Restaurants and Nightlife in Nosara, Costa Rica

Visit our “Guide To Nosara” for a full list of restaurants in Nosara, Costa Rica.So what is there to do in Nosara? Where can we eat? Is there live music? What is the nightlife like?There are all questions that we hear from our potential buyers and those new to Nosara. The short answer, is that there are more things to do here than you could possibly imagine! With over 20+ international cuisine restaurants, as well as the well known Costa Rican local restaurants, there is no lack of options when it comes to dining and nightlife. profiles some of the more popular restaruants and nightlife in Nosara. Click below for to read more:Visit our “Guide To Nosara” for a full list of restaurants in Nosara, Costa Rica.For information about local attractions, please also visit: finally, the following is a link that gives some information on the local facilities, including gas stations, health facilities, banks, and post offices: our “Guide To Nosara” for a full list of restaurants in Nosara, Costa Rica.A couple of our favorite restaurants are, ranked in order of preference:1) La Luna – The only beachfront dining in the area – located in Playa Pelada, La Luna has THE best ambiance and decor of any restaurant in town. And the food is AMAZING! New for 2013 season is the fish tacos! The Tuna here is always fresh and seared to perfection, and last but not least, you can never go wrong with any of the brick oven pizzas.2) La Dolce Vita – Imagine authentic italian cuisine cooked with fresh caught Costa Rican fish – pretty much a dream come true. Plus the warm welcome that Roberto offers all his clients- you cannot go wrong here. In addition to the fish plates, they also have pasta to die for – our favorite – the truffle sauce ravioli – perfection!!!3) Rancho Tico – Located in Nosara Town – a second generation Costa Rican chef cooks the most delightful typical food around. A great experience, a bit off the normally travelled path, but something every visitor to Nosara should patronize at least once to sample the delightful dishes served here.