to help improve their situation. If the entire neighborhood can’t be brought together, people could start on a 2, 3, or 4 house level and go from there. In the neighborhoods with the worst pressure issues, folks may want to consider getting together in groups, and collectively purchasing the last available lots near them, before they’re sold and built on, adding to the problem.

NRER: What about the ASADA problems as a whole, and the need to upgrade the system? What now?

Nick: There’s a small army of folks exploring every option available to try and get ahead of this issue. New wells are being drilled and tested. Alternate sources of water are being looked into. Broad funding is being lobbied for. The engineer’s plans have been submitted. If approved, this gives the ASADA some breathing room, and also helps them get out of the shadow of the whole voluntary rate system and move towards a more financially sustainable model. Does the planned overhaul of the system go far enough when you take into account per person water usage in the project? Probably not even close, but it gives us a starting point. A regional dialog has also been initiated in hopes that eventually the 6 or 7 sister ASADAs in our immediate area can begin to work together to solve problems, and in the long term, share water in times of crisis through a well integrated system. If the major obstacle we always run into is regulation, maybe we should start thinking on a national level and try to change what’s preventing the fixing of water issues. Helping keep everything up and running however does start on a local level. Its laughable to see everyone bitch about water issues on Nosara rant and rave facebook page, only to have 25 of us, out of 500 and some odd meters, actually show up to vote for who gets to run the show and interact with all these agencies.

NRER: So this won’t all just fix itself if we give it time?

Nick: No!

For more information contact Nick Macalpin at alwaysurf@gmail.com
















Condos are king as Nosara property prices rise

As Nosara property prices climb real estate offices are witnessing a growing number of clients wishing to experience the Nosara lifestyle while avoiding paying the kind of money that regular property ownership requires. This has lead to an upswing in inquiries about condominiums in Nosara. Here’s a few reasons why the condominium ownership option is more attractive than ever:


Many Nosara property owners are foreigners who choose to use their home only certain times of the year. They often spend only a small portion of their time in Nosara, and so managing their property from overseas can seem daunting. However condo owners have no such worries. One of the leading benefits of owning a condo in Nosara is that the vast majority of the day to day maintenance is taken care of by a Home Owners Association (HOA).


Condo Del Sol - An Incredible location at a great price

Condos Del Sol – An Incredible location at a great price

Renting your condo out to either long or short term visitors to Nosara is a fantastic way to offset ownership costs. Due to a number of factors including expanded flights into Liberia Airport and increasing media coverage of Nosara as a tourist destination vacation short term rentals have experienced a significant boost in recent times. Nosara boasts a number of highly acclaimed international schools which has been a catalyst for more and more families to able to spend greater amounts of time here. This has lead to a significant increase in long term rentals. Given their location and affordability condos often represent the best choice for both short and long term renters.


One of the spacious bedrooms at Villa Las Palmas

One of the spacious bedrooms at Villa Las Palmas

Many foreign investors arrive in Nosara with dreams of owning an incredible beachfront luxury home or swanky ocean view residence. The reality is that the price of these properties is beyond the reach of many of these visitors, particularly when their Nosara property will not be their primary home. Condos however afford the owner the opportunity to enjoy all of these benefits at a fraction of the price. Many of the condos available in Nosara are close to the restaurants, nightlife, shops and last but not least – only steps from the beach.

Featured below is a selection of some of the fantastic condo ownership opportunities currently available in Nosara:

Villa Las Palmas

vLP1Located in a tranquil corner of North Pelada the Villa Las Palmas luxury condominiums are situated as close to the beach as Costa Rican law will allow. Villa Las Palmas offers a serene, luxury lifestyle and comes with fully tended gardens, large pool, laundry room and VLP224 hour security. Villa Las Palmas features modern amenities and lots of living space. There are currently lots of options available to own a condo at Villa Las Palmas, with some of these homes priced well below market value. Prices start at $185,000. Click here to see our Villa Las Palmas listings.

Condos Del Sol

CDS3Only a minutes walk away from the ‘palm tree entrance’ to Playa Guiones Condos Del Sol are located in the H Section in a 10 condo boutique style development. Condos Del Sol come fully equipped with modern furnishings, a state of the art kitchen, beautiful pool and rancho area and are CDS2within a stones throw of local restaurants and shops. If you’re searching for the ultimate Nosara location that offers substantial rental income potential at a price that won’t break the bank then Conds Del Sol is a great option. Prices start at $249,000. Click here to see our Condos Del Sol listings.

Villa Del Sol

VDS4The Villa Del Sol development are the current jewel in the crown of the Nosara condo market. They sit within a thirty second walk from a stunning (and private) beach. They are constructed according to the latest European standards and include the highest quality fixtures and finishings. These are the VDS2newest condos to hit the Nosara market and in terms of construction and aesthetics they are unmatched. Big, comfortable and private (gated community). Villa Del Sol has garnered a great reputation for solid rental income and has a first class management team all ready in place. Prices start at $265,000. Click here to see our Villa Del Sol listings

Although condo ownership in Nosara is not for everyone, the location, convenience, and potential to generate solid income continues to appeal to a wide range of foreign investors. If you are thinking of embarking on a Costa Rican adventure and feel that a condominium could be right for you contact us now to help you decide which property is for you.



