How quickly can I sell my real estate in Nosara, Costa Rica?

  • September 25, 2012

How quickly can I sell?


So you are thinking about selling your property or home?  Gone are the days of listing a property and sitting back, hoping for some hits online or walk in customers. You need a new approach, a fresh start – this is exactly what  RE/MAX First Choice Realty is here for – to sell your real estate in Nosara, Costa Rica.
How long will it take to sell your property? The answer to this question depends on a number of factors – In Nosara, the real estate market, just like the tourist market, is seasonal. 80% of real estate transactions take place between November and April, inclusive. The earlier into this “peak” season you can list, the better the chance of selling your home quickly. Another factor in how fast your home will sell, is obviously, the price. It depends on the sellers goal – how motivated are you? The reality is, at the right price, a piece of real estate will definitely sell. You should consider your current financial circumstances and decide if this is a “need-to-sell” transaction or a “want-to-sell” transaction.

The time it will take to sell your real estate in Nosara Costa Rica, depends on the price levels, which include:

  • A Liquidation price (firesale) if you wish to sell in 30 days or less
  • An Investor level price, which  may take 3-6 months, or
  • A full retail level price, which will take 6-24 months.


In addition to proper pricing of your home, presentation is also key. Think about any shopping experience you may have had – When you are in the market for anything, from clothing, to cars, to houses, presentation and visibility is so important! You wouldn’t buy a wrinkled pair of jeans with stains in them would you? (Maybe in Williamsburg, Brooklyn!) You wouldn’t buy a car with faded paint, cracked windshield, or a musty smell coming from the upholstery, would you?  Presenting your home to the buyer in the best way possible is an incredibly important but overlooked aspect of selling your real estate, and will have a direct and measurable effect on how long it takes to sell. at RE/MAX First Choice Realty, we know how to present your property, and will be upfront and honest with you about any minor changes needed. These may include minor tweaks to your home, such as painting walls with neutral colors, rearranging or de-cluttering furniture, cleaning up and storage of personal items, as well as staging and professional photography portfolios. If you are selling a vacant lot – chop down the weeds and grass – spend a few bucks planting some nice landscaping, flowers, or baby palms (buyers LOVE THIS)  -and its super cheap to do!

Lastly, how quickly your home or property will sell will all depend on you. If you take our advice, and listen to our suggestions – we will sell your home or property in the time frame you are aiming for.

At RE/MAX First Choice Realty, we will give you the best possible chance to sell your home and tap into the largest audience of qualified buyers.
A final note to keep in mind, the real estate market here is always changing. When analyzing prices on a moving average basis, Nosara real estate prices have held relatively strong since the real estate crash and Global Financial Crisis, and now, with low inventories of quality homes and lots, prices have started to rise as transactions also are increasing.  With the added press Nosara has received in the last year though NY Times, BBC, and Nat Geo Traveler, the number of tourist arrivals has grown dramatically and the 2013 peak season is looking like the first turn away from a buyers market and inching slowly but surely towards a sellers market. If you have been on the sidelines waiting to sell, now is the best time in the last four years to list your property.

For more information on selling your home and the real estate market in Nosara, Costa Rica, please contact us at CR 8634.0568 or US 201.850.8309

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