Fishing in Nosara Costa Rica

Fishing in Costa Rica is a truly amazing experience. Fishing in Nosara is the best of the best. Nosara is located just a few miles from the deep water fishing grounds – Within 10 miles the ocean floor drops to near 2000 feet- by 20 miles over 5000 feet, and by 30 miles, well – too deep for most modern depth finders to even record. The mosters of the deep lurk very close to shore – making the experience of fishing here more exciting than almost any other place in the world. There are a couple of different kinds of fishing that can be done here.

1) Surf Casting & Rivermouth Fishing-

This is pretty self explanatory. You can fish with a rod a a reel right into the surf. A Guide is recommended for this.

2) Inshore Fishing –

Take a boat into the open ocean – inshore fishing is a great way to experience fishing in Nosara without having to deal with the nerves that may come with being many miles off shore. Red Snapper, Tuna, Spanish Mackerel, and an assortment of other tasty fish, great for dinner time can be found within a few miles of shore, or bottom fishing in the many reefs in the area.

3) Offshore fishing –

This is going for the big game, and in my opinion, one of the most exciting and awe inspiriting experiences here in Nosara. Fishing offshore can be a waiting game, but is always fun with the right group of people on your boat. When the action gets busy – its sure to be get your heart rate pumping and there is no shortage of pure adrenaline excitement. There are marlin, giant tuna, sailfish, and dorado. You will also get to see tons of wildlife, from pods of 1000’s of dolphin, acrobatic manta rays, turtles on their way to lay eggs, and whales of all shapes and species.

Deep sea, blue water fishing can be found year round, with a variety of fish to catch – Some of the more common are Pacific Sailfish and Mahi Mahi (dorado), or the real trophy fish, Marlin, which can be Striped, Blue, or Black, and weighing anywhere from a coupe hundred pounds all the way up to 1500 lbs ( its rare, but they exist!). But there are a few times each year, specifically June and July, when the Tuna start running, and that’s the time to come here to fish if you are really looking for an adventure.

To fish for Tuna, the first thing you have to spot offshore is a bait ball, which consists of thousands of smaller bait fish all in close proximity to each other and close to the surface of the water. These fish are usually rounded up by porpoise, and the easiest way to spot the bait in the water is by the acrobatics that ensue while the porpoise are feeding. Additionally, lots of birds will join the action and you can see them swarming if there is enough bait in the water . Tuna eat the same smaller fish as the porpoise, so once you get on the pod, its game on.

Most of the sport fishing is done trolling, where there are hooks and bait in the water while driving the boat at slow speeds – Fishing for yellow fin tuna is a little different, as all you need is some light spinner rods and top-water jigs, if your in the right place at the right time, you will catch a Tuna. Tuna make for a great fight, even at 50-60 lbs, they will make you work for it. Tuna are rare in that they are warm blooded and have much more stamina than other fighting fish, combined with the fact that they are shaped like torpedoes and are almost pure muscle

For all your fishing needs in Nosara, Costa Rica, we proudly and gladly can say that you will have the best experience with Fishing Nosara. They have the best boats, equipment, knowhow, and local crews that will put you on the fish in just a matter of time.

If you want to see some more photos and videos of the fishing here, please visit the Fishing Nosara blog at


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