Tennis is now a true lifestyle option at 506

cIts no secret that in addition to yoga and surfing Costa Rica offers an immense range of outdoor activities to get the heart racing. In a country where you can find fun ways to exercise at every turn it comes as no surprise that tennis in Costa Rica is proving such a hit, and spearheading this surge in popularity is the town of Nosara. While this may seem a bold statement one need look no further than the fact that in a town so small there now exists three separate areas housing tennis courts. In 2008 there were only 3 tennis courts in Nicoya, 2 in dTamarindo and a small number of others in private residences scattered around the Guanacaste peninsular. It is courtesy of Club Colibri, Nosara Tennis club and the continuous improvements being made at the 506 community development that only six years later Nosara has more courts than any other town on the Guanacaste peninsular. In a town famed primarily for surfing and yoga one man is confident enough in the future of Nosara as a Central American tennis mecca to put his money where his mouth is.

aIn the three years since North Carolina expat Sam Carver broke ground on the 506 tennis development it’s already played host to a Costa Rican national doubles final and the Costa Rican equivalent of the Davies cup. In addition to attracting high level coaching clinics from the United States 506 has made significant moves to encourage local talent, and now holds regular clinics specifically aimed at grooming local youngsters into serious competitors. “I always knew there were kids in Costa rica who would be great at tennis if they were given the opportunity” says Sam. “We now run affordable clinics for 7-9 and 9-11 year old local kids. bIt’s very exciting to see this really becoming part of the community and it’s encouraging that it’s got so popular in such a short time. Three years ago we had a big field and a plan to build two tennis courts and develop it from there. 3 years later we’ve got 3 tennis courts and we have the condo project.”

gWhile 506 is helping youngsters realize dreams of tennis stardom, the ‘condo project’ Sam is referring to is helping people to realize another dream – owning a great coastal property at an affordable price. The Hidden Palms condos are a mere 30 second walk from the tennis courts, and if any further proof was required that this place was truly a tennis flovers dream, one need simply check out the tennis court shaped swimming pool around which the condos have been created. “The condos are something for people who love tennis, who love Costa Rica and who want to invest in a community they can enjoy for the rest of their lives” says Sam. “This week we’ve had people staying from Australia, Chile, Greece, France, Argentina and Costa Rica. eThere’s a really eclectic international mix of people brought together by a simple love of tennis. Eventually there will be a total of 12 condos all of which represent a great option for those looking to live here, retire here, generate rental income or just visit for a fantastic vacation in paradise.”

kSo if you’re a tennis lover, yogi, surfer or just someone searching for an opportunity to own a slice of paradise at a price that doesn’t break the bank, a viewing of the Hidden Palms development should be at the top of your to-do list. For more information on how to be a part of this exciting new project contact us now.


Welcome to the Jungle – SIBU Sanctuary offers modern Garden of Eden lifestyle


3612,000 feet above sea level lies the Cordillera de Talamanca Costa Rican mountain range. According to legend this was the spot where the god Sibu saw fit to sow the seeds from which humankind would blossom. 150 miles North West of this Central American Shangri-La, on a dusty road 10 minutes from the Nosara coastline sits a large iron gate, nicely crafted but nondescript save for the two metal howler monkey images adorning its bars. It may look to the average passer-by like the home of an individual who simply thought metal monkeys an ornate way of welcoming visitors. While that may be true, a couple of minutes spent on the other side of these gates is evidence enough that the deity after which SIBU Monkey DSC08105Sanctuary took its name would have happily given his stamp of approval. The moment you set foot in SIBU’s central valley you see evidence that those who live here think outside of the box. Imagine the Garden of Eden if Adam and Eve had been landscaping visionaries, and then replace Adam and Eve with Vicki Coan – the driving force behind SIBU, and her husband – world record holding stunt pilot, absurdly talented musician, and reluctant renaissance man Steve Coan.

Prior to the founding of SIBU Monkey Sanctuary, the story of Steve and Vicki’s life together would read like a modern day Jack London yarn. On an idyllic U.S Virgin island a young sailor on his global circumnavigation is packing up after a day of soaring the cliffs in a hang glider with friends. Out of nowhere a horse meanders past atop of which is perched the girl of his dreams. They fall for each other, return to Steve’s family farm in the North Carolina mountains and run an aviation business in nearby Boone. Shortly thereafter they expand their operations to Florida. One day a tornado rolls through and lays waste to all they worked for. Soon after, Steve receives an offer to move to Hawaii to continue flying for a living. Many years later they take a vacation to Costa Rica, visit Nosara and realize they have found home. One Xmas night they hold a dinner for some local friends. The friends arrive with the gift of a baby monkey, orphaned after its mother had been electrocuted. After realizing that release was not an option, they keep the 37monkey and Vicki volunteers at a local monkey rescue initiative. After acquiring the land that became SIBU they dedicated themselves to the rescue and rehabilitation of animals displaced by the ongoing problem of human encroachment upon the fragile local jungle ecosystem. “We didn’t choose this. It chose us” says Vicki. “The problem of monkeys and other wildlife falling victim to man-made threats is entirely preventable, but it isn’t being prevented to the extent necessary. We are trying to help by becoming caretakers of a problem that shouldn’t exist, and although we’re passionate about the task placed before us our goal is working towards a future when places such as this don’t need to exist.”

