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Pets in Paradise

Nosara is home to well-loved pets thanks to the animal-loving community and dedicated hard work of its animal rescue organizations. Pets live wonderful lives here in Nosara; excellent veterinary services, imported pet food, dog boarding, and training facilities are all available and affordable. 

Nosara Animal Care and Amor Animales are two rescue organizations that aim to get cats and dogs off the streets by coordinating foster care, assist with spay/neutering, and even arrange for medical attention if need be. The adoption process itself is unintimidating, being that it is quick and easy. Now, due to the organizations’ stellar work, it is seldom that we see strays roaming the streets in danger of getting hit by vehicles or scavenging for food. Every year there are fundraising events to benefit these non-profit organizations and bring the community together for a good cause. 

In addition to intervention practices, these organizations collaborate with one of the town’s favorite veterinarian clinics, Safari Animal Care, to provide castration clinics as a preventative measure. These clinics have contributed significantly to keeping the number of strays in town at bay. Their clinic also offers a “doggy hotel” for when residents pop out of town and need a trusting eye on their loved one(s). 

It is a common sight to see canines on quads and motorcycles with their owners commuting around town. The beach is perhaps the most popular destination! Sunset hour at the beach is for locals and tourists alike to enjoy the end of another beautiful day, and it’s also a great time for neighborhood dogs to mingle and play. When timed with low tide, dogs have endless beach to run around on and their choice of tide pools to swim in. 

Because of how close the Nosara community is, residents often know each other’s pets by face and name (which comes in handy when ensuring their safe return if they’ve snuck out of the house). Many local businesses even have the pleasure of having their mascots at work with them, serving as the welcome committee – no word on what their minimum wage is though.

Writing:  Lev Piatigorsky. Remax First Choice Nosara.

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