Construction and Home Builders in Nosara, Costa Rica

Up until very recently – the only real way to purchase a home in Nosara, Costa Rica – was to find a nice piece of land, a beach or view lot – and go through the process of building your home from start to finish. This process can be tough for the average person who is just looking to have a vacation home at the beach – and can present many challenges. The landscape of Nosara is scattered with perfect examples of construction and building management gone wrong – there are so many pitfalls that one can experience while going through the design, permitting, and construction process.


These days, there are a variety of new homes that are already built and ready to purchase as turn key products. These are ONLY homes that have been built in the last 3-5 years, as the availability of construction materials and techniques has changed dramatically when compared to the last 20-30 year. There are now developments such as The Colony At Nosara that boast brand new, fully finished luxury homes, in a neighborhood with paved roads, underground utilities, curbs, sidewalks, green zones, etc. A few new projects are slated to come on the market in the near future, but the ability to find a turnkey product at a great price is a real option for those coming to Nosara, looking to buy a home.


Click Here for Video and  Interview with a local building company!


If a turn key product is not your cup of tea – if you have that adventurous spirit that have drawn so many to Nosara – you may be much more interested in designing and building your home here – to the exact specifications you want. Please contact us for our personal recommendations for building companies and contractors in Nosara, Costa Rica.



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