The mission at SIBU is to rescue orphaned, injured and displaced animals and provide them with the food and medical care they need with the aim of releasing them back into the wild. Although the message is simple, the dedication required to meet the practical aspects of this challenge is anything but. While Vicki spends most of the day taking care 38of the monkeys Steve is in charge of SIBU’s grounds. “We’ve put years of care into the place” says Steve. “We’ve sown thousands of seeds, plants and trees to encourage growth of the varying natural food sources that the animals will need once they’re released.” The seeds that Steve and Vicki have invested so much time in sowing are finally beginning to bear fruit. Anteaters, kinkajous, jagarundis, kudamundis and particularly howler monkeys are now full time residents of the SIBU grounds. They have all been attracted by both the plentiful supply of food, and the fact that the property lies equidistant between two major water sources – the Rio Nosara and the Rio Montana.

39“This place is a very unique geological anomaly, and the way we’ve cared for the grounds has made it a safe harbor for animals fallen victim to the loss of their natural habitat. It’s an animal refuge where the animals live as nature intended. SIBU attracts and supports an abundance of wildlife that you wouldn’t see in other places. We’ve spent years planting whats needed to ensure the food these animals rely on is abundant, and its paying off” says Steve.

34A quick viewing of the parcels of land available at SIBU Monkey Sanctuary is clear evidence that as much thought has gone into these lots as has gone into the development of the adjoining 50 acres of land in the rest of the property. They are flat and secluded, ranging in size from about 1 ½ acres to over 8 acres, and panoramic mountain and Pacific Ocean view notwithstanding – completely encircled by Costa Rican Jungle. These properties truly seem to offer an incredible opportunity for the growing number of individuals seeking to reconnect with nature.

“We bought the property in 2005 and began the sanctuary soon after” says Vicki. At that time everything came out of our own pocket and we had to figure out a way to keep the sanctuary afloat. We decided to place small pieces of the land on the market to be sold strictly to like minded people with no intention of sub dividing or clear cutting. People who like the idea of living in a serene natural environment while embracing the fact that rehabilitated animals are being released on the property. Over the whole 50 acres we have limited the number of lots available to only 8.”

35“We’re actively soliciting for environmentally responsible parties wishing to partake in a lifestyle designed to act as a blueprint for sustainable living that poses zero threats to the environment” says Steve. “We have been and will continue to be very selective about our buyers. It seems there’s a lot of people coming to Nosara to opt out of the system, and that’s great, but if they’re going to trade that system for this system then they need to be mindful of leaving as small a footprint as humanly possible.”

SIBU is located only 10 minutes from Nosara’s Airport, grocery stores, post office, medical clinic and other services. A short drive South will bring you to one of the most beautiful 7 mile crescent beaches in all of Costa Rica. The deserted beach of Playa Nosara sits just West of SIBU. Prospective SIBU residents get to enjoy all the amenities of Nosara while having a place that offers all the the tranquility they could wish for to call home

Are you interested in owning property in this blossoming sanctuary community? If you’re inspired to partake in one of Costa Ricas most unique and truly exciting real estate opportunities then contact us now to take the next step.


New businesses set to go in Nosara!!

 The hotels are filling up, the dust masks are standard issue and seldom does a single wave go unridden. The 2014 Nosara high season has started with a bang, and the increase in visitors has given rise to some cool new businesses up and running in town. Check out the Nosara Real Estate Reports guide to the latest offerings from it’s business community.


La Bodega Mercado

labodeg3What – Anyone recall Panchos? Well forget whatever you remember because the whole spot now has a brand new face courtesy of the of the team that dreamed up La Bodega Mercado. The love that’s gone into the place is evident as soon as you step in. From the incredible wine selection, the full range of superfoods, the spice and flour range, the brand new dĂ©cor, through to the tunes that will have you dancing while you shop.

The new owners have left no stone unturned in their quest to provide Nosara residents with fresh and alternative produce at unbeatable prices. La Bodega has just opened and is already a hit with local residents. Expect more great things in the very near future including a deli section featuring the full range of outrageously tasty juices from Go-Juice.

labodega2Where – Left turn coming from Playa Guiones at 5 points, midway down the road to Playa Pelada on the left

When – Weekdays and Saturday 8AM-7PM Sunday 10AM-5PM

Contact – 2682-0282



crbarWhat – Rumblings regarding whats happening with this as yet nameless space have been traversing the Nosara coconut wire for some time now. After speaking with the team taking over the place Nosara Real Estate Report can confirm that plans are underway for a Costa Rican Gastropub with a ton of heart, designed to remind people that despite the westernization of Playa Guiones, we still live in Costa Rica. Expect great music, awesome food, insane beers and unforgettably good times at prices that reflect the true Costa Rican experience. Be excited!!

Where – Next to el ferreteria

When – Soon enough!

Contact – TBA

El Centro Comercial

bombaWhat – The new Nosara commercial center currently has a Liquor store/Minisuper and a souvenir shop. With a few spare units running adjacent to these it probably won’t be long before a few new businesses move in. Watch this space!



