Pets in Paradise

Nosara is home to well-loved pets thanks to the animal-loving community and dedicated hard work of its animal rescue organizations. Pets live wonderful lives here in Nosara; excellent veterinary services, imported pet food, dog boarding, and training facilities are all available and affordable. 

Nosara Animal Care and Amor Animales are two rescue organizations that aim to get cats and dogs off the streets by coordinating foster care, assist with spay/neutering, and even arrange for medical attention if need be. The adoption process itself is unintimidating, being that it is quick and easy. Now, due to the organizations’ stellar work, it is seldom that we see strays roaming the streets in danger of getting hit by vehicles or scavenging for food. Every year there are fundraising events to benefit these non-profit organizations and bring the community together for a good cause. 

In addition to intervention practices, these organizations collaborate with one of the town’s favorite veterinarian clinics, Safari Animal Care, to provide castration clinics as a preventative measure. These clinics have contributed significantly to keeping the number of strays in town at bay. Their clinic also offers a “doggy hotel” for when residents pop out of town and need a trusting eye on their loved one(s). 

It is a common sight to see canines on quads and motorcycles with their owners commuting around town. The beach is perhaps the most popular destination! Sunset hour at the beach is for locals and tourists alike to enjoy the end of another beautiful day, and it’s also a great time for neighborhood dogs to mingle and play. When timed with low tide, dogs have endless beach to run around on and their choice of tide pools to swim in. 

Because of how close the Nosara community is, residents often know each other’s pets by face and name (which comes in handy when ensuring their safe return if they’ve snuck out of the house). Many local businesses even have the pleasure of having their mascots at work with them, serving as the welcome committee – no word on what their minimum wage is though.

Writing:  Lev Piatigorsky. Remax First Choice Nosara.

The early morning lifestyle of Nosara

With just over 12 hours of sunlight 365 days a year, residents and visitors of Nosara embrace an early morning lifestyle. With first light appearing around 5:10, and the sun rising at 5:30, most people quickly adapt to starting their day early.


The really early birds, the ones who wake up when the howler monkeys start chatting, are up and enjoying a cup of coffee while it’s still dark out. This way they can be paddling out as the sun rises, or get in a nice run before the sun and heat are at full strength. There is something peaceful about jumping into the glassy ocean while it still has its morning chill, with only a handful of other people, and watching the sun come up over the hills.

Having an active lifestyle is important to people here, and around 6 am the beach starts coming to life with surfers, runners, and people enjoying their morning walks. By 9:30, the juice and smoothie bars will be filled with a hungry crowd as they get fueled for the rest of their day. I frequently talk to people who say they wake up much earlier here than home, and it feels natural. With the sun beaming in full force by 6 and not a cloud in the sky it’s hard to lay around in bed.


Whether vacationing or living here full time, it’s important to people here to take advantage of the many outdoor activities on offer. For example, surfing, circuit training, boxing, yoga, zip lining, fishing, mountain biking, quad tours, are just some of the popular activities. With so much at your fingertips, it’s easy to start your day early, and fit in as much as possible before watching a spectacular sunset at 5:30.

The town and people flow with the rhythm of the sun, waking at dawn and settling in for the evening as the stars become vibrant. After gathering to watch the beautiful sunset, either from the beach or the surf, people head out to meet friends for a drink or dinner. However, by 9 most people are home and getting ready for bed to do it all over again.



Writing:  Olivia Abry. Remax First Choice Nosara.

Photography: Callum Morse.

Inefficiencies and Opportunities-Nosara Real Estate Market


The Nosara real estate market has unique characteristics that you won’t find in your home country.  My prior career was was spent working with public investment markets and analyzing price movements and volatility.  Typically, the less efficient the market the higher the volatility and return expectations.  For example, if you compare a standard S&P 500 fund to an Emerging Market fund you will find more inefficiencies in the emerging market where available information may not not reflect current prices while the top 500 stocks in the world all available information is reflected in the price of the stocks which makes it an efficient market.  Typically, the less efficient the market the more you pay to transact and the more return opportunities there are seen as a measure of volatility.
In most major real estate markets there is more information that is reflected in current pricing and you have the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and other statistics to measure and analyze to determine an efficient price.  Nosara does not have a listing service that provides recent sales data and other statistics that can help people make pricing and buying decisions.  The lack of available statistical information and MLS service creates more opportunities to invest in mis-priced or under valued assets.  Many clients who come to Nosara are confused by the listing methodology employed here. Typically, you will find exclusive listings, open listings, and pocket listings (non-public).  There are pros and cons for each, but the most important thing to do is to find an agent who has credible experience and wants to help you find what you are looking for.  This person should put the clients interests above their own and provide transparency about all aspects of the transaction or opportunity.  When you find an agent you can trust and has experience to match, they can point you to the best mis-priced opportunities in town.  Although the geographic layout if Guiones/Nosara is small relative to other markets, the comps or price comparisons vary widely given just a few hundred meters difference in locations.A good and experienced agent will know what has sold and how to comp properties well.  When you find this person and you are interested in learning more about inefficiencies and opportunities, ask them what types of properties have been on the market the longest.  This is one way to screen out the best value and is another difference between this market and other major markets where days on market might be a negative.  Often times in Nosara it is a positive and where you can find asymmetric risk profiles and deep value.


Writing by Matt Grenfell. Remax First Choice Nosara.

What are the best real estate deals for sale in Nosara right now?

We often get asked, what are the best real estate deals for sale in Nosara right now. That is a tough question to answer since the inventory can turnover quickly especially those properties that have the best prices and features, however, we put together a list of our top 5 deals for sale as of July 1 2017, and they are as follows….


DSC_9229-02-375x375Number 5. Best Value Ocean View Lot  This property is located in the A Section of Playa Pelada and is a full 1/4 acre, ready to build a nice home on. Coming in at an asking price of $149,000 , this is a rare opportunity for ocean views, sunsets, and privacy all packaged together in a great location.




