RE/MAX First Choice Realty acquires Nosara Real Estate brokerage – Creating the Largest Real Estate Company in Nosara

  • April 19, 2017

It’s been almost five decades since a north American property developer decided after years spent developing property in the Caribbean, land prices were rising too rapidly and it was time to look further afield. The developer was Alan Hutcheson, AKA, the “father of the American Project,’ and the new location he selected as his base of operations was the remote jungle paradise of Playa Guiones. The plan was simple; relate the beauty of this place to New York’s premier marketing wizards and let them do their thing. Within a short time, this spectacular area of Costa Rican coastline was on the pages of both the New York Times and a number of other select lifestyle publications.


In the fifty years since the trading of land in and around Playa Guiones began in earnest, it stands to reason that decades later, after many ups and down, booms and busts,  the real estate industry remains alive, and extremely healthy in Nosara. In a place where making a living can be tough, the local real estate industry might offers a decent income to those with the character traits necessary to flourish in this rewarding albeit often extremely challenging line of work. The original real estate pioneers , for the most part, have now come and gone. However, in their wake followed a second wave of individuals lured by the surf and ambiance for whom the business of real estate served as a great way to sustain their lifestyle. One such individual was Darin McBratney – founder of one of the areas longest standing real estate brokerage, Nosara Real Estate. On the earlier days of real estate in Nosara, Darin comments :


“In the early nineties the real estate market terrain was a far cry from today” says Darin. “The local bank was a table and chair set up at Nosara airport by a bank representative. He’d drive in once a week from Nicoya to take care of business. As well as serving as the town’s only banking service it was a great place to meet folks and develop relationships with local townspeople. Back then most of the land in the area hadn’t yet been subdivided and was owned by a very small, tight knit group of local families. It was a great time to be here.”


Founded by Darin in 1991 , “Nosara Real Estate”  became the most well know name in  the business transacting a substantial majority of real estate sales in the market, and having the largest operation in town for many years, in terms of both listings and real estate agents. launched in March of the year 2000, making it the longest existing real estate online website in the history of Nosara.  In the 26 years since its opening it has become part of Nosara history for all time, evidence of which is to be found in both its unparalleled list of client relationships, and prolific record of brokered deals and satisfied customers.


In light of Nosara Real Estate’s laudable history it’s easy to see the potential acquisition of the company represented an very real opportunity  – an opportunity quickly seized by RE/MAX First Choice Realty, owned by businessman and entrepreneur Jeff Grosshandler. After a round of meetings and negotiations undertaken to ensure that the terms of the sale, it was decided that RE/MAX First Choice Nosara was to be the new owner of “Nosara Real Estate”,  a decision that both parties feel represents a major step toward the creation of Nosara’s largest, most efficient real estate entity to date.

“In terms of their history” says Darin “RE/MAX is one of the newer kids on the block. however what they’ve achieved has been amazing to watch.  I’ve respected the way in which they’ve operated since they opened.  The guys working there are people I socialize with, and surf with. They’re professional, trustworthy, and efficient. We have a shared goal when it comes to the responsible development of this town and I’m confident that my client base will be cared for with the same level of care and attention they have come to expect from working with Nosara Real Estate over the past two and a half decades.”


For  RE/MAX First Choice Realty owner Jeffrey Grosshandler,  the acquisition of  a veteran company represents what he feels can mark a dramatic positive shift for the industry. On the buyout of Nosara Real Estate, he comments that:

“The combination of both firms’ resources, experience, agents, and technology will offer clients looking to buy or sell real estate the smoothest, most efficient experience on offer” says Jeff. “This acquisition will result in the largest and most comprehensive real estate brokerage in the area. We have 5 working agents, over 200  active listings, including a large exclusive listing inventory of hand selected properties for sale, only the best of the best. Having a complete inventory allows us to accurately price and market properties for sale, and gives both real estate buyer and seller a great gauge for competitive analysis of their properties, which can be very difficult to do in this market. The creation of the larger organization under a single roof will enhance liquidity through facilitating a fair real estate market characterized by efficiency, integrity, and total customer satisfaction.”


As the RE/MAX team begins the process of integrating the two offices, Darin McBratney, who also owns one of Costa Rica’s most successful yoga and lifestyle resorts has plans of his own. “I’m not retiring from real estate, and will still be operating in a consultant role,” he says. “I’m just adopting more of a advisory and support position to free up time for certain passion projects that I’ve been working for some time to bring to fruition.”

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The deal closed on April 3rd of 2017 after an initial transition period of 4 months. For more information please contact