Living Cafe

nosara1What – Building on the success of the previous season the Living Cafe is back with a brand new menu. This menu features a wide range of unique signature dishes that are currently proving wildly popular with guests. Whether it be The Whole Shabang, The Divine Calling or the Blue Rhapsody all items on the menu are as delicious as their inventive names would suggest. The smoothies and desserts are equally glorious. If you haven’t yet checked out the Living Cafe yet you’re in for a treat.

Where – The Living Hotel – Playa Guiones North

When – Currently 8AM-4PM but dinner opening coming soon

Contact – 8377 0037 / 2682 5201 www.livinghotelnosara.com

Go juice

gojuice gojuice2What – In bygone days the mere mention of a ‘food truck’ would conjure images of a dilapidated trailer doling out noxious, greasy food and empty calories. Times have changed. Thanks to popular chefs and quirky foodies getting in on the act the modern day food truck has become a celebration of fine cuisine. After washing down the Poke Tuna bowl (raw poke tuna over sushi rice with ginger, sesame and soy sauce) with one of Go Juices freshly blended range of juices it becomes clear that ‘fresh cuisine’ is the surefire mandate for Playa Guiones first food truck. If you haven’t experienced the Go Juice food truck then it should be at the top of your to do list because raw fruit and vegetables never tasted so damn good.

Where – At the intersection to the North Entrance of Playa Guiones

When – 8AM-5PM Everyday

Contact – 8682-4692

Nosara Surf Academy

kimboWhat – Strictly speaking, Nosara Surf Academy is not a new business, however the location has changed and it looks set to become stronger than ever. Nosara Surf Academy has used it’s established history of success as a platform to move onwards and upwards. The new office boasts a huge quiver of new surfboards and if you thought the previous location at The Gilded Iguana was good, wait until you see where they are now.

kimbo2Where –  At the intersection to the North end of Playa Guiones

When – 7.30AM-5.30PM

Contact-8535-5855 / 2682 0309



iquadWhat – Again, not a new business but one which has changed locations and still promises the same incredible service that has established it as Nosaras leading ATV tour and rental company. If you’ve yet to experience rolling through the Guanacaste hills and rivers perched on one of these things then you should make it a priority.

iquad2Where – 50M past the Frogpad in Casa Limon

When – 9AM-5PM Everyday

Contact – 8629-8349



sadfWhat – Despite an element of mystery surrounding the spot formerly known as Pacific Azul we have it on good authority that the space will soon be transformed into a rotisserie chicken eatery named ‘Macho’ restaurant. For more info you’ll just have to wait until it opens.

Where – Opposite Kaya Sol on the former Pacifico Azul location

When – Opening hours TBA

Contact – 2682-0700

Solo Bueno

solobueno2What – Remember the ultra chill, surf shack hostel on the way to the North entrance of Playa Guiones? Well, it’s undergone a major facelift, and after major work and a whole lotta love it was recently unveiled to the public. Anyone who attended the recent Caricaco Festival opening party is now well aware that despite the changing vibe of Solo Bueno the place is at least as cool, and arguably infinitely cooler than it used to be. Solo Bueno restaurant and bar is now open for business with a menu featuring insane mojitos, seared scallops, New York strip steak and a range of dishes concocted from the days freshest ingredients. Watch this space for coming live entertainment.

solobuenoWhere – Look for the signs 250m down on the left when heading to the beach on the North Playa Guiones road

When – 11.30AM – 10PM

Contact – 2682-1284


RAD Boutique

zxcvWhat – If it’s clothes you’re looking for then Playa Guiones has a wealth of options, providing those clothes are boardshorts, tank tops, T-shirts and Yoga Pants. But if you’re after something a little more elegant then RAD boutique has got you covered. As the restaurants and nightlife in Playa Guiones head more upmarket RAD boutique was created to fill the long overlooked gap in the market pdfkmhbto provide elegant, stylish ladies clothing and accessories. Despite being around last season the owner of RAD Boutique has taken it up a notch and now operates out of a great location on Guiones High Street. Definitely worth checking out.

Where – Follow the upper terrace steps from Cafe De Paris. RAD boutique is just before Howling Monkey Tours.

When – Mon – Sat 10AM-4PM

Contact – 8320-6377



tibidaboWhat – Tibidabo offers an enticing range of traditional Spanish dishes including paella, imported meats and cheeses and some seriously habit-forming desserts. Maximum culinary love in an elegant minimalist setting with great service, great styling and great food.

Where – Driving to the beach on the Central Playa Guiones Entrance take the first left after Coldwell Banker

When – 12PM-10PM everyday except Tuesdays

Contact – 2682-0837

Nosara Love

love2What – As Nosara shifts towards becoming increasingly upmarket it’s refreshing when something comes along to remind us of the towns hippy roots. Susana and Manolo have done exactly that in the shape of Nosara Love. This stunning little bohemian boutique was constructed from recycled wood and represents a truly unique way to display their impressive loverange of ladies clothing, leather accessories and jewelry. All of the products on offer at Nosara Love were made in Costa Rica by small independent family companies and this place should surely serve as a blueprint for the future approach to business planning in Nosara.

