What Would You Do With 75 Acres of Ocean View Jungle?

IMG_7885Imagine waking in a place where your only neighbors are the howler monkeys swinging on the vines of your own private forest. Imagine spending the day hiking through jungle trails, and later returning home to your tropical enclave.

IMG_7891Whether it be to enjoy the sense of freedom that ownership of your own environment affords, or to build a home, retreat center, or eco-resort, buying land can be solid investment. It also provides the kind of stress free passive investment that appeals to investors. You buy it, it sits there, it’s well behaved, and other than the value changing over time, nothing happens. Options for land purchase in Costa Rica are hugely varied. There’s farm land, elevated land, wet land, dry land, coastal land, and then,,,,,,there’s this; 75 acres of elevated verdant jungle, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, only a short drive to everything in Nosara. This is the kind of property perfectly suited to anyone seeking to design and build their dream environment, and is sure to appeals to visionaries and / or land bankers who can appreciate a property in which the possibilities are truly endless. For more information contact us, or click here to view this listing.

Stop Dreaming and Start Living – Perfect Retreat Properties in Nosara!!

As modern society becomes an increasingly stressful place to exist, the number of people rejoicing at the thought of ditching the daily 9-5 routine of getting stuck in traffic en-route to a job they don’t care for is growing rapidly. Following your heart isn’t always easy. In fact it can be downright terrifying. However, when the desire¬†to follow one’s passion is accompanied by the correct planning it really is possible to achieve a¬†lifestyle that most merely¬†dream of. As Nosara’s reputation as a holistic vacation hotspot increases, more people¬†are seeking to move here and buy into a business that promises more than the rinse and repeat way of life back home. In light of this Nosara Real Estate Report has compiled the following list of real estate opportunities suited to those looking to revamp their work life balance in paradise. Whether it be a surf camp, yoga and wellness center, or something completely different rest assured that at least one of the following properties will check all the boxes you require.

Tons of potential with this Nosara landmark

lukgThis property is home to the legendary Black Sheep English Pub. A nature retreat or wellness and yoga center are only a few of the many things this property would be perfect for. With a fifty foot lap pool, accommodation for up to 12 people, and of course your very own pub this is a great opportunity for someone looking to enter into the Nosara tourism trade. Priced at $495,000. Click here to see this listing, or here to contact us.

Get off the grid in style


This energy independent farm is truly a special place. Although it looks down on both the Pacific and the Jungle, the main house also overlooks 53,000m2 of plantations, vegetable gardens, livestock, fruit orchards and much more. This solar eco farm is a mere 10 minute drive from the ocean and is the ideal location for either an eco business, or a group or family looking to get entirely off the grid. Priced at $895,000. Click here to see this listing, or here to contact us.

Beautiful turnkey hotel. Amazing location – Great price


Hotel Paspartu sits on the main Pelada through road only 300m from the idyllic golden sands of Playa Pelada, and less than a minutes walk from all the bars, restaurants and amenities that Pelada has to offer. This is a true turnkey business that offers both a great lifestyle and immediate income for the owner. Priced at $325,000. Click here to see this listing, or here to contact us.

Land size and Location!


Not only does this great parcel of land come with an existing 3 bedroom house it is currently one of the best deals on the Nosara real estate market. It is a great option for someone looking to expand by building either long term rentals, or several cabinas for retreat guests. Located at the top of Las Huacas mountain this property was recently reduced by $100k and will not stay on the market long. Priced at $299,000. Click here to see this listing, or here to contact us.

Great lifestyle investment in San Juanillo


1500m of ocean view jungle in San Juanillo with plenty of room to expand, at a price that is hard to turn down. An incredible lifestyle investment on a property that comes with too many features too list. Priced at 299,000. Click here to see this listing, or here to contact us.

