Heart Of Guiones Wellness Center – Tica Massage and Studio Guiones For Sale

  • April 28, 2015
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Considering Nosara Wellness is only steps from the ocean it’s little wonder the ‘surfers massage’ has become the stuff of legend

The news that Nosara offers a lifestyle that most people merely dream about is no secret. It has become the favored choice among those seeking low key, healthy vacations with a relaxed pace of life and sublime tropical vibe. Arguably, the reason that Nosara took the shape we see today is because many of its early business pioneers were an eclectic mix of surfers, yogis and intrepid bohemians. One such individual was Richard Jordan. Originally from San Diego, Richard first stumbled across Nosara in 2001. 14 years later he is responsible for the success of one of Nosaras first health related businesses – a business that was instrumental in laying the foundations for Nosaras evolution into one of Central Americas foremost holistic hotspots. Established in 2003, Tica Massage and Nosara Workout Beach Gym became famous as a massage, fitness, and wellness oasis to the delight of exhausted surfers, stretched out yogis and road weary travelers. The news that Heart of Guiones Wellness Center and Tica Massage has recently been placed up for sale prompted Nosara Real Estate Report to sit down with Richard to get the scoop.




“I was a bricklayer in San Diego”, says Richard. “ I’d work 6 months of the year and spend the rest of the year traveling Mexico and  central  America surfing, fishing and diving. Following an injury I was unable to work construction anymore. At the time I thought it was the worst thing that ever happened to me, but in retrospect it may have been the best. I had to rethink my life. I trained in massage which launched me into a 10 year study of the healing arts and surfing became a sideshow. I first arrived in Nosara in 2001 to train at the newly opened Nosara Yoga Institute in pranassage – a creative form of yoga massage developed by Amba Stapleton. Back then the only structures on the Playa Guiones main strip were Cafe de Paris, Nosara surf shop, Casa Tucan and Villa Taype which is now the Harmony Hotel. The walk from Cafe de Paris to the beach was covered by an overhead canopy of jungle. For $600 a month Villa Taype would rent you one of the rooms in the back. This area was known affectionately by traveling surfers as ‘skid row’ and came complete with swinging hammocks and private pool. The surfers would exit the water at 9.45 on the dot because the free breakfast ended at 10 am. It was a magical time and the place was inhabited almost exclusively by surfers and yogis.” The waves of Playa Guiones were drawing surfers from around the globe and Don and Amba Stapleton had planted the yoga magnet 10 years earlier. This created a healthy opportunity and myself and a few others jumped in.

TicaMassageGrounds&Services-WEB-69“Upon invitation by the owners of the Nosara Yoga Institute, I began assisting with the teacher training programs in 2002, flying back and forth from California, where I was teaching at massage schools and doing bodywork. One day I started to question the point of traveling back and forth. I was in love with Playa Guiones and decided I was going to make the place home. When the property where Tica Massage is now became available for lease it sealed the deal. I went back to California and sold everything except my surfboard quiver, massage tables, kettle bells and gym equipment. I crammed those things into my 1988 Ford F250 pickup and drove from California to Nosara in 9 days.”




TicaMassageGrounds&Services-WEB-36“I was teaching yoga, doing bodywork and opened up a small gym in the garage,  just trying to pay the bills. It was tough as there just were’nt that many people around back in those days, especially during the green season. The idea to expand came when a tica friend began to pester me about teaching her how to do massage. I agreed but said she’d need to bring a friend to use as a practice partner. She turned up with her sister and 4 other friends who were all as eager as could be. The moment they began training I instantly recognized they were all naturals. In the United States being tactile isn’t a big part of the culture. In Costa Rica human contact comes far more naturally. There was zero unease with the Tica girls and it was plain from day one, by growing up doing laundry by hand that their kinesthetic skills were incredible.”

TicaMassageGrounds&Services-WEB-80“After just a few hours of training I proposed to train the girls for free, letting them know we could start a massage business and split the take 50/50. Back then we started out charging 35 bucks a massage so this was a great opportunity for them to earn some real money, and they seized this opportunity. Business was good from day one. After six months of steady massage practice word about the quality of services being performed by the girls spread, and massage reservations mushroomed. It became obvious that we were receiving more reservations than we could manage so in 2005 I invested money into building 2 new massage rooms and expanding the gym space. It was this expansion, combined with the successful training and profit sharing model that became the foundation for the current Heart of Guiones Wellness Center.”

DCIM999GOPRO“Tica massage these days is giving more massages than ever, particularly now that the lines between the Playa Guiones high and low seasons have become blurred. Right now its April and we gave 18 massages today. Additionally, the classes at Studio Guiones and Pilates Nosara are filled everyday. Everyone at Tica Massage and the fitness complex has worked hard to make it the success it is today. I’m proud of what we have built together, but now I’d like to spend more time devoted to the family, which is why I decided to put it up for sale.”

TicaMassageGrounds&Services-WEB-53The news that Nosaras premier wellness center has hit the market has created an incredible Turnkey opportunity for the lucky new owner to live, love, and thrive in Paradise. In the context of real estate sales the phrase “opportunity of a lifetime” is overused to the point of being almost a cliché. However anyone who is familiar with Heart of Guiones Wellness Center both as a working business and a location will agree that this description fits perfectly. A hop, skip and jump from the beach, Guiones Wellness Center is smack bang in the middle of the Harmony Hotels Expansion project. In practical terms this means the surrounding pristine tropical landscape and natural ambiance will remain that way for generations to come, while still delivering a constant, and rapidly growing stream of foot traffic. The rapidly rising tide of TicaMassageGrounds&Services-WEB-95interest in owning property in the epicenter of a tourist town slated for stardom is a sure sign that the investment potential of this property is unmatched. If the assets alone don’t make the case for investment compelling enough then a simple look at the visitor count should seal the deal. Last year the health, fitness, massage and spa services attracted around 15,000 visitors – a number that is set to grow even further as the popularity of Playa Guiones increases. And if the current activity isn’t enough of a challenge for a new owner, then ample space exists to expand on the property into the direction of anything from a high end surf camp to a full massage school.

TicaMassageGrounds&Services-WEB-45At this point you’d be forgiven for skeptically wondering why anyone would choose to part ways with a successful, profitable business in a dream location? “This business began as a vision and a dream, fueled by creative energy”, says Richard. “It’s taken 14 years of hard work and investment, and a lot of devotion to get it where it is today. In terms of what we created here I couldn’t be prouder. After 14 years and some great times I’d like to turn over the reins to someone else who can come at the place with as much passion as I had when I started. I think it’s the correct time to sell both professionally and personally. I’m not as young as I used to be and I’m excited about spending more time with the family, surfing more, and enjoying Playa Guiones for the place that it is.

To the right investor – this is a dream come true. With the planned Harmony expansion and this part of Guiones having established itself as the main tourism area, this property is second to none when it comes to appreciation potential. There is a rare combination of circumstances that when combined, equates to a risk-reward ratio that is sure to make any land or passive investor drool. Combine the investment profile with the lifestyle options – and there isn’t a better choice for placing money into the real estate market in Playa Guiones – or all of the Nosara area for that matter. Many passive investors like the idea of land banking, however this is taking that concept to the next step. The businesses that operate here can function fully independently from the owner, with the property management and staff already in place – which is just as valuable an asset to this property as the land and the structures.

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