Where –  On the land between Cachos Surf School

When – 10AM-6PM

Contact – 2682-0182

Chorotega Surf School

chorotegaWhat – Two of Nosaras best and most well established surf instructors have decided to branch out and start their own surf school. Much as you’d expect from a surf school run by instructors of this caliber the list of happy customers is huge. As the Playa Guiones surf instruction market steadily grows expect these guys to be at the front of the pack.

Where – Chorotega operates out of Momma Rosa Hotel.

When – All year round

Contact – 8518-9495


Nosara Concierge

NC3What – Whats better than a Costa Rican vacation? Nothing! Unless of course during the course of that vacation everything from your accommodations, personal chef, adventure tours, spa services and literally everything else you can imagine has been taken care of before you arrive. Nosara concierge was created to provide all of the above and more, with the sole aim of guaranteeing its clients the most stress free vacation possible. The word vacation literally means to ‘leave behind’ and if you’re the kind of person who intends to do exactly that then Nosara Concierge is there to exceed your expectations.

NC2Where – Nosara Concierge has an office behind Bagelmens

When – Year Round




Sunset peak

SP3What – This 2 acre private property has recently been transformed into a luxury haven for family and friends, retreat groups, destination wedding groups and anyone looking to spend an incredible vacation in Nosara. Sunset peak is perched atop of Las Huacas mountain, and despite the revamp the view remains as spectacular as ever. Sunset peak boasts an expansive main house, a double and single cabina, a huge swimming pool, outdoor bar area, a beautiful rancho, and a few thousand square meters of lush gardens to explore.

Where – Las Huacas Mountain

When – All year round




Costa Rica Reef Adventures

chimoWhat – If science devised a way to hardwire a sonic fishfinder device to someones brain then the result would be local Nosara legend Allan (chimpi) Matarrita. Actually, for the sake of accuracy his name is now Captain Matarrita because he just went and got himself a sweet new boat. In addition to half day and full day fishing tours services include sunset cruises and marine life watching tours. Despite being the new kid on the block early reports indicate great things.

Where – Playa Garza

When – All year round

Contact – 8612-2347 or check out the Costa Rica Reef Adventures Facebook page.




Nosara – An Adventurers Nirvana

In addition to some of the planets most consistent surf; jungles, rivers and mountain trails are just a selection of the features that the Nosara landscape offers. The net result is something pretty special: AN ADVENTURERS’ PARADISE!! If your’e looking to make the most of your time in Nosara then the following guide will show you how.


005Playa Guiones picks up both North and South facing swells delivering rideable waves here over 300 days a year. Great waves for newbies but still plenty of waves for everybody from beginner to expert.

Coconut Harrys Surf School:2682 1852

Nosara Tico surf school: 2682-4076

Cachos Surf School: 2682-5531

Safari Surf School: 2682-0113

Nosara Surf Academy: 2682-5082

Agua Tibia Surf School: 2682 5508

Surf Simply: info@surfsimply.com


zip-lineTraversing majestic mountain ridges and valleys, soaring high above multiple ravines, with breathtaking vistas of rivers, waterfalls and the Pacific Ocean. Suitable for nature lovers, adventurers, families and all who wish to experience the ultimate canopy tour adventure; Miss Sky Canopy promises to be the experience of a lifetime: 2682-0969


horseridIf theres one thing Costa Ricans know about its horses. For novices and experienced riders alike, horse riding really rates as one of the foremost ways in which to immerse oneself in the splendour of the Costa Rican landscape. Playa Ponies: 2682-5096



fisSailfish, snapper, yellowfin tuna, snook, mahi mahi, roosterfish, black, blue and striped marlin – in short: some of the best sport-fishing on the planet. Fishing Nosara: 2682-0606



ATV rentals / tours

atvWhether you’re a veteran, or completely new to the thrilling sport of off-road ATVing, the terrain in and around Nosara provides an abundance of both epic scenery and first rate riding.

I-quad 8629-8349, Monkey Quads 2682 4067

Howling Monkey Buggies

howling-monkey-adventuresUnique military grade buggies with amazing local guides make for a safe and thrilling ride into remote terrain. Observe Howler Monkeys, exotic birds, and a variety of other jungle dwellers in their native state. Howling Monkey: 2682-0624



kThis tour has long been a favourite amongst Nosara visitors. After five minutes serenely paddling down the mangrove lined waters of the Rio Nosara, and palpably feeling your blood pressure drop as you float past a multitude of exotic species of birds and monkeys you’ll understand why. Drifters Kayaks: 2682 1280


yogNosara has gained international recognition as one of the worlds leading yoga hotspots. Here is a selection of some of the many options available to either novice or seasoned yogis.

Living Hotel: 2682 5201

Costa Rica Yoga Spa: 2682-0192

Nosara Yoga institute: 2682 0594

Studio Guiones:  2682-0096

Harmony Healing centre: 2682-4154

Thinking of buying property in Nosara? Then you should probably read this!

You’ve beat out the other offers, won the highly coveted acceptance of the seller and finally agreed on a dollar figure. It’s finally time to pull the trigger on the home of your dreams. What could possibly go wrong?


homeofyourdreamsMany of the foreign clients who come to Remax Nosara  share similar concerns about their Costa Rica investment plans. “What are the potential legal pitfalls of investing here?” is an issue that concerns everyone we meet. Rest assured that with the right people to guide you, the process of buying real estate should be neither intimidating or confusing. Remax Nosara has written the following property buying guide to outline the best and safest ways in which to invest with confidence so you enjoy your investment for many years to come. The following steps serve only as an informative guideline. You don’t have to be an expert on these. Remember that Remax Nosara is here to handle the hard work so you don’t have to.