Perfect Retreat center in Playa Guiones


Buena Vista Villas is another property that represents a great opportunity to hit the ground running on a Nosara business. As well as six single units there is also a lovely 2 bedroom unit with a pool and incredible views from Ostional to Playa Guiones. This is a great option for someone either looking to attract retreat groups or just renting out the units long term. Priced at $529,000. Click here to see this listing, or here to contact us.

Hopping distance to the sand and surf


This is one of the best located pieces of real estate currently available. There is currently a small casita with a pool, and a two bedroom house that has been used as a rental property. In addition to it being in a bulls-eye G Section location the land has been legally segregated into 5 separate properties. Huge potential for surf camps or retreats in an unbeatable area. Priced at $479,000. Click here to see this listing, or here to contact us.

The Living Hotel – WOW!


In an area that increases in popularity daily, and only steps from the surf and sand of Playa Guiones The Living Hotel has already become a firm favorite with not only guests, but the many retreat groups who have made it their destination for holistic vacations. The 2400m2 of land includes an expansive saltwater swimming pool, a huge rancho, a spa, restaurant and many other fantastic amenities. Priced at $1,850,000. Click here to see this listing, or here to contact us.

Playa Guiones original holistic haven


After opening in 2003 The Heart of Guiones Wellness Center has since established a reputation as Nosara’s leading holistic wellness center. This property includes massage studios, a fitness studio, a pilates studio and an existing house, all located on the primest stretch of land in Playa Guiones. Priced at $2,125,000.¬†Click here¬†to see this listing, or¬†here¬†to contact us.

Create your own wonderland!

;liuThis well appointed Ocean View Villa sits on 20000m2 of land overlooking Playa Pelada, and with 18 separate parcels of land would make the perfect location for a B&B, Boutique Hotel, Resort, Retreat, Multi Family Compound, or simply full time or vacation home in the heart of Nosara. This is currently the only property in the Nosara real estate market of this size, with these views, and with such proximity to the beach. The potential of the place is limited only to the owners imagination. Priced at $899,000. Click here to see this listing, or  here to contact us.


Nosara Estate fit for royalty – Price Slashed by One Million Dollars

Click here to go directly to the Villa San Juan listing.

Best views in Guanacaste from the infinity pool

Whether to park money in a solid asset via land banking, to build a retirement or vacation home in a dream location, or to be able to enjoy the sense of freedom that ownership of your own environment affords, people buy land for a whole variety of different reasons. Land ownership, particularly in Costa Rica is easy. And while it may not bring in the monthly income of building ownership, smart investors know that with the right purchase they can make the same kind of money through appreciation without having to deal with tenants, leaky roofs, burst pipes and hundreds of other issues attached to owning buildings. Vacant land involves none of these things. You buy it, it sits there, it’s well behaved, and nothing happens (other than the value changing over time.) When it comes to land purchase¬†choices are as varied as home buying, often more so. There’s wet land, dry land, farm land, elevated land, coastal land, and then,,,,,,there’s this. While reading keep in mind that the motivated seller has just slashed the price by $3,5,000,000 to $2,500,000, a saving of ONE MILLION DOLLARS!

The San Juan Estate Centerpiece

The San Juan Estate Centerpiece

In the San Juan mountain area of Nosara lies more than 43 sprawling acres of pristine Costa Rican jungle where the breezes are cool, the flora and fauna are as abundant as the bountiful fruit trees, and the views make the word ‘spectacular’ seem woefully substandard. Accessible from Nosara, Playa Guiones or Garza the road leading to it ascends into a different world. Despite San Juan Villa’s 13000ft of construction, the property itself cannot be seen from the road. The first glimpse of San Juan estate is the large twin gate pillars. It’s not until visitors go through the gate and pass the helipad and fully functioning farm that the true majesty of this property becomes apparent.


