Yoga has become one of the most outstanding activities in Nosara; yogis from around the world began discovering this unspoiled paradise. At this point Nosara offers many retreats, multiple options for daily public and private classes, and teacher trainings. Most of the students who received their teacher training here fall in love and have made Nosara their home, helping ensure a wide variety of yoga and massage options for visitors. Here are some options for Yoga retreats, or public-private classes.

Nosara Yoga Institute: Internationally recognized for its professional yoga teacher certification training, Nosara Yoga Institute has been offering yoga teacher training at its magnificent Nosara, Costa Rica location since 1994. In addition to their yoga teacher training programs, NYI offers daily yoga classes open to the public. You can go to as many yoga classes as you want.

How to get there: From Café de Paris turn right and keep driving 1⁄2 mile, Nosara Yoga Institute will be on your right side.

Phone number: 2682-0594 Email:

The Yoga House is a nice Yoga Studio located right in the middle of Playa Guiones. They offer many different classes every day of the week with different teachers. Some of them includes: Bikram Yoga, Yoga for surfers, pilates, etc. You can go say hi and find out the schedule and time for certain classes.

How to get there: The Yoga House is located behind the Café de Paris, and just down the dead en street next to the Guiones Mini Market.

Phone number: 2682-1418

Blue Spirit Costa Rica provides an extraordinary setting to all who are dedicated to spiritual transformation, personal development, and environmental sustainability. Located on a hilltop with breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and a three mile long white sand beach which is protected as a turtle refuge. Blue Spirit offers an extraordinarily beautiful and natural setting on one of Costa Rica’s renowned beaches; this place will be a deeply, nurturing and unforgettable experience. Blue Spirit is less for travelers passing through than folks looking to take a week long workshop with or month trainings.

How to get there: From Café de Paris turn right onto the main road. Follow this route for about 5km and just before reaching Playa Garza, Blue Spirit will be on your right side.

Phone number: 2656-8300


Harmony Healing Centre

Designed as a place of restoration, nurturing and peace. Harmony Healing Centre believes in a gentle practice and encourages balance from the inside out, they support a healthy, balanced lifestyle. With a list of amazing instructors, a wide variety of classes offered seven days a week, they love working with yogis at every level. Next to their yoga studio, is an extra open air yoga sanctuary located near a lily filled pond where the animals get water in the dry season.

How to get there: From Café de Paris head down the road towards the beach. Follow it for 400 meter and Harmony will be on your right, in front of Casa Tucan.

Phone number: 2682-4154


Studio Guiones:

Located in the heart of Guiones, Studio Guiones offers many activities for tourists and locals. They also have different kinds of Yoga classes like, Stretch and Flex, Yoga 4 Kids and more. You can go say hi to Richard, the owner and find out their schedule for classes.

How to get there: Located in the heart of Playa Guiones, across the street from Casa Tucan and Harmony Hotel.

Phone number: 2682-0096


Costa Rica Yoga Spa:

Costa Rica Yoga Spa believes the good life begins with a balance of the mind, body and spirit. They will set you in the path to a happier, healthier life with one of our group or private retreats. With an astonishing view of Playa Ostional which is a wildlife refuge; they will embark you upon a yoga teacher training, or simple begin your path to renewal and rediscovery. You will find an abundance of ways to explore yourself and the exterior at this beautiful place. Costa Rica Yoga Spa is less for travelers passing through than folks looking to take a week long workshop with or month trainings.

How to get there: From Café de Paris make left onto the main road, after a few more kilometers, you’ll see signs for Playa Pelada, continue straight ahead towards the village of Nosara. On the right hand side you will see a large gas station, take your next left, a 1⁄2 mile after the gas station. You will see a sign for Playa Ostional and also a sign for Costa Rica Yoga Spa. Continue on this road. You will cross a bridge and take a right immediately after the bridge. You will see a sign for Costa Rica Yoga Spa here as well. Follow this road until you come to another “T”, take a left there. About 400 meters down this road is their entrance on the right. You will see their sign and a black iron gate and a wall with Mayan type design on it.

Phone number: 2682-0192