Property types

Much like the US, Canada, and Europe, property types available to buyers vary. Understanding the different property types available is an essential component of the buying process. The main property types are:

A. Fee simple


This is by far the most popular way to own property in Costa Rica. The concept is the same here as it is in the US. Fee simple ownership gives the buyer total ownership of the property to enjoy as they see fit. Providing you conform to Costa Rican law, the owner may sell, lease, improve or develop the property according to their wishes. The fee simple option affords buyers a high degree of legal rights and represents the easiest and most convenient method of ownership. Interested in a fee simple lot / property or home? Click here to contact us.

B. Properties in condominium


When first time visitors to Costa Rica hear this term they often think of condominiums in the form of apartments, units or townhouses. In Costa Rica, however, “Condominium Law” exists in relation to the development of certain types of properties including condominiums, family homes, and finished lot projects. “Property in condominium” ownership is similar to “fee simple” ownership but usually carries developer-imposed restrictions designed to maintain both the integrity and aesthetic value of a property. Looking for a Nosara condominium? Click here to contact us and get your search started.

C. Time share


Much like in the US and Europe the time-share option grants ownership of the property to different individuals for certain weeks of the year. Time-share resorts represent a low cost way of owning a property and are becoming increasingly common in Costa Rica. Remax has a wide range of time share options. Click here to find out more.

D. Untitled property


This is the type of property that a smart realtor wisely steers clear of. Unless you are comfortable with the idea of a long, costly legal battle which you may ultimately lose, then our advice is simple: avoid at all costs.

E. Maritime zone


This is an area where legal issues become complex. Property within 150-200 meters of the ocean is subject to strict legislation and there are restrictions on foreign ownership. Land within the 150-200 meter zone is known as concession land. While it is possible in some cases to purchase the right to use concession land, any form of development is dependent on stringent legal measures. 

Let’s assume you have finally found the home of your dreams. Now for the paperwork. The following procedures outline the steps that you must take to safely and securely purchase a Costa Rican property. But first, in order to protect yourself while negotiating the obstacle course of paperwork and potential red tape, you will need a lawyer. Technically, a lawyer is not required to purchase property in Costa Rica. However to avoid the possibility of being ripped off, then the answer is simple: find a good lawyer. Costa Rica is awash with all kinds of lawyers so finding one isn’t difficult. Finding the one that can meet your specific needs may be a little trickier. As with every stage of the buying process, Remax Nosara is here to point you in the right direction. If you choose to find a lawyer independently look for the following:

Notary: Although a lawyer (particularly a property lawyer) may also be a qualified notary this is not always the case so it is important to check beforehand. A notary is required to register the property with the Costa Rican National Registry.

Bilingual:  All contracts will be in Spanish and unless you speak the language perfectly you will need a bilingual lawyer capable of word perfect contract translations.

References:  Speak to people whom you trust who have previously bought property in Costa Rica. If they point you towards someone they can vouch for, ask that lawyer to produce recommendations received from previous clients.

Forming a corporation

When purchasing property in Costa Rica, Remax Nosara advises that it is done in a corporations’s name. Not only does it simplify the entire process, it can lower capital gains tax and allows for increased flexibility in future transactions and other matters. If you do not own a corporation then rest assured it is much easier than it may sound. Remax Nosara will be happy to help guide you through this process. The basics to setting up a corporation are:

  • Choose an original name
  • Appoint a board of directors consisting of a president, secretary and treasurer (Initial incorporators may occupy these positions).

  • Decide on the capital profits of the corporation and how that income will be divided among the incorporators.

The following contains the practical steps prior to signing. If you have by this time hired a reputable lawyer then you can feel confident that the following aspects of the buying process will be handled efficiently by them.

  • Title search: Each property carries with it something called a ‘folio real’ number. This number is specific to one property and is an essential requirement when researching whether the property is free of debt or liens and is not subject to dispute.
  • Compare the plano (land survey document) with the information turned up by the title search to make sure the details are verifiable.

  • The building of a structure on your land requires a ‘use of land’ (suelo) letter from the local municipality indicating this is legally possible.

  • Check whether the land or property comes with basic utilities such as electricity, telephone and running water.

  • Submit an offer taking into account the items present on your last visit to the property. This will ensure that any verbal agreements concerning exactly what is included are adhered to. Often an offer may be written up with a minimal ‘good faith’ deposit that may be be raised to 10% within a month.

  • The offer must be submitted on a genuine Costa Rican legal document.

  • Make sure the legal purchase details includes the following:

  1. Full names of buyer and seller.
  2. A detailed schedule of all closing costs
  3. Terms and conditions of sale
  4. A due diligence schedule including provisions regarding what happens if the property fails the due diligence. Lay out clearly the due diligence period and provisions if it fails to pass.
  5. Full payment schedule including amounts to be credited and withdrawn from from the escrow accounts on the agreed dates
  6. Legal description of the property

Before closing:

The seller is obliged to show receipt of payment of any fees attached to the property including:

  • Any applicable fees such as condominium or HOA.

