Nosara Vacation Rental Market poised to sky rocket in 2013-2014

  • April 16, 2013

With U.S. markets beginning to turn around drastically, the Dow currently exceeding its prior peak from October of 2007, jobless claims recently hitting a 5 year average low, and the construction industry struggling to keep up with new demand, real estate markets are being rocketed back to life. In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in the northeastern United States we are seeing tremendous gains in house pricing and construction. In the northeast in particular, where a significant amount of American wealth is concentrated, working class Americans are being put back to work at an explosive pace. New construction starts in February alone rose 0.8% and building permits were up 4.6%. This is the highest level increase in almost five years!!! With the increase in employment there is also clear signs of increased spending among this group of consumers. Retail sales in February in the United States climbed 1.1 percent. Sure, this all sounds great for the economy in North America, but you’re probably wondering how on earth this relates to Nosara vacation rentals and overall real estate market in Costa Rica. Well, I’ll tell you how. With a serious influx of disposable income for a large amount of middle-class North Americans, we are going to see a serious influx of North American travelers ready to spend some of their hard earned cash on a Nosara vacation rental.

With traditional vacation spots in New York and New Jersey still at least a season away from being fully operational, North American travelers are being forced to look elsewhere. Most construction companies are overwhelmed with work for the next six months at least. Don’t expect many of them to forgo this potential income to take their normal summer family vacations. Instead, most construction companies and their crews will be working around the clock through the summer time and will be in desperate need of a vacation when the work slows down a bit as the seasons change. This is just in time for the Nosara vacation rental high season.

If you are considering purchasing an investment property in Nosara, now is the time, with potentially massive ROI coming in the next high season. As the market currently stands there is a shortage of high-end inventory to keep up with the consistently increasing demand in the area. A few new projects are springing up in the area to cater to the new high-end clientele Nosara is beginning to attract. Projects like The Colony at Nosara have come onto the market at just the right time to take advantage of this boom. We expect and hope to see more developments of this level of luxury in Nosara and will be posting them on the Nosara Real Estate Report Vacation Rentals page as we find them. If you have been considering renting your property for next high season, purchasing a property as an investment, or building to rent, NOW IS THE TIME!!!! If you are considering travelling to Nosara in the coming months or year, now is the time to book your rental.

Our aim at the Nosara Real Estate Report is find the best value vacation rental homes in Nosara and bring them directly to you. Beginning today we will be featuring weekly the best value rentals available in the area through the RE/MAX First Choice Nosara network. We will be sharing everything from high end family homes to small, medium and large homes and compounds fit for groups of 20 or more. Our goal is to bring to light ALL of the available rental properties in Nosara, for every price range and type of traveler, in one single location. Our first featured rental is a beautiful new three bedroom home located just a block away from the beach as well as three of the best restaurants in Guiones. Check out some photos below or view the full listing at RE/MAX First Choice. For three more newly featured listings of equally high quality visit our vacation rental page here. 


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