New businesses set to go in Nosara!!

  • December 4, 2014

 The hotels are filling up, the dust masks are standard issue and seldom does a single wave go unridden. The 2014 Nosara high season has started with a bang, and the increase in visitors has given rise to some cool new businesses up and running in town. Check out the Nosara Real Estate Reports guide to the latest offerings from it’s business community.


La Bodega Mercado

labodeg3What – Anyone recall Panchos? Well forget whatever you remember because the whole spot now has a brand new face courtesy of the of the team that dreamed up La Bodega Mercado. The love that’s gone into the place is evident as soon as you step in. From the incredible wine selection, the full range of superfoods, the spice and flour range, the brand new décor, through to the tunes that will have you dancing while you shop.

The new owners have left no stone unturned in their quest to provide Nosara residents with fresh and alternative produce at unbeatable prices. La Bodega has just opened and is already a hit with local residents. Expect more great things in the very near future including a deli section featuring the full range of outrageously tasty juices from Go-Juice.

labodega2Where – Left turn coming from Playa Guiones at 5 points, midway down the road to Playa Pelada on the left

When – Weekdays and Saturday 8AM-7PM Sunday 10AM-5PM

Contact – 2682-0282



crbarWhat – Rumblings regarding whats happening with this as yet nameless space have been traversing the Nosara coconut wire for some time now. After speaking with the team taking over the place Nosara Real Estate Report can confirm that plans are underway for a Costa Rican Gastropub with a ton of heart, designed to remind people that despite the westernization of Playa Guiones, we still live in Costa Rica. Expect great music, awesome food, insane beers and unforgettably good times at prices that reflect the true Costa Rican experience. Be excited!!

Where – Next to el ferreteria

When – Soon enough!

Contact – TBA

El Centro Comercial

bombaWhat – The new Nosara commercial center currently has a Liquor store/Minisuper and a souvenir shop. With a few spare units running adjacent to these it probably won’t be long before a few new businesses move in. Watch this space!



Living Cafe

nosara1What – Building on the success of the previous season the Living Cafe is back with a brand new menu. This menu features a wide range of unique signature dishes that are currently proving wildly popular with guests. Whether it be The Whole Shabang, The Divine Calling or the Blue Rhapsody all items on the menu are as delicious as their inventive names would suggest. The smoothies and desserts are equally glorious. If you haven’t yet checked out the Living Cafe yet you’re in for a treat.

Where – The Living Hotel – Playa Guiones North

When – Currently 8AM-4PM but dinner opening coming soon

Contact – 8377 0037 / 2682 5201

Go juice

gojuice gojuice2What – In bygone days the mere mention of a ‘food truck’ would conjure images of a dilapidated trailer doling out noxious, greasy food and empty calories. Times have changed. Thanks to popular chefs and quirky foodies getting in on the act the modern day food truck has become a celebration of fine cuisine. After washing down the Poke Tuna bowl (raw poke tuna over sushi rice with ginger, sesame and soy sauce) with one of Go Juices freshly blended range of juices it becomes clear that ‘fresh cuisine’ is the surefire mandate for Playa Guiones first food truck. If you haven’t experienced the Go Juice food truck then it should be at the top of your to do list because raw fruit and vegetables never tasted so damn good.

Where – At the intersection to the North Entrance of Playa Guiones

When – 8AM-5PM Everyday

Contact – 8682-4692

Nosara Surf Academy

kimboWhat – Strictly speaking, Nosara Surf Academy is not a new business, however the location has changed and it looks set to become stronger than ever. Nosara Surf Academy has used it’s established history of success as a platform to move onwards and upwards. The new office boasts a huge quiver of new surfboards and if you thought the previous location at The Gilded Iguana was good, wait until you see where they are now.

kimbo2Where –  At the intersection to the North end of Playa Guiones

When – 7.30AM-5.30PM

Contact-8535-5855 / 2682 0309


iquadWhat – Again, not a new business but one which has changed locations and still promises the same incredible service that has established it as Nosaras leading ATV tour and rental company. If you’ve yet to experience rolling through the Guanacaste hills and rivers perched on one of these things then you should make it a priority.

iquad2Where – 50M past the Frogpad in Casa Limon

When – 9AM-5PM Everyday

Contact – 8629-8349


sadfWhat – Despite an element of mystery surrounding the spot formerly known as Pacific Azul we have it on good authority that the space will soon be transformed into a rotisserie chicken eatery named ‘Macho’ restaurant. For more info you’ll just have to wait until it opens.