Number 4 – Most affordable Condo for sale in the Nosara area, asking price only $99,000! This two bedroom two bathroom condo is located just a 8 minute drive to Playa Guiones in a very private area in Esperanza. Quick access to grocery shopping and activities, this is the only condo for sale under 100k in the entire area. Amazing common pool area as well, this is a great investment and perfect opportunity to make an investment in area at a very low cost.


remax_IMG_1233-copyComing in at Number 3 is this Single Level Beach home in Playa Guiones, just steps to the beach and located adjacent to the brand new Gilded Iguana Hotel and Restaurant. Now is the time to scoop this property, which is located on a full 1/4 acre. Two Bed, two bath house with potential for additional 3rd bedroom conversion, or build a guest suite to match. Listed at $590,000 – this is the best value home available for sale in Guiones, and is sure to appreciate in value quite dramatically once the Gilded Iguana project is finished and opened. Don’t wait to long, rumor has it the Iguana will reopen sometime in early 2018.



The second best real estate deal in Nosara is this amazing home in the K section, that is a multi family that includes a 2BR plus loft main house, a 1 BR Apartment, and full exercise and Yoga Studio to boot. Perfectly manicured landscaping and water features add to the jungle ambiance of this wonder home. Priced at $599,999 and on a 1/4 acre parcel of land, this home is a great investment in a killer location.


IMG_9039-17And the best deal on the current market is this wonderful home in Playa Pelada, on the high road to La Luna and steps from both Playa Pelada and the jungle path through to the north end of Playa Guiones. With two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a sleeping loft, covered outdoor living space and beautiful pool, this is the best value home for sale currently on the market, within walking distance to both beaches. Please Contact Us to schedule a viewing or to make an offer on this incredible property.

Nosara Real Estate Report – 2016 Midyear Update – Real Estate Roars, First Annotations Removed

As many in Nosara know, the start of the 2015 real estate sales season saw relative weakness, especially after the Registro Nacional placed over 600 annotations on properties in the Nosara area between the months of March and May of 2015. This caused an expected but short-lived pause in real estate activity, as buyers needed to wait for more information and for the dust to settle, while sellers needed time to figure out if they had an exposure to the annotations and, similarly, what it all meant. As information became available, buyers came to realize that besides the 86 fincas and 90 planos with critical flaws (all of which are transposed properties and at the core of the widely known legal proceedings between S.A. de Custodia de Propiedades Guanacastecas and the National Land Registry and State of Costa Rica), the majority of properties with annotations, when analyzed on a case-by-case basis, do not have serious issues and can be purchased and sold, built on, used and enjoyed with confidence.

With the dust having settled, the real estate market picked up steam during the major sales season between December 2015 and April 2016. So, what were the major trends this year? Let’s take a look:

  1. The 2016 market opened very strong, with a high level of activity in sales and purchases making up for the reduced number of transactions in 2015 as a result of the annotations.
  2. The market activity was very segmented. Sales in properties valued under $250,000 were healthy, proceeding at a normal pace as compared to the last few years. Properties between $250,000-$750,000 slowed, with a reduced number of transactions in this price range.  However, the market of properties, homes, and real estate transactions over $750,000 saw a huge uptick, with a number of seven figure sales transactions over the course of the season, nearly equaling the activity of the last 3-4 seasons.  “High-end“ and “Millionaire” buyers have chosen Guiones as their place to be, with a few transactions in Pelada and almost none outside these two areas.
  3. Transactions in commercial- and business-related opportunities also picked up, as the beach areas become more and more oriented towards the tourism and hospitality industries. Investors seeking “location” were buying for “built-in clientele,” an established track record, and a solid foundation for their businesses.
  4. While the immediate beach areas (I, J, K, G, and H Sections) have seen a trend towards almost entirely commercial- and business-oriented transactions, the EE, E, and F sections had a very big uptick in sales activity due to lower inventories and higher prices, prompting buyers to act quickly to secure the few homes and lots still available with high quality views, which lots also afford more privacy and residential-oriented living. Sales averages for the top tier view properties, with only half-an-acre lots, have now eclipsed the $1,000,000 mark. Property prices in the EE, E and F sections have approached all time high prices, being driven largely by permanent residents deciding to relocate from the immediate beach areas because of commercial and tourist development near the beach.


This was a very busy sales season for Nosara, and the trend seems to be continuing into the second half of 2016. Inventories are at record lows and prices continue to rise.  The best inventory still on the market seems to be homes in the mid-price ranges of $250,000-$750,000; there still are some deals on the market for homes in this price range. Click here to see Casa Verde, a 3 Bedroom Home on 1/4 Acre with Pool and walk to beach/shops and restaurants in Guiones North, for $575,000.


As the current sales season comes to an end, the biggest news to announce is the official lifting of annotations by the Registro Nacional on over 130 properties the vast majority of which are in the C section of Playa Pelada. The resolution issued by the Director of the Registro on May 2, 2016, based on informe DRI-CTE-04-0015-2016 issued on March 11, 2016, is the result of a technical study completed by the Registro on finca 47704, and on properties with annotations subdivided from 47704, to determine if the annotations should be lifted or continued.  As was previously reported by the Nosara Real Estate Report, the majority of annotations in Pelada exist solely because of a technicality that is seemingly irrelevant and without merit. With the recent removal of 130+ annotations, the Registry has taken its first step towards cleaning up the mess created when the annotations were issued, thereby providing a higher level of confidence in the land registry system and renewed good faith in this public institution.


Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 10.52.09 AM

One of the areas in conflict, double titled property on the Guiones/Pelada border.

How did these annotations come to be removed? Although there are now a number or law offices requesting legal fees in order to attempt to lift annotations, the order to remove the annotations was issued by the Director of the Registro, as a result of further review of the Ampliación Informe Expediente 2010-336-RIM published in November 2014 (RIM-CCT-CT-62-2014).  Annotations in the C section were removed only on properties deemed to have no material defects because they presented no problems with overlaps, double titles, or transpositions.  Annotations on properties in the C section that overlap with the ZMT (Maritime Zone) were not removed, and a few new annotations for properties overlapping the ZMT just were issued.


