Bruce Northam of American Detour visits Nosara, Costa Rica.

  • November 28, 2012

Bruce Northam recently made a trip to Nosara, and stayed at Namaste Oasis, the Fractional Ownership based resort in the K section of Playa Guiones. Click here to read the article.

Bruce really has a way with words and gives Nosara and Playa Guiones the credit it deserves. He writes:

“Nature is still running the show on Costa Rica’s Guanacaste Peninsula, a rugged nature sanctuary gracing the Pacific coast. At its heart is Nosara, a marine development, surrounded by verdant hills, nicknamed “The American Project” in the late 1960s. It’s still a beach town on a mission to never really have one because the founding fathers and mothers cleverly put the environment first.”


“Nosara has everything you’d expect to find in a tourist beach town—fancy boutiques, fruit and fish markets, surf shops, and restaurants inspired by different corners of the world—but you’re a long way from paved roads, casinos, franchises, or bragging rights for the fanciest car. Here, vehicles with air intake snorkels looming above their windshields so they can drive in four feet of water get a tip of the cap.”


But save the best for last. Bruce, who has travelled all over the world, has this to say about Namaste Oasis.

“Namaste Oasis is the coolest pad in Nosara’s jungle. This boutique resort is a 10-minute shaded walk to the beach. Its two sleek, two-story hillside buildings create four 1000 square-foot ultra-modern two-bedroom condos with grand balconies overlooking a freshwater pool. Or more simply, it’s a private resort with four swank garden apartments. Here, maid-insured cleanliness, working modern appliances, and dependable everything is a rarity. The four units recall something you’d find in the Hollywood Hills, except that you’re at the end of a dirt road while the howler monkeys do their thing: howl. I catch one cold a year, and it’s usually from air-conditioning. Keeping the walls of sliding glass doors open, I encountered no bugs, only sunrise jungle sounds—and the huge, accessible balcony seems to double your square footage. The full kitchen is an ideal place to cook the one-dollar lobster tails from the local market.


Namaste Oasis is a feature listing of REMAX First Choice Realty in Nosara. See the listing here.

A little bit about the author:

Bruce Northam, the writer and host of American Detour, has reported (mostly good news) from 125 countries on seven continents. His keynote speech, Street Anthropology, is a hit on campus and at corporate events and Governor’s Tourism Conferences. His book, Globetrotter Dogma, is an award-winning ode to freestyle wandering.


More great press for the Nosara area, and we know that its just the start. The real estate markets here are just scratching the surface and now is the best time in the last 5 years to purchase a investment property. For more information, please visit



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