Where to Go Surfing in Nosara Costa Rica

  • November 15, 2017

While it is a popular destination for many different reasons, Nosara is probably best known for its surfing. The waves, the sun, the sand…. surfing in Nosara Costa Rica should be on your bucket list (if it isn’t already). Travel & Leisure and National Geographic have each featured Nosara as one of the world’s top surf towns. So, where can you find the best surfing in Nosara? That depends on what you are looking for. Read on to learn about the best places in Nosara to surf for everyone from beginners to seasoned pros.

Nosara Surfing: The Three Main Breaks

Before you head out to catch a wave in Nosara, it is a good idea to learn a little about the geography. Within the area known as Nosara, there are three main breaks: Bocas Del Nosara, Playa Pelada, and Playa Guiones. Each of these offers its own set of benefits and caters to certain kinds of surfers.

Bocas del Nosara is also known as the Nosara Rivermouth. If you are looking for the least crowded, most challenging surfing in Nosara Costa Rica, then this is the place to try. It is the northernmost of the three surfing areas and is about a kilometer away from Pelada. At this juncture, the Rio Nosara empties into the Pacific Ocean, and there is a rocky break with some of the best waves you’ll find. But this surfer’s paradise is not for beginners. It should only be attempted by those with advanced surfing skills.

Playa Pelada is a great family destination for surfing in Nosara Costa Rica. It is not as difficult to surf as Bocas del Nosara, nor does it attract the crowds that Playa Guiones does. This surf break has a nice sandy beach for kids to play on, but it quickly turns to rock and reef. It has rocky outcroppings that create a volcanic reef surf break. After surfing here, you can grab a bite to eat at La Luna, one of the few beach front restaurants here, and ranked by Trip Advisor as one of the best places to eat in Nosara.

Playa Guiones is one of the top Nosara surf spots because of its versatile breaks. Whether it is high tide or low tide, you can catch a wave here. It has plenty of whitewater waves for beginning surfers plus challenging surf with swells up to 14 feet for veteran surfers. Another reason Playa Guiones is so popular is that even if your main purpose is surfing in Nosara Costa Rica, there are still plenty of other activities to do here. You can find many hotels, restaurants, and businesses up and down the coastline. In fact, it is the top beach spot for vacationing tourists.

Nosara Surf Shops and Lessons

If you are interested in surfing Nosara but need to rent your gear or take a few lessons, there are plenty of excellent places to visit. Most surf shops and schools are around Playa Guiones. They offer a variety of gear and lessons for all ages and stages of surfing in Nosara Costa Rica.

Coconut Harry’s is a popular surf shop and school where you can rent boards, take a lesson, or even sign up for one of their “adventure packages”. They offer both group and private lessons for adults and kids from ISA professionals. For more information visit Coconut Harry’s online.

Nosara Tico Surf School is a locally owned surf school in Playa Guiones offering private, semi-private, and group lessons. This surf school has instructors with extensive experience in competitive surfing and is a great place for advanced surfers to train with professional coaches. You can also buy surfing gear and clothing here. To learn more about Nosara Tico Surf School, visit their website.

Safari Surf School takes pride in offering an authentic sustainable surfing experience. It is an official partner with Billabong Camps and one of the top surfing schools in Nosara. Like the other popular surf shops, you can take a variety of lessons depending on your age and skills, or book a surfing vacation package. For more information about Safari Surf School, check them out online.

Surfing in Nosara Costa Rica

Surfing is an experience like no other. Riding the waves forces you to be present in the moment because the alternative can result in you falling off your board. Many surfers will tell you there is no greater feeling than being a part of the ocean, even if only for a few minutes (or seconds).

For some of the best surfing in one of the top surf towns in the world, visit Nosara Costa Rica.

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