What are next steps? We cannot say for sure, but it appears that the Registry will start to go section by section in the Nosara area to remove annotations from properties that should not have annotations and start to provide some property owners with clean titles and legal certainty.  In the case of the 86 fincas and 90 planos transposed within the mother property of S.A de Custodia de Propiedades Guanacastecas, there are a number of legal proceedings underway that likely will determine any resolution, which are independent from the recent study of finca 47704 described above.


It appears the Registro will continue looking independently at each section and property on a case by case basis, to determine which of the remaining annotations should be removed.  We urge caution for property owners who are paying legal fees for services to remove annotations, as many have tried and been rejected by the Registro while it completes its own independent studies of the Nosara situation.  

The removal of the annotations is a small consolation to those who still may have big concerns about their property; but in the larger scale and big picture, it is a welcome step in a process that has been so confusing and frustrating to many land owners in Nosara. Only time will tell how things ultimately will play out as the National Registry moves forward, but this certainly is very positive news.

Ocean view lots in a solar powered surfing Shangri-La. A profile of Ostional’s NIMBU reserve.

74911Google the term “Ostional” and you’re likely to be met with an endless string of entries regarding the incredible phenomenon for which it is so famed. “Arribada” is the name given to the event in which tens of thousands of Leatherback and Olive Ridley turtles make their way ashore to dig nests and lay eggs. This incredible spectacle prompted the World Wildlife fund to name Ostional as one of the most important and valuable nesting sites in the world for these graceful creatures. Although the Arribada event ranks high on the list of things Ostional ostioffers, many visitors remain oblivious to the wealth of treasures that this town hides. However, a little searching is all it takes to discover the many hidden gems of this area, and little by little, a growing number of real estate investors are waking up to the fact that the abundant natural beauty, stunning ocean views, uncrowded surf, and close proximity to Playa Guiones all come together to form a lifestyle combination as rare and precious as the biological wonder that it hosts. Development in Ostional has rightly remained under the radar, and in order to ensure the natural beauty remains intact the developers at Ostional’s “NIMBU residential reserve” have worked hard to keep to a low impact design ethos. The net result is a development project which offers residents the chance to dwell in sustainable luxury in a modern day Garden of Eden.

NIMBU residents can look forward to waking up to views like this from the comfort of a secluded luxury home.

In the ancient Costa Rican native Chorotega language the word “Nimbu” translates to “water” and symbolizes the purity of living close to the coast. The Nimbu development is tucked away on one of the hills overlooking the Playa Ostional turtle reserve and was designed to appeal to community minded individuals who value sustainability, ocean views, natural surroundings, and surfing incredible waves. The mission statement was simple: to provide the best possible infrastructure with pathways to conscious development that are both socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable.


Breakfast barrels at Playa Ostional

“Nimbu was created to foster a vibe where we can connect with the ocean and the land around us while also having the amenities and infrastructure we need to stay attached to our busy lives’” says project developer Mike Cothran. “The goal for me as a developer has not been to make a profit, but to provide a few large private spaces with some of the best utilities in the country. It is like taking a pretty painting and finding the best way to frame it. A place where my own family could imagine building our dream home and spending the rest of our days. To accomplish this, we have spent the last 5 years working on a sustainably based infrastructure. And although Nimbu has a rustic, nature filled exterior, underneath it can provide us everything we need and expect out of a modern off the grid community.”

A visit to the development provides conclusive evidence that the developers have striven to meet the high standards imposed by themselves. Because of Nimbu’s proximity to the turtle reserve, one of the main advantages for residents is the guarantee that nothing can ever be built between the development and the ocean, meaning that the biological treasures will remain undisturbed, and that views can never be obstructed by future development. In addition to limitless fresh water from the underground wells delivered via solar pumping stations residents are also offered homes where all the power is provided via the extensive solar technology waiting to be installed. In order to address concerns whether lighting from the development would confuse turtles all road and access lighting has been designed to be turtle friendly and energy efficient. Last but not least the developers planted over 14,000 plants in 12 irrigation zones. The irrigation zones were designed to reduce water consumption , and all plants are low water consumption native species that provide year round color and attract an abundance of local wildlife species.

Ocean view lots at the Nimbu development start at $200,000. To contact us about this opportunity click here, or to check out the listing directly click here.

Casa Vidrio – K section Playa Guiones – Walk to beach – Family home and workspace

Imagine you had the ability to travel anytime, anywhere — and that you could whisk the family off to a destination most only dream of, to a house you love rather than a place where you’re forced to live out of necessity. To most, this remains a mere pipe dream which in many cases comes down to one thing – your job! Continue reading

$130,000 Knocked Off This Spectacular Las Huacas Ocean View Lot


Wake up to this every morning

Anyone who has ever surfed Playa Guiones can relate to looking to the shoreline and wondering how nice it must be to awake in a home on Las Huacas, check the waves over morning coffee, or wind down your day with another mind-blowing light show courtesy of a Costa Rican Pacific sunset. Unfortunately for many people, a quick search through the local real estate websites confirms what they suspected; that making this dream a reality is way above their pay grade. As news of Nosara and Playa Guiones hidden charms becomes more mainstream the prices of land, particularly land on Las Huacas Mountain continue to surge. However, occasionally something becomes IMG_1910available that places a lifestyle that many could previously only dream of within reach. In this case that ‘thing’ is a great piece of land on Las Huacas that has just seen it’s price slashed. If you have dreamed of acquiring a Las Huacas ocean view lot at a price that won’t break the bank then keep reading.

With sweeping Pacific views this Las Huacas lot really is the perfect canvas for the new owner to design a home to complement the naturally sloped terrain on which it rests. On viewing this lot for the first time, you’ll have a hard time NOT trying to visualize your future residence – a sanctuary built to foster a rejuvenation of mind, body and soul IMG_1912amid the tranquility of a breathtaking and secluded location, and WHAT a location!! This land sits at the end of the EE section (AKA Las Huacas Mountain) surrounded only by greenery, a few neighboring residences (all of which are valued South of a million dollars) and offers west facing ocean views interrupted only by a mosaic of lush verdant jungle.

