Nosara Yoga Institute For Sale – The Inside Story!

  • January 13, 2016

The news concerning Nosara Yoga Institute’s recent entry onto the real estate market has created a buzz among the growing number of yoga forerunners looking to set up shop in the holistic Mecca of Playa Guiones.

The 4.25 acre property which incorporates a large, luxury family home, verdant tropical gardens, offices, and a wide range of practice and instruction facilities was recently listed with the ReMax First Choice Nosara office at a price tag of $5.25 Million. To find out more Nosara Real Estate Report recently spent time at Nosara Yoga Institute. We spoke with the owners about how this bastion of Yoga instruction came to hold such revered standing throughout the global yoga community.


Standing in the shade of one of the many old growth trees it becomes readily apparent why Nosara Yoga Institute has come to be regarded as the Central American epicentre of Yoga practice and instruction. “Beginners often come for the postural yoga without realizing that its all connected through mind, body, emotions but importantly, by the environment,” says Nosara Yoga Institute co-founder Don Stapleton. “The program and the yoga are one thing,” he continues IMG_0941“but when these are practiced in a location like this it’s the Nosara environment that really transforms students. We’ve always striven to make the yoga as great as possible but still question whether we would have been quite so successful if it weren’t for an environment as special as this one.”

IMG_0893In 1994, amid the spectacular coastal jungle landscape of Playa Guiones, Don Stapleton and his wife Amba arrived in Nosara with the intention of offering students classes and courses that went beyond traditional poses and styles. “Before we arrived there may have been sparse pockets of yoga throughout Costa Rica, but we were the first to create a teacher training facility, and the first to create a residential environment where students could stay for extended periods,” says Amba Stapleton.

IMG_1006More than 20 years later, what began as a modest yoga bed and breakfast has evolved into a leading, internationally recognized center specializing in 200-, 300-, 500- and 1,000-hour yoga teacher training programs and RYT certification courses. Since it’s inception Don Stapletons creative and educational prowess, along with Amba’s directorial and entrepreneurial foresight have coalesced to produce a number of flawlessly designed, comprehensive programs including Self Awakening Yoga, Interdisciplinary Yoga, Pranassage and Vinyasa Flow. Don and Amba’s philosophy that running a successful business is it’s “own form of it’s yoga” has been crucial in cementing the reputation Nosara yoga Institute currently boasts. In IMG_0970addition to paving the way to transform Playa Guiones into the Yoga hub visitors and residents enjoy today, Nosara Yoga Institute has also established itself as one of Central Americas leading professional yoga teacher training establishments.

The most memorable compliment we’ve ever received is the same one that has repeated since the start. People tell us they’re not the same person they were when they came, and that their experience studying yoga here in the Costa Rican Jungle has fundamentally impacted their life for the better” says Don. “We’re proud of our teaching programs” continues Amba, “but we never forget that with yoga, the real teacher is nature. It’s a lot easier to teach people about their natural IMG_0918relationship with themselves when you live and work in a place like this. Living this remotely, next to such a great beach is the perfect platform for students to excel. The fact that we can help them while making a good living is a reward we will always be grateful for.”

20 years ago a young couple decided to cast off and follow a dream. They pursued their aspiration with gusto. After creating a sanctuary now considered unparalleled among the global yogic community Don and Amba have now decided to follow another dream; to write, travel, and teach.

IMG_0988This place is wonderful and has obviously been a huge part of our lives” says Don. “Even now it continues to grow, but we feel the time has come to hand over the reins to someone who can build on our successes.” In closing, Amba thanks the local community for the part they have played in Nosara Yoga Institute’s successes. “Were so grateful to everyone in Nosara,” says Amba. “This did not become a yoga mecca out of nowhere,” she continues. “The local community, the business people, we’ve been supported by everybody and will always owe a debt of gratitude to those who have supported us throughout the years.”

For more information on this property contact us. Click here to view the listing directly.

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