Pool house and infinity pool

Imagine waking up in a sublimely tranquil environment where your only neighbors are the howler monkeys swinging on the vines of your own private forest. Imagine then spending the day hiking through jungle trails with rainforest surprises at every turn, or walking on the beach, and then returning home to your private estate where the kind of mansion that most can only dream of awaits. Native Chorotega art and sculptures, a cigar room and wine cellar, fountains, 15 ft high wrought iron doors, stained glass, concrete pillars, pool table, suite style bedrooms with walk in closets and outdoor terraces, private restaurant area with wood burning brick oven, organic fruit orchards,
helipad, and a 50,000 gallon infinity pool with a 2 bed, 2 bath pool house that is practically a mansion of it’s own, all encompassed within a property perched on the summit of San Juan Mountain.


In simple terms this property is nothing short of a masterpiece. With it’s own well and water system it is practically off grid and would be perfectly suited to movie stars, musicians, pro athletes, artists, or any nature lover with a burning desire to live an undisturbed life of quietude and tropical opulence.¬†This property has recently undergone major renovations and is in pristine condition. The incredible aspects and features of Villa San Juan go on and on. For more information click here. To jump to the listing click here.

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Thinking of buying property in Nosara? Then you should probably read this!

You’ve beat out the other offers, won the highly coveted acceptance of the seller and finally agreed on a dollar figure. It’s finally time to pull the trigger on the home of your dreams. What could possibly go wrong?


homeofyourdreamsMany of the foreign clients who come to Remax Nosara ¬†share similar concerns about their Costa Rica investment plans. ‚ÄúWhat are the potential legal pitfalls of investing here?‚ÄĚ is an issue that concerns everyone we meet. Rest assured that with the right people to guide you, the process of buying real estate should¬†be neither intimidating or confusing. Remax Nosara has written the following property buying guide to outline the best and safest ways in which to invest with confidence so you enjoy your investment for many years to come. The following steps serve only as an informative guideline. You don‚Äôt have to be an expert on these. Remember that Remax Nosara is here to handle the hard work so you don’t have to.

Property types

Much like the US, Canada, and Europe, property types available to buyers vary. Understanding the different property types available is an essential component of the buying process. The main property types are:

A. Fee simple


This is by far the most popular way to own property in Costa Rica. The concept is the same here as it is in the US. Fee simple ownership gives the buyer total ownership of the property to enjoy as they see fit. Providing you conform to Costa Rican law, the owner may sell, lease, improve or develop the property according to their wishes. The fee simple option affords buyers a high degree of legal rights and represents the easiest and most convenient method of ownership. Interested in a fee simple lot / property or home? Click here to contact us.

B. Properties in condominium


When first time visitors to Costa Rica hear this term they often think of condominiums in the form of apartments, units or townhouses. In Costa Rica, however, ‚ÄúCondominium Law‚ÄĚ exists in relation to the development of certain types of properties including condominiums, family homes, and finished lot projects. ‚ÄúProperty in condominium‚ÄĚ ownership is similar to ‚Äúfee simple‚ÄĚ ownership but usually carries developer-imposed restrictions designed to maintain both the integrity and aesthetic value of a property. Looking for a Nosara condominium? Click here to contact us and get your search started.

C. Time share


Much like in the US and Europe the time-share option grants ownership of the property to different individuals for certain weeks of the year. Time-share resorts represent a low cost way of owning a property and are becoming increasingly common in Costa Rica. Remax has a wide range of time share options. Click here to find out more.

D. Untitled property


This is the type of property that a smart realtor wisely steers clear of. Unless you are comfortable with the idea of a long, costly legal battle which you may ultimately lose, then our advice is simple: avoid at all costs.

E. Maritime zone


This is an area where legal issues become complex. Property within 150-200 meters of the ocean is subject to strict legislation and there are restrictions on foreign ownership. Land within the 150-200 meter zone is known as concession land. While it is possible in some cases to purchase the right to use concession land, any form of development is dependent on stringent legal measures. 