IMG_1917We could forever elaborate on the magnificence of this property without coming close to doing it justice. Suffice to say that very scarcely does a piece of land like this hit the market along with a price reduction this large. If you’re one of those people finally ready to green light your dream lifestyle then this opportunity represents the chance to acquire a place you can proudly call home. Contact us now for more information, or click thi2s link to visit the listing.



The top 8 best new things to check out in Nosara for 2015-2016 Season!!

The 2015 / 16 season has kicked off with a bang, and as visitor numbers increase so does the number of new business offerings from the Nosara community. From a range of new eateries through to a number of exciting new activities the list of things to do and places to go increases season by season. In light of this the Nosara Real Estate Report has put together a list of the top 8 new things we feel to be an essential part of any Nosara travel itinerary.


Nosara Mountain Biking

MBCWhen was the last time you heard the phrase “I just spent an hour on the treadmill and had such a blast?” In all likelihood – never. After signing up for Nosara’s latest outdoor pursuit you’ll see that for every lung squeezing, leg burning mountain slope you climb the descent that lies on the other side more than justifies the pain. Despite Nosara being famed as an “outdoor adventurers paradise” what many visitors overlook is the beauty on their doorstep a mere bike ride away, and there’s no better way to experience this than atop of a mountain bike, with the only sounds being the cries of the jungle and your own breath. If you’re looking to hit the mountains then leave your gadgets at home, forget your troubles, call local mountain biking prodigy Ricardo Moraga and get out there and experience both the beauty of the ride, and the true beauty of the Nosara landscape.

Location: Office located on the road running behind Kaya Sol Hotel

Call: 8880-2470


Cafe Fiore

fioreIn a small corner of North Guiones one person has taken a small space and indisputably proved two things. First, that size doesnt matter. Second, that the only thing that’s important is the food. And the food at Cafe Fiore speaks for itself. On the strength of such delectable dishes as the eggplant parmesan, or the fuego sandwich (among a wide range of other delicious sandwiches), or even the incredible cappuccinos, Cafe Fiore has built up a religious following among locals and tourists. The food is unbeatable, the prices reasonable, and the portions more than enough to get you fully stocked on the carbs you’ll need for a day battling the waves.

** Editors Note – Being From New Jersey/ New York, we take our Italian sandwiches very seriously. I can say that the “New Jersey” sandwich – A.K.A “Mortadella and Mutz”, is on par or better than any sandwhich place in NYC or Hoboken NJ. Nicola makes his heritage known and this is truly a gem of a joint to have opened up. It is only dangerous to your waistlines, but your tastebuds will thank you. This is our TOP PICK for new restaurants in Guiones this year. ***

Location: Opposite Mini Super Delicias and Nosara Pura Vida SUP school.

Call: 8869-1469

FB  Page: Cafe Fiore Nosara

Iguana Pool Bar

GIPThe Gilded Iguana pool bar has always been famed as a great place to hang out and sip cocktails, thus making it one of the main daytime draws for local families and tourists. After changing format over previous seasons it’s recently been relaunched and is back to it’s former greatness. The Gilded Iguana pool bar is the perfect location to for an apres-surf smoothie accompanied by a refreshing dip in the pool to the sound of some laid back beats.

Location: Directly behind The Gilded Iguanas parking area

Call: 2682-0259


Rosies 2

Huevos-RancherosWith Playa Guiones eateries popping up at an unprecedented rate competition grows stronger by the day, however, there remains one place that stands alone. Whether it’s down to the food (always fantastic) the prices (a reminder that you are actually in Central America) or the service (every meal comes with an ample side sprinkling of love) no trip to Nosara is complete without experiencing the only place in town where you can eat genuine Costa Rican food at real Costa Rican prices. However that statement rosiesisn’t entirely true, because now there’s Rosies’ 2, and for North side guests and residents who previously couldn’t make the trek over to Central Guiones, the good news is that now the best Casados in Guanacaste is right on their doorstep. In the short time since opening its new premises opposite the Gilded Iguana Rosies 2 is already a huge hit and it’s not hard to see why. The Casados are as delicious and plentiful as they ever where and the Huevos Rancheros remain as famously appetizing as before. In fact, the only thing that’s changed is the location. Don’t leave town without experiencing this place.


Location: The corner opposite The Gilded Iguana on the path to Guiones North

Call: 2530-1363

Nosara Pura Vida Stand Up Paddle

npv2Whether it be through National Geographic, The New York Times, or even independent local publications, little remains unwritten in regard to the calibre of surfable waves available at Playa Guiones and it’s surrounding beaches. However, in addition to over 300 surfable days a year and waves to suit varying abilities, Nosara also boasts the Reserva Biologica river mouth and a multitude of coastal nooks waiting to be explored. These features make the perfect platform for Stand Up Paddling, and slowly but surely there’s a new demographic visiting Nosara to partake in this exciting sport. Enter Nosara Pura Vida npvStand up paddle school and store; the brainchild of two local brothers Oscar and Ramon. Located opposite Minisuper Delicias their new Stand Up Paddle store stocks all that sup’pers could want, as well as regular surf equipment and offers tailored vacation packages to suit a range of abilities. The newly opened cafe is a great place to hang out and have a fresh smoothie after a stand up session.

Location: North Guiones next to the ReMax office, and opposite Cafe Fiore

Call: 2682-0207 / 8822-8402


Nosara kids camp

nkc1Nosara Kids Camp was created to give parents the chance to enjoy Nosara safe in the knowledge that their kids were having the time of their lives under the watchful auspices of a group of trained counselors. After many years teaching children in local and private schools, local girl Paola Barrera decided the time was ripe to open a service which offers children the chance to experience all that Nosara has to offer, including surf lessons, Spanish lessons, snorkelling, art, waterfall visits and fun at the beach. Nosara Kids Camp also places a heavy emphasis on community interaction and offers participants the chance to NKCget involved in local projects. The program includes visits to local schools where kids can immerse themselves in activities and interact with local children. Nosara kids camp is a great opportunity for kids to get a true feel for Costa Rica and since opening in November 2015 the project is already a storming success.

