Nosara – An Adventurers Nirvana

  • October 1, 2014

In addition to some of the planets most consistent surf; jungles, rivers and mountain trails are just a selection of the features that the Nosara landscape offers. The net result is something pretty special: AN ADVENTURERS’ PARADISE!! If your’e looking to make the most of your time in Nosara then the following guide will show you how.


005Playa Guiones picks up both North and South facing swells delivering rideable waves here over 300 days a year. Great waves for newbies but still plenty of waves for everybody from beginner to expert.

Coconut Harrys Surf School:2682 1852

Nosara Tico surf school: 2682-4076

Cachos Surf School: 2682-5531

Safari Surf School: 2682-0113

Nosara Surf Academy: 2682-5082

Agua Tibia Surf School: 2682 5508

Surf Simply:


zip-lineTraversing majestic mountain ridges and valleys, soaring high above multiple ravines, with breathtaking vistas of rivers, waterfalls and the Pacific Ocean. Suitable for nature lovers, adventurers, families and all who wish to experience the ultimate canopy tour adventure; Miss Sky Canopy promises to be the experience of a lifetime: 2682-0969


horseridIf theres one thing Costa Ricans know about its horses. For novices and experienced riders alike, horse riding really rates as one of the foremost ways in which to immerse oneself in the splendour of the Costa Rican landscape. Playa Ponies: 2682-5096



fisSailfish, snapper, yellowfin tuna, snook, mahi mahi, roosterfish, black, blue and striped marlin – in short: some of the best sport-fishing on the planet. Fishing Nosara: 2682-0606



ATV rentals / tours

atvWhether you’re a veteran, or completely new to the thrilling sport of off-road ATVing, the terrain in and around Nosara provides an abundance of both epic scenery and first rate riding.

I-quad 8629-8349, Monkey Quads 2682 4067

Howling Monkey Buggies

howling-monkey-adventuresUnique military grade buggies with amazing local guides make for a safe and thrilling ride into remote terrain. Observe Howler Monkeys, exotic birds, and a variety of other jungle dwellers in their native state. Howling Monkey: 2682-0624



kThis tour has long been a favourite amongst Nosara visitors. After five minutes serenely paddling down the mangrove lined waters of the Rio Nosara, and palpably feeling your blood pressure drop as you float past a multitude of exotic species of birds and monkeys you’ll understand why. Drifters Kayaks: 2682 1280


yogNosara has gained international recognition as one of the worlds leading yoga hotspots. Here is a selection of some of the many options available to either novice or seasoned yogis.

Living Hotel: 2682 5201

Costa Rica Yoga Spa: 2682-0192

Nosara Yoga institute: 2682 0594

Studio Guiones:  2682-0096

Harmony Healing centre: 2682-4154

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