  • Receipts showing that utilities have been paid.

  • Receipts showing that utilities have been paid.

During closing:

  • The signing of the legally drafted Transfer Deed takes place.

  • Buyer makes payment as per the agreement of purchase .

  • In order to update the property tax record, the buyer’s attorney must advise the Municipal Government of the transfer.

After closing:

  • Buyer’s attorney records the Transfer Deed in the public registry.

  • When registered, official ownership documents are delivered to the buyer.

  • Buyer informs the municipal government of the property transfer so that they may update the municipal property tax record.

So why Re/Max?

In a market where the number of self proclaimed real estate ‘professionals’ is increasing at an alarming rate it is crucial that you choose one who truly has your best interests at heart. Remax Nosara understands that the purchase of a new property represents one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. We stand by our commitment to help you find your perfect property within a timeline and a price that exceeds your expectations. We look forward to assisting you with each and every step of the way. If you’re ready to make the move on the home you always dreamed of contact us now and find out just how good we are at making dreams come true.

The must-read guide to selling property in Nosara

So you’ve decided to sell your property in Costa Rica – what next?


How will you trust a real estate agency to sell your Nosara property? In whom do you put your faith to provide you with the right care and to secure the highest possible sales price? Remax Nosara’s commitment to fully meeting these needs reflects why its reputation with both buyers and sellers is unparalleled. We are here to handle the stress so you don’t have to. However, even with the support of the best in the business, sellers often overlook a plain fact: whether it be land, a house, condo or commercial space, unless your property is the bargain of the century, selling it can be an involved process. This requires first rate management from experienced professionals with excellent communication skills.

Despite the Costa Rican property market exhibiting encouraging signs that the effects of the 2008 financial crisis are now in the rear view mirror, memory persists. Buyers still remain selective about where they choose to invest their life savings. Additionally, at Remax we often find that sellers have the same questions and concerns, and frequently make identical mistakes during the selling process. In order to address this we have put together the following simple guide for those about to place their property on the market. While reading this, also know that the Remax staff is always on hand to assist you directly at any point during the period in which your property is listed with us.

So you’ve decided to sell your Costa Rican property. What next?

Let’s kickoff by highlighting some of the mistakes that we see recurring most frequently, and more importantly, how to avoid them. Some may seem obvious but we feel their inclusion is beneficial to all, particularly first time sellers.

Over-pricing the property:

house-and-cash-on-scaleGranted, it may seem silly to mention, but the fact is too many properties simply aren’t priced correctly these days. Contrary to popular belief, any realtor worth his/her salt knows that their job is not to “sell” a property, and often won’t waste everyone’s time showing it if they consider it overpriced. Another myth is clients with the necessary disposable income to be able to buy a second property are inherently savvy. Often even these people are nervous about buying a home in a foreign country. A great realtor knows that their primary role is to win the respect and trust of clients and allow them to make informed decisions with confidence. Your property needs to sell itself. The first and most important step towards this is ensuring that it comes with the appropriate number attached. Methods of valuation include the following:

  1. Owner’s Value:  What the owner thinks it’s worth.
  2. Investment / Income Value: This is determined by the current value of future income from the property and incorporates it into the price an investor would be willing to pay.
  3. Comparative / Market Value: Numbers stemming from data collected on recently sold properties with similar characteristics.
  4. Actual Value: The old adage “It’s only worth what someone is willing to pay for it” applies here. The price reflects the dollar number that a willing seller receives from a willing buyer. In simple terms the price for which the property is sold.
  5. Replacement / Cost Value:  This is determined by analyzing the site as a whole. How much is the land worth and what would it cost to build a similar structure (minus depreciation).

If you want to sell your property (as opposed to merely having the property for sale) then pricing it appropriately cannot be overemphasized. Rest assured that Remax Nosara is here not only to help you with a realistic valuation but also to show you how to effectively maximize that value.


Ensure the paperwork is in order


Selling a property requires a number of correct documents. If any of these documents contain errors or ambiguities then administrative problems will occur. When a prospective seller approaches Remax to list with us, we request the following:

  • The plano
  • The title deed to ensure the property is free and clear and is not subject to legal dispute.
  • The original building plans or permits (particularly for new or recent builds).
  • Municipality declarations. These must be updated every 5 years.
  • Receipts proving that land taxes have been paid.
  • Receipts proving that corporation taxes have been paid if the property is held by a corporation.

Unmarked boundaries

neighbourWhile the problem of a property without clearly marked boundaries is a relatively minor one, it is significant enough to deserve a mention here. When viewing a potential property, buyers like to see exactly what it is they may be purchasing. Costa Rican law states that a property must be marked with a fence yet this is often overlooked. As part of the due diligence process, Remax Nosara uses experienced surveyors to mark property boundaries according to GPS data. In a number of cases the GPS data highlights a discrepancy between what the owner thinks the borders are and what the law states they are. Correct title deeds and documented proof of exact border dimensions save time and money.