Let’s assume you have finally found the home of your dreams. Now for the paperwork. The following procedures outline the steps that you must take to safely and securely purchase a Costa Rican property. But first, in order to protect yourself while negotiating the obstacle course of paperwork and potential red tape, you will need a lawyer. Technically, a lawyer is not required to purchase property in Costa Rica. However to avoid the possibility of being ripped off, then the answer is simple: find a good lawyer. Costa Rica is awash with all kinds of lawyers so finding one isn’t difficult. Finding the one that can meet your specific needs may be a little trickier. As with every stage of the buying process, Remax Nosara is here to point you in the right direction. If you choose to find a lawyer independently look for the following:

Notary: Although a lawyer (particularly a property lawyer) may also be a qualified notary this is not always the case so it is important to check beforehand. A notary is required to register the property with the Costa Rican National Registry.

Bilingual:  All contracts will be in Spanish and unless you speak the language perfectly you will need a bilingual lawyer capable of word perfect contract translations.

References:  Speak to people whom you trust who have previously bought property in Costa Rica. If they point you towards someone they can vouch for, ask that lawyer to produce recommendations received from previous clients.

Forming a corporation

When purchasing property in Costa Rica, Remax Nosara advises that it is done in a corporations’s name. Not only does it simplify the entire process, it can lower capital gains tax and allows for increased flexibility in future transactions and other matters. If you do not own a corporation then rest assured it is much easier than it may sound. Remax Nosara will be happy to help guide you through this process. The basics to setting up a corporation are:

  • Choose an original name
  • Appoint a board of directors consisting of a president, secretary and treasurer (Initial incorporators may occupy these positions).

  • Decide on the capital profits of the corporation and how that income will be divided among the incorporators.

The following contains the practical steps prior to signing. If you have by this time hired a reputable lawyer then you can feel confident that the following aspects of the buying process will be handled efficiently by them.

  • Title search: Each property carries with it something called a ‘folio real’ number. This number is specific to one property and is an essential requirement when researching whether the property is free of debt or liens and is not subject to dispute.
  • Compare the plano (land survey document) with the information turned up by the title search to make sure the details are verifiable.

  • The building of a structure on your land requires a ‘use of land’ (suelo) letter from the local municipality indicating this is legally possible.

  • Check whether the land or property comes with basic utilities such as electricity, telephone and running water.

  • Submit an offer taking into account the items present on your last visit to the property. This will ensure that any verbal agreements concerning exactly what is included are adhered to. Often an offer may be written up with a minimal ‘good faith’ deposit that may be be raised to 10% within a month.

  • The offer must be submitted on a genuine Costa Rican legal document.

  • Make sure the legal purchase details includes the following:

  1. Full names of buyer and seller.
  2. A detailed schedule of all closing costs
  3. Terms and conditions of sale
  4. A due diligence schedule including provisions regarding what happens if the property fails the due diligence. Lay out clearly the due diligence period and provisions if it fails to pass.
  5. Full payment schedule including amounts to be credited and withdrawn from from the escrow accounts on the agreed dates
  6. Legal description of the property

Before closing:

The seller is obliged to show receipt of payment of any fees attached to the property including:

  • Any applicable fees such as condominium or HOA.

  • Receipts showing that utilities have been paid.

  • Receipts showing that utilities have been paid.

During closing:

  • The signing of the legally drafted Transfer Deed takes place.

  • Buyer makes payment as per the agreement of purchase¬†.

  • In order to update the property tax record, the buyer‚Äôs attorney must advise the Municipal Government of the transfer.

After closing:

  • Buyer‚Äôs attorney records the Transfer Deed in the public registry.

  • When registered, official ownership documents are delivered¬†to the¬†buyer.

  • Buyer informs the municipal government of the property transfer so that they may update the municipal property tax record.

So why Re/Max?

In a market where the number of self proclaimed real estate ‘professionals’ is increasing at an alarming rate it is crucial that you choose one who truly has your best interests at heart. Remax Nosara understands that the purchase of a new property represents one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. We stand by our commitment to help you find your perfect property within a timeline and a price that exceeds your expectations. We look forward to assisting you with each and every step of the way. If you’re ready to make the move on the home you always dreamed of contact us now and find out just how good we are at making dreams come true.