Nosara Real Estate in 2013 – The Year Nosara Went “Mainstream”

  • January 12, 2013

My what a difference a week makes. This year marks an all time high for both rental prices and occupancy rates for the Nosara area. The Christmas and New Years holiday weeks were highlighted by the influx of first timers to the area, eager to explore, relax, and renew their spirits before heading back to to wherever they call home. Now that these crowds have cleared out, the real buyers are back, looking to make Nosara their new home, never having to say that difficult “goodbye” when boarding a plane on the way back to the States or elsewhere.


The last week we  experienced a large increase of written offers and DABO’s for listings at our office. Additionally, we are seeing a huge uptick in calls and emails regarding real estate buying trips scheduled for February and March, and have booked three Fly Try and Buy groups in the last couple of days. If you have been in the market, kicking tires but not able to find exactly what you were looking for, remember this: the times where buyers had the luxury of seeing everything and everything on the market and waiting for a great deal to come along are things of the past. The “new normal” here, is that well priced properties that are marketed properly sell. The “new normal” here is that if you find something you like, you need to make an offer. The new normal is an increase of creative financing and lease to buy purchase arrangements, that work best for both buyers and sellers.


One last note – the town is changing. The beach areas are far from the low density sanctuaries they have been known for in the past. As predicted by The NosaraRealEstateReport – the biggest change in the market is that we have buyers who directly and immediately are looking for properties outside of the main beach areas, in order to avoid the neighborhood noise pollution, rampant and lingering dust situation, as well as to enjoy the privacy of a home located on 2 full acres instead of a 1/16th acre lot. The vacation and retirement home buyers are smarter than ever, and looking for the same thing that people came here 10,20, and 30 years ago were looking for, but that can only now be found in the areas just outside of the beach lots. Not surprisingly, the biggest interest we have seen in the beach properties, are almost entirely investors, looking to boost ROI and take advantage of the high rental prices and occupancy rates. Whether or not you are looking for a home for yourself, or an investment to earn an income on, we are here to help you reach those goals.


Outside of the real estate market commentary – there are some big changes in Nosara that people who have been visiting the area or living here for a while may find surprising. In particular, is how many people there are at the beach! Gone are the days of finding yourself alone on Playa Guiones, with perhaps a cold coconut water in your hand and couple of local dogs chasing playfully around in the shallows. Now, more and more families, that bring tents for shade are spending long mornings and sleepy afternoons lounging on the beach. There are locker rentals at the main beach entrance, vendors on every street – there is even a place to rent bring orange beach umbrellas and beach lounge chairs. Change is not good – it is not bad – it just all part of an ongoing process. The spirit of the travelers that are coming to Nosara still make this such a unique and special place, and we know the effect the area may have, as we warn all of our first timers “Once you visit Nosara, its a place you will return to many other times in your life.” Just about everyone by the third or fourth trip remind me that they never thought it would be true, but how happy they are to have found this place and the joy and satisfaction it brings to their lives.


Not to mention, there are more and more public events and attractions to the area. The first round of the Nosara Triple Crown surfing event is taking place this morning. We snapped off a few photos to show what the town has been like lately and how it will continue to be in the coming weeks, months, and years.


On the horizon for the Nosara Real Estate Report – is an exclusive article fully detailing construction costs, techniques, and contractors/building companies, as well as a look at the evolution of these things, comparing the difference between the building process and prices now, when compared to 5, 10, or even 20 years ago. For now – enjoy the photos and please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have if you are in the market for a vacation home or investment in real estate in Nosara, Costa Rica.








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