Where – Opposite Kaya Sol on the former Pacifico Azul location

When – Opening hours TBA

Contact – 2682-0700

Solo Bueno

solobueno2What – Remember the ultra chill, surf shack hostel on the way to the North entrance of Playa Guiones? Well, it’s undergone a major facelift, and after major work and a whole lotta love it was recently unveiled to the public. Anyone who attended the recent Caricaco Festival opening party is now well aware that despite the changing vibe of Solo Bueno the place is at least as cool, and arguably infinitely cooler than it used to be. Solo Bueno restaurant and bar is now open for business with a menu featuring insane mojitos, seared scallops, New York strip steak and a range of dishes concocted from the days freshest ingredients. Watch this space for coming live entertainment.

solobuenoWhere – Look for the signs 250m down on the left when heading to the beach on the North Playa Guiones road

When – 11.30AM – 10PM

Contact – 2682-1284


RAD Boutique

zxcvWhat – If it’s clothes you’re looking for then Playa Guiones has a wealth of options, providing those clothes are boardshorts, tank tops, T-shirts and Yoga Pants. But if you’re after something a little more elegant then RAD boutique has got you covered. As the restaurants and nightlife in Playa Guiones head more upmarket RAD boutique was created to fill the long overlooked gap in the market pdfkmhbto provide elegant, stylish ladies clothing and accessories. Despite being around last season the owner of RAD Boutique has taken it up a notch and now operates out of a great location on Guiones High Street. Definitely worth checking out.

Where – Follow the upper terrace steps from Cafe De Paris. RAD boutique is just before Howling Monkey Tours.

When – Mon – Sat 10AM-4PM

Contact – 8320-6377



tibidaboWhat – Tibidabo offers an enticing range of traditional Spanish dishes including paella, imported meats and cheeses and some seriously habit-forming desserts. Maximum culinary love in an elegant minimalist setting with great service, great styling and great food.

Where – Driving to the beach on the Central Playa Guiones Entrance take the first left after Coldwell Banker

When – 12PM-10PM everyday except Tuesdays

Contact – 2682-0837

Nosara Love

love2What – As Nosara shifts towards becoming increasingly upmarket it’s refreshing when something comes along to remind us of the towns hippy roots. Susana and Manolo have done exactly that in the shape of Nosara Love. This stunning little bohemian boutique was constructed from recycled wood and represents a truly unique way to display their impressive loverange of ladies clothing, leather accessories and jewelry. All of the products on offer at Nosara Love were made in Costa Rica by small independent family companies and this place should surely serve as a blueprint for the future approach to business planning in Nosara.

Where –  On the land between Cachos Surf School

When – 10AM-6PM

Contact – 2682-0182

Chorotega Surf School

chorotegaWhat – Two of Nosaras best and most well established surf instructors have decided to branch out and start their own surf school. Much as you’d expect from a surf school run by instructors of this caliber the list of happy customers is huge. As the Playa Guiones surf instruction market steadily grows expect these guys to be at the front of the pack.

Where – Chorotega operates out of Momma Rosa Hotel.

When – All year round

Contact – 8518-9495


Nosara Concierge

NC3What – Whats better than a Costa Rican vacation? Nothing! Unless of course during the course of that vacation everything from your accommodations, personal chef, adventure tours, spa services and literally everything else you can imagine has been taken care of before you arrive. Nosara concierge was created to provide all of the above and more, with the sole aim of guaranteeing its clients the most stress free vacation possible. The word vacation literally means to ‘leave behind’ and if you’re the kind of person who intends to do exactly that then Nosara Concierge is there to exceed your expectations.

NC2Where – Nosara Concierge has an office behind Bagelmens

When – Year Round



Sunset peak

SP3What – This 2 acre private property has recently been transformed into a luxury haven for family and friends, retreat groups, destination wedding groups and anyone looking to spend an incredible vacation in Nosara. Sunset peak is perched atop of Las Huacas mountain, and despite the revamp the view remains as spectacular as ever. Sunset peak boasts an expansive main house, a double and single cabina, a huge swimming pool, outdoor bar area, a beautiful rancho, and a few thousand square meters of lush gardens to explore.

Where – Las Huacas Mountain

When – All year round



Costa Rica Reef Adventures

chimoWhat – If science devised a way to hardwire a sonic fishfinder device to someones brain then the result would be local Nosara legend Allan (chimpi) Matarrita. Actually, for the sake of accuracy his name is now Captain Matarrita because he just went and got himself a sweet new boat. In addition to half day and full day fishing tours services include sunset cruises and marine life watching tours. Despite being the new kid on the block early reports indicate great things.

Where – Playa Garza

When – All year round

Contact – 8612-2347 or check out the Costa Rica Reef Adventures Facebook page.




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