Location: Nosara Kids Camp office is located at Gabis Play, next to the Living Hotel

Call: 8617 3603

FB Page: Nosara Kids Camp

Pilates Nosara @ Bodhi Tree

PNIn 2011 Page Sieffert decided to make Nosara her permanent home, and brought with her a wealth of knowledge acquired from years of massage and Pilates training. After a long and successful run of operating the Pilates studio at Heart of Guiones wellness center Page she then changed the base of operations to Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort. Since opening it’s proved just as popular as it’s previous incarnation, with all participants happy to be receiving the same calibre of training in a truly spectacular environment. If you’re looking to tone up under the guidance of one of the best in the business call now to find out about class schedules.

Location: Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort. K Section, next to Nosara Yoga Institute

Call: 2682-0256


Guiones North Surf Photos

gnspFor a long time the only option for those wishing to return home with a photo of themselves shredding in the surf has been to paddle out at the main entrance and hope a snap of them riding the waves appears on social media. In order to fill the gap, local photographer Diego Fonseca Flores is now stationed at the North Entrance every morning busily shooting the morning surf crew. To find out whether you made the cut visit the ‘Guiones North Surf Photos’ page on facebook. For free originals stop by the ReMax office where you can pick up the ultimate surf souvenir of your visit to Playa Guiones.

Location: Playa Guiones North Entrance. Photos available at ReMax office.

Call: 2682-0132

FB Page:

What Would You Do With 75 Acres of Ocean View Jungle?

IMG_7885Imagine waking in a place where your only neighbors are the howler monkeys swinging on the vines of your own private forest. Imagine spending the day hiking through jungle trails, and later returning home to your tropical enclave.

IMG_7891Whether it be to enjoy the sense of freedom that ownership of your own environment affords, or to build a home, retreat center, or eco-resort, buying land can be solid investment. It also provides the kind of stress free passive investment that appeals to investors. You buy it, it sits there, it’s well behaved, and other than the value changing over time, nothing happens. Options for land purchase in Costa Rica are hugely varied. There’s farm land, elevated land, wet land, dry land, coastal land, and then,,,,,,there’s this; 75 acres of elevated verdant jungle, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, only a short drive to everything in Nosara. This is the kind of property perfectly suited to anyone seeking to design and build their dream environment, and is sure to appeals to visionaries and / or land bankers who can appreciate a property in which the possibilities are truly endless. For more information contact us, or click here to view this listing.

Selling Nosara – Part 2 – A Letter from The President

Last week we featured a press release published in a 1973 edition of the American Medical news. This article was based on information provided by the founding father of the Nosara and Playa Guiones we know today – Alan David Hutchison. Hutchison was an American entrepreneur who acquired a sizable swathe of the surrounding area, and then sold it off via American newspapers and publications. To the chagrin of the few, and the relieved delight of many, various aspects of the original blueprint such as the golf course never proceeded beyond the planning stages thus absolving Nosara of becoming the next Tamarindo.

The next installment in Nosara Real Estate Reports’ “SELLING NOSARA” series features a letter sent in the early 1970s by Alan Hutchison to those who replied to the original advertisements. It offers telling insights into Hutchisons personae, his love of Nosara, and his vision of how it would (but ultimately did not) turn out. Enjoy!!

Dear Friend (perhaps – one day soon – Neighbor):

My name is Alan Hutchison and I’m lucky enough to be the president of the company that owns and is developing BEACHES OF NOSARA. But I confess that when our advertising bon1people suggested a letter from the president, I balked. It sounded pompous, pretentious somehow. “Don’t write it that way,” they said. “Just tell people how you came to do BEACHES OF NOSARA, what you think it might mean to them”.

That sounded more like something I could and would want to do. So this is, in fact, a letter from this particular president….

I’ll start right off with a clichĂ©: BEACHES OF NOSARA is a tropical Shangri-La. But there’s this difference – in James Hilton’s novel, “Lost Horion,” Shangri-La was discovered by accident. Nosara was found through persistent and organized searching (plus a certain amount of good luck). I was looking for a perfect tropical setting where my associates and I could develop the kind of lovely community that would be in harmony with its natural surroundings.

For the past five years I’ve been engaged in the development of oceanfront home sites in the West Indies. But the sharply rising costs of land in all of the Caribbean islands has made it all but impossible to offer developed land at reasonable prices. So I set out to look elsewhere – for a spot as benign as the West Indies but not nearly so expensive.

I must admit that I first went to Costa Rica with a certain amount of reluctance. While I had heard nothing but encouraging accounts of its beauty and serenity and of the warmth and friendliness of the Costa Rican people, I did retain, I confess, a preconceived picture of a steaming “banana republic”. How was I to know?

So I went to San Jose, Costa Rica’s capital city, carrying letters of introduction and wearing a protective shield of understandable skepticism. But before the first nightfall I bon2knew I had found the country I had been looking for. What an incredible combination of people and nature! What a land to “discover”!

With soaring enthusiasm I began a careful search of the coastal area for a location possessing a gentle climate, a beautiful beach, and enough land to permit a sensible ecological development. I first saw  BEACHES OF NOSARA from the air, just like you can see it in the large aerial photograph in the brochure. My pilot and I landed at the nearby airport and at once I sensed that Nosara was a very special place. There were friendly, smiling people and horses and oxcarts in the plaza and noisy, brilliantly covered parrots in the trees near the brightly painted schoolhouses.

On that first visit, I rode across the broad savanna and when I stopped in the shade beside a cool stream to water my horse, I was astonished to discover a group of curious monkeys watching me from the branches of surrounding trees. Later, I climbed a gentle hill, and self-consciously permitted myself comparison to Balboa, secretly sharing with him the thrill he must have felt as he stood on his hill in Darien and for the first time let his eyes take in the broad sweep of the majestic Pacific. Just as I was doing 450 years later….

And Nosara’s beautiful beaches: Playa Guiones – truly one of the finest beaches in the whole world – broad, flat, smooth white sand and rolling surf (yet absolutely safe even for small children) and the picturesque coves of Playa Pelada – soft and engraved with weather-worn rocks, tidal pools rich in marine life.