Basic maintenance


Paramount in the sale of any property is the buyers’ first impression of the place. The frequency with which we receive properties that are a total mess still surprises us. Inexpensive things like paint, varnish and even cleaning are all too often overlooked. The priority for most of our clients is good value, however the way a property makes them feel is also of great importance. In today’s market only a small portion of potential buyers can look past their emotions far enough to envision the future potential of a property. Instead of worrying about how long it will take to paint or wondering why the yard is still filled with junk from previously messy renters, the buyer needs to be admiring the view and picturing themselves enjoying their new life in a fresh, clean environment. The visual appeal of a well-maintained property infinitely outweighs that of one in need of repair. While we receive some properties that require extensive improvements, often we receive many that are are simply in need of some basic, inexpensive TLC. Fixing up a property before listing it is truly one of the best investments you can make and pays real dividends when it comes to selling.


realtor-commission-tshirtWhile this may seem self-serving to include here, the fact is a number of smart sellers have begun to offer slightly higher realtor commissions than the standard 6%. At Remax Nosara we treat every client with the same high levels of care and attention. However if the possibility exists whereby we may make a little more money from a higher commission on a sale then it follows that those properties will be pushed and promoted that much harder. If your property has been on the market longer than you would like, then a wise alternative to lowering the price may be offering the realtors a higher commission. Showing us that you appreciate our time and efforts is surefire way to guarantee that we will put in the extra effort for you.

So why Remax?

The alarming number of self proclaimed “professionals” emerging to add to the already overabundant supply of Nosara realtors can be overwhelming. Never before has your choice regarding who oversees the sale of your property been more crucial. Remax Nosara understands that the sale of your land or investment property is one of the most vitally important decisions you may ever make. We pride ourselves on ensuring that the selling experience is a positive one for all. We work tirelessly to provide our clients with the necessary edge by offering a level of service that far exceeds our competitors. We consider a relationship built on trust essential to ensuring the satisfaction of all with whom we deal. We take these relationships very seriously and promise you the following:

  • To follow the instructions you have given us based on the best available information we have given you.
  • To convey any and all offers made on your property.
  • To provide honest market appraisals.
  • To keep you informed at all times.
  • To maintain full confidentiality.
  • To always act in your best interests.




How quickly can I sell my real estate in Nosara, Costa Rica?

How quickly can I sell?


So you are thinking about selling your property or home?  Gone are the days of listing a property and sitting back, hoping for some hits online or walk in customers. You need a new approach, a fresh start – this is exactly what  RE/MAX First Choice Realty is here for – to sell your real estate in Nosara, Costa Rica.
How long will it take to sell your property? The answer to this question depends on a number of factors – In Nosara, the real estate market, just like the tourist market, is seasonal. 80% of real estate transactions take place between November and April, inclusive. The earlier into this “peak” season you can list, the better the chance of selling your home quickly. Another factor in how fast your home will sell, is obviously, the price. It depends on the sellers goal – how motivated are you? The reality is, at the right price, a piece of real estate will definitely sell. You should consider your current financial circumstances and decide if this is a “need-to-sell” transaction or a “want-to-sell” transaction.

The time it will take to sell your real estate in Nosara Costa Rica, depends on the price levels, which include:

  • A Liquidation price (firesale) if you wish to sell in 30 days or less
  • An Investor level price, which  may take 3-6 months, or
  • A full retail level price, which will take 6-24 months.


In addition to proper pricing of your home, presentation is also key. Think about any shopping experience you may have had – When you are in the market for anything, from clothing, to cars, to houses, presentation and visibility is so important! You wouldn’t buy a wrinkled pair of jeans with stains in them would you? (Maybe in Williamsburg, Brooklyn!) You wouldn’t buy a car with faded paint, cracked windshield, or a musty smell coming from the upholstery, would you?  Presenting your home to the buyer in the best way possible is an incredibly important but overlooked aspect of selling your real estate, and will have a direct and measurable effect on how long it takes to sell. at RE/MAX First Choice Realty, we know how to present your property, and will be upfront and honest with you about any minor changes needed. These may include minor tweaks to your home, such as painting walls with neutral colors, rearranging or de-cluttering furniture, cleaning up and storage of personal items, as well as staging and professional photography portfolios. If you are selling a vacant lot – chop down the weeds and grass – spend a few bucks planting some nice landscaping, flowers, or baby palms (buyers LOVE THIS)  -and its super cheap to do!

Lastly, how quickly your home or property will sell will all depend on you. If you take our advice, and listen to our suggestions – we will sell your home or property in the time frame you are aiming for.

At RE/MAX First Choice Realty, we will give you the best possible chance to sell your home and tap into the largest audience of qualified buyers.
A final note to keep in mind, the real estate market here is always changing. When analyzing prices on a moving average basis, Nosara real estate prices have held relatively strong since the real estate crash and Global Financial Crisis, and now, with low inventories of quality homes and lots, prices have started to rise as transactions also are increasing.  With the added press Nosara has received in the last year though NY Times, BBC, and Nat Geo Traveler, the number of tourist arrivals has grown dramatically and the 2013 peak season is looking like the first turn away from a buyers market and inching slowly but surely towards a sellers market. If you have been on the sidelines waiting to sell, now is the best time in the last four years to list your property.

For more information on selling your home and the real estate market in Nosara, Costa Rica, please contact us at CR 8634.0568 or US 201.850.8309