Later, as I wandered to the Rio Nosara, I came upon a flock of roseate spoonbills and a raccoon. Overhead, I counted a formation of 66 Pacific brown pelicans flying in a single line (this variety is facing extinction in the U.S.). Oh yes – I knew positively, without question, that this was The Place.

Fortunately, the owner of Nosara ranch was disposed to sell at an attractive price. I was also lucky in being able to purchase several smaller tracts which added up to an additional full mile of fine beach.

While I was negotiating with the various land owners, I brought in professional landscapers to judge the feasibility of developing Nosara. After their first visit, these experts told me that in their combined 45 years of experience in Florida, the Bahamas, and the West Indies. They had never seen a more naturally favored area for a resort community.

At the world famous Tropical Science Center in San Jose I talked with Dr. Leslie Holdridge, tropical forester and ecologist and the author of the much acclaimed “Holdridge Life Zone System”, and with his colleague Dr. Joseph Tosi, an ecologist specializing in tropical land use. After inspecting the site, these scientists told me that they thought our plans for an ecologically balanced development  made a great deal of sense and permitted their staff to act as our consulting ecologists and scientific advisers. They made a survey of the natural resources of Nosara – its geology, soils, vegetation, climate, birds and other wildlife. Working with them were our planning team and our topographers from the geographic institute of Costa Rica. Together, these experts have produced a Master Land Use plan. That sounds formidable. What it amounts to this:

The forested mountain area and the heavily wooded banks of the Rio Nosara and the many small streams – a total of about 1200 acres – will remain intact as a forest and wildlife management area.

 Approximately 1,000 acres of open grassy savanna like pastures will be preserved for grazing, riding horses and riding.

 Only the low hills overlooking the blue Pacific and the valley of Nosara, plus a few special areas like a portion of the palm forest, are to be developed as home sites. This represents less than a third of the total Nosara area.

 In the future we hope to provide within the developed area of BEACHES OF NOSARA, in addition to home sites, the hotel, golf course, tennis club, commercial section and the utility area.

After we adopted the master use plan the engineers moved in. They worked out our road, water, electrical and sanitary systems. Our architect drew up plans for a resort hotel, to fit the terrain and climate. And all of these architectural and engineering studies were carried out in strict conformity to the rigid restrictions of the master plan.

Now the first stage of development has been completed. Over ten miles of dirt road have been constructed. The hotel is about ready to accommodate visitors. Two hundred home sites have been surveyed, platted and staked. Each of these home sites is carefully planned to take full advantage of the topography, view, and existing vegetation. On every single one of them we’ve lavished our concern, our love even. I think you’ll believe this statement to be drained of pretentiousness when you see what we’ve done here.

We have home sites ranging from a quarter of an acre with exceptional views of the beaches, to two and a half acre ranchettes. We do not dictate a particular home site size. Rather, we’re trying to develop a community with a certain amount of built-in diversity. All major decisions of community development will be referred to the Nosara Property bon3Owners’ Association, to be organized in the future. But over-riding everything, paramount above all else, is our dedication to the preservation of the environment and the sensible development of Nosara in accordance with ecological principles.

On a personal note I thought it might be of interest to you to know that last summer I sold my residence in the United States and moved to Costa Rica with my family. My children enjoy going to Costa Rican schools, which, according to the Organization of American States, are among the best in Latin America.

But several times a year I go back to the states to confer with my associates and advisers. Each time, I am dismayed by the air pollution. I see it and smell it, as you do. Not just in the big cities but in the countryside I used to enjoy driving through. Some of my bon4associates don’t venture out in city streets at night if they can avoid it; they’re frankly scared. I see crowds everywhere in the streets, on the highways, at the beaches. Even the national parks are jam-packed in season. And I think, as you must, that the technological North is becoming less and less a place for an individual or family.

To return to Costa Rica, with its green mountains and wide open spaces – to our own BEACHES OF NOSARA, what joy it is. In Nosara there are cowboys and horses and wide beaches and I stop and shake hands with everyone I meet on the road. That’s the local custom, and these gentle, peace-loving people are genuine and smilingly friendly. This can become your custom too.

I would like to share Nosara with you if you, too, long for a sanctuary in which man and nature live together in peace and harmony. But there is only limited room in Nosara, and we are not going to make the fatal error of overcrowding it. So, if what we have here sounds to you like the place about which you’ve always dreamed, I suggest you act promptly and reserve a lot for yourself in BEACHES OF NOSARA. All you have to do is fill out and mail the Application to Purchase, together with the $100 reservation fee, which is completely refundable at any time up to 60 days. We will then reserve the very best home site available in the size and price category for which you have expressed a preference. A registered plan will then be sent to you, plus a Sales Purchase Agreement which contains the developer’s guarantees:

Remember: you have one full year after signing the agreement, to visit the BEACHES OF NOSARA and to inspect your home site. If for any reason you are disappointed, we will refund every penny you have paid in. 

We’ve made the cost of acquiring a home site at BEACHES OF NOSARA as low and as easy to manage as we possibly could: a quarter acre for only $3000 and on payment terms of only 4% down and 2% a month – NO INTEREST CHARGED. This means that in just four years, your home site is yours, free and clear – and by that time it will probably be worth a lot more than you paid for it.

So here is your chance to make your life and the life of your family richer, fuller and more satisfying then you might have believed possible in this troubled world and time.

I sincerely hope you will avail yourself of this opportunity, and that I will have the pleasure one day soon of shaking hands with you in, to quote our advertising, “this garden of ours,” this anti-misanthropic place where people actually look at each other with glad eyes and smile.

Hasta La Vista


Alan D. Hutchison, President

Inversiones Nicoya, S.A.

Selling Nosara – Part 1 – 1973 American Medical News Promotional Article!


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In the late 1960s, a North American property developer named Alan Hutcheson, having grown jaded with the rising prices of land on the Caribbean islands he’d spent the previous decade developing decided to look for somewhere new. The “somewhere new” he found was Playa Guiones.

The plan was simple; relate the untouched beauty, and share the stunning photos with New York City’s finest marketing minds and let them have at it.  Have at it they did, and lo and behold, the slice of undisturbed paradise previously unbeknownst to all but a few intrepid ranchers, a handful of locals, and a whole load of howler monkeys hit the headlines. Readers of the New York Times, alongside readers of various highbrow lifestyle publications liked what they saw, and the phones of the sales office began to ring with the same fever that the mailman began delivering the completed coupons at the end of the piece (see the end of the article).

The phrase “the rest is history” although apt, tends to leave an information vacuum. Via the coming series of soon to be released articles, Nosara Real Estate Report intends to try and fill some of that gap by releasing a wealth of material that has come into our possession. This material offers readers a fascinating glimpse into the early days of Nosara and Playa Guiones as a residential community for the adventurously affluent.

Here at Nosara Real Estate Report we strive to share solid information concerning the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of past, present and future property prices, and the information contained both herein and to come contain insight regarding why property here is the price it is. People often come to Nosara under the illusion that property prices are low, however tracing these prices back to their roots is an important step to understanding the current climate. The original property buyers contained a large number of trust funders and social elites who often used their property ‘deep in the as Central American jungle” as little more than cocktail party conversation pieces to brag about among the upper echelon of New York social circles. Little did the original developer know, that people would not just show up to buy these properties, but that they would also come to build homes, businesses, and lives in Nosara as expat residents. If this sounds like an overly bold statement we invite you to read this ongoing series of material and see for yourself. The first article in this series features a press release that was published in January 1973 in the American Medical News. What follows has been reproduced verbatim. As well as offering a unique insight into a bygone era in which the written word was still considered an art form, it provides invaluable knowledge for anyone who ever wondered how this all began. Enjoy,,,and stay tuned for the next installment…..COMING SOON!!


American Medical News- January 22nd, 1973

The following text has been reproduced verbatim. To view an image 
of the original material, click the photo in the introduction.

“Truly, wouldn’t you like to run away here to this garden of ours? Doesn’t your bruised spirit need the soft touch of loving people, your tense body the spray of pure, clean air filtered by sunshine? Don’t you long for a place where everyday is gentle summer, where tree wrapped mountains stretch 12,500 feet into the sky, where tumbling streams and waterfalls and wave lapped beaches beg to heal you?

In all truth isn’t it a sort of self-destruction to accept without demur (as maybe you do) the dank cheerless clutch of winter cold – the wintry faces of cheerless people?

BON-345So we ask you again: wouldn’t you like to run away here to a place of your own in this nature blessed country, inhabited by a people who deserve every bit of the beauty they’ve been given? For the astonishing fact is that the Costa Rican people – perhaps like none other on earth – live in peace. All of them, each with the other, live, and work, in PEACE!

Consider them, the 1 ¾  million of them: handsome, gentle, literate, industrious and (phenomenon of our times) kindly – a European-sprung people who are constantly embracing, shaking hands, even with strangers, a people to whom law and order is symbolized by a smiling policeman armed with nothing more menacing than a whistle, directing traffic with a murmured “por favor”. The phrase “law and order” doesn’t have an ominous meaning here. It’s incredible for a foreigner to learn that there is no army in Costa Rica (without an army, Costa Ricans say there is no danger of a military takeover).  The military uniforms are for police and there are more schools than there are uniforms in Costa Rica. Not alone more school children and more school teachers but actually more schools than military uniforms! Amazing! No wonder that Gov. Nelson Rockefeller, having undergone a rather stormy Latin American tour in 1968, exclaimed happily when he finally got to simpatico Costa Rica: “This perfect jewel of a country!”. The NEW YORK TIMES in an editorial on February 5th 1970 headed “Costa Rica’s Example” praises the solid democracy of this tiny country and says in part: “Doing what comes naturally, a half million voters have brought off (Costa Rica’s fifth successive) peaceful presidential election in twenty years.

Yet, it isn’t only each other whom Costa Ricans like. There is no xenophobia here at all: foreigners are warmly welcomed and North Americans, especially, are cherished. Nearly BON-615,000 of us from the U.S. live and prosper in Costa Rica. English is widely spoken, and the word that has been gradually slipping out  in this “jewel of a country”  lies the fulfillment of the wistful dream of so many harassed Americans: the mind picture of that perfect retreat where climate and man are in gentle harmony with each other.

It’s rather astonishing that this spectacularly beautiful country, really not that different from the states, is much less familiar to Americans than the islands of the Caribbean. Almost everyone knows, and many have visited, the grouping of tropical Edens called the West Indies – their fabled greenness, the sparkling waters in which they are set. Yet Costa Rica’s climate has all the balm of its’ island neighbors and is more exhilaratingly varied. The sea that stretches along the east coast of this slender strip of Central America is the Caribbean. Go west less than 150 miles and there is the Pacific – nowhere does this greatest of oceans wash more beautiful shores than Costa Rica’s. Incongruously, some travel writers have called this country “ The Switzerland of Central America”; still it as true that Costa Rica’s mountains are as glorious in their tropical setting as the Alps in their ambience. And, it is further a fact that those mountains aid in making the climate the delight it is. San Jose, the capital is in the central plateau, 3500 feet above, and about midway between the Caribbean and the Pacific. The city’s climate is simply nothing less than perpetual spring with the mean temperature steady at 70 degrees every month of the year. But even at Pacific coast sea level – at our beaches of Nosara, for example – even here the mean annual temperature is only 78 degrees accompanied by humidity so low that is can’t be matched by the Caribbean islands. And not to put down the exotic West Indies, there’s a good deal more of Costa Rica that the islands can’t match. Nature thrives on an immense scale here. Naturalists have identified 762 species of birds (in all of the United States, 130 times Costa Rica’s size, there are 725 varieties). And such birds! Parrots, partridge, cuckoos, toucans along with the wrens, thrushes, orioles, finches. We BON-7have deer, raccoon, monkeys. Costa Rica’s soil is so fertile that Texas cattle ranchers are incredulous  that what would be prized crop acreage in their state is used casually as cattle raising land here. (It has been reported (THE WALL STREET JOURNAL that Lyndon Johnson bought a ranch on the Pacific side of Costa Rica). And what lush growth springs from the soil Great forest of majestic trees; lignum vitae can be so huge that a single tree’s branches can may shelter an entire herd of cattle. There are groves whose boughs bend under the weight of fruit – citrus, mangoes, bananas, coconuts. Costa Rican coffee is unparalleled.  Hundreds of varieties of orchids grow wild. We produce vegetables of a size and flavor such as few North American housewives have ever seen (our portfolio, if you’ll send for it, has photos taken in a market and you’ll find hard to believe those radishes and scallions).

Costa Rica has a record of steady economic progress and every foreigner who has come here is instantly aware that this progress is mounting toward affluence. Clearly, a country of such natural richness and with so extraordinary a people, puts fresh meaning into the overworked word opportunity. Oh, opportunity is here, all right. And for none better than for North Americans. There are no restrictions against private investment and the list of American businesses, small and large, is long. For you who simply want to retire, there are special privileges if you are not a Costa Rican, all you have to prove is a guaranteed income of $325 monthly for you and your wife and you are exempt from paying taxes. San Jose has everything – for the soul as well as the stomach. Opera, symphony, splendid movie houses, theater (it’s national theater, marbled an mirrored, is a graceful replica of L’Opera in Paris). Many doctors and surgeons are from U.S. Medical schools; the hospitals are excellent. You can buy anything in the handsome shops and the cost of BON-8living is joyfully low. T-bone steak, eggs, vegetables, fruits are far below U.S. prices. An elegant Spanish architectural 3 bedroom house can presently be constructed for less than $10,000, and a live in maid and gardener will service it at a combined monthly  wage of $80 for both.

Education is a positive obsession in Costa Rica. There are 2,379 elementary schools with 350,000 children attending, and 112 high schools, art academies, business schools etc. The beautiful complex of the University of Costa Rica has an enrollment of 12,000 students. And the academic standing of the English language schools is very high. The most prestigious of these accommodates North American children at a tuition of $38 a month. And that includes busing to and from school.

San Jose has a fine airport, one of the largest, most comfortable and modern in Central America, and the jet flight from Miami via LACSA or TACA takes about 2 ½ hours and presently costs $182 round trip. For the autoist the drive from the States along the Pan American highway is memorable one; south of Cartago in Costa Rica, the famous road climbs to it’s highest elevation – 10,931 feet.

So it had to happen. Here we are, a group of Americans – land developers. We’d heard of Costa Rica and we came here, instantly to be entranced by it’s beauty and won by it’s people. We knew quite soon – almost like the original Spanish discoverers who gave it the BON-9name “Rich Coast” – that this was the country we’d been looking for. All that remained now was to find the quintessential tract of land that had everything – natural loveliness, serenity, climate, beaches. We found it. We found it in the peninsula of Nicoya directly on the Pacific. And we named this tranquil place….BEACHES OF NOSARA….

We’ve employed many superlatives in this ad – maybe, you’ll suspect, even extravagances. Yet at the risk of once more stretching your bounds of credibility, we say this: that nowhere in the world will you find more glorious beaches than the two miles of beautiful white sand, and unimaginably clean, clear sea that front our property. There is one section that is modestly compared to the best surf Hawaii has to offer; and wonderfully for the less adventurous, there is a long piece where the sea is quiet and even infants can play in the water as it rolls gently onto the sand. If you’re a shell collector you’ll find, day after day, specimens you’ve never before seen. And out from shore are the boating and skin diving, the fishing. A world of fish, a treasure-house for you, if that’s your passion: tuna, dolphin, wahoo, grouper, snapper – the whole catalog, believe it. How rare to discover that today – a pure sea teeming with healthy fish. Yes, as much as anything it was the ocean and the beaches that caused us to choose Nosara.

But then one turns his back on the Pacific and looks out at the land and isn’t that something to see – this rich soil, lushly covered sculpture of hills and valleys! It is big – 3300 acres – but we intend to convert only a part of it to homesites, we’ve brought in BON-10ecologists and other scientists to help us preserve that natural beauty of this place. We have laid about 35 miles of horseriding trails, all within the boundaries of our property. If a precious tree stands in the way of a bulldozer the tree stays; we bend the road around it. If it’s to be a match-up between “progress”; and nature we’ll ride with the trees and the birds.

But of course we’ve brought in the machines and used them. Every site in beaches of Nosara fronts a road. Every home is guaranteed electricity and pure delicious water. We hope to build a superb golf course with 9 holes to be completed next year in 1973. And we BON-11expect to build the first of our tennis courts shortly. We’ve built a charming hotel with club facilities and an airfield to bring you here quickly from San Jose.

We’re not new to this profession. We’ve been developers in the West Indies and we do apreciate those magical islands. But this is the simple truth: no island in the Caribbean can claim what we have in this ad. And when one realizes that some improved sites in the West Indies have now soared to fantastic prices – that one dollar a square foot, $10,000 for a quarter acre is now becoming the rule, then beaches of Nosara becomes almost too good to be true. For the price of our home sites is only 40 cents per square foot, $4000 for a quarter acre, 4% down and 2% a month, with no interest charges! And that includes roads, electricity, water, one year free golf membership, and the unlimited use of the natural paradise that we’ve inherited and are preserving for you.

We’re running out of space and there’s so much more to tell you. Some of you may visit us after reading this message. Most can not. For those we have prepared a thick portfolio. It includes a large color brochure, maps, house plans, and a 96 page condensation of professor Donald Lundberg’s authorative book “Costa Rica”. All this is free.

Our portfolio also tells you how to go about reserving a homesite in beaches of Nosara and spells out out money back guarantees: an unconditional 60 day deposit refund warranty; and a full year after signing contract to visit the property and see for yourself whether it delights you. If not, every penny you’d have paid in is refunded without a word.

We are quite certain that we have something very special in beaches of Nosara and we already know that the response to our advertising is going to be quite lively. We sincerely urge you – if you wish to be in time for the choice lots – to fill out and mail the coupon right away. Our portfolio is free and you are under no obligation at all. Indeed, no-one will ever phone you or call on you. It’s only